Will California ease professional licensing rules for Illegal immigrants?

May 12, 2014

senateA bill that would allow illegal immigrants to forgo some professional licensing requirements passed the state Senate on Thursday.

Sen. Ricardo Lara (D-Bell Gardens) introduced SB 1159 to ease the licensing process for psychologists, pharmacists, real estate agents, security guards and dozens of other professional occupations. The legislation would allow about 40 state boards to accept a federal taxpayer identification number as proof of identification for those who do not have a Social Security number.

Proponents of the bill say it will be in line with other measures passed such as lower tuition, financial aid for immigrants and immigrant driver’s licenses. These measures were passed to provide economic mobility and self-sufficiency to the 1.85 million people in the state illegally.

Opponents of the measure say it aids and abets illegal immigration. In addition, a spokesman for the Republican caucus voiced concerns about the financial cost because the IRS would have difficulty identifying and tracking those provided professional licenses even though they do not have a Social Security number.


Problem with most of your ill-informed “anger” is it omits one important fact: the Fed’s require a SSN to get a Federal Tax Identification Number (see IRS Form SS-4, line 7(b) and or 9(a)). That SSN must be provided by the “responsible” party applying for the FTIN or by the “sole proprietor” (individual).

Now, if you were careful you’d realize that what the article stated was the state would ease the “licensing requirements”, not the process of getting hired or starting a business. If the only “ease” they are speaking of is having to providing a FTIN then it would appear to me they are shifting blame to the Federal Government so they don’t appear hypocritical.

Pure political smoke screen, folks….


Something is wrong here. I think they are talking about the ITIN number which does not require a SSN to file income taxes. The article says “a federal identification tax number” FTIN which does require a SSN as you say. I am confused.


The question is ‘what are the advantages of being an American Citizen’. We Californians should turn in our citizenship, just think how easier life would become. Easier to become a professional, our kids would find it easier to enter colleges. Financial aid, health care, legal aid…..

They don’t need social security number, does that mean they will not be receiving a social security check some day.Oh no, they will just hire an illegal licensed attorney Citizens have to plod on and meet the professional requirements, but if you are breaking the law you are excused, and what are these requirements that illegals do not have to adhere to. It’s crazy!!!


Most ot the population that was born in the USA are dull-witted, lazy, self-entitled, selfish, xenophobic, and couldn’t pass a high school civics test. Crosses all demographics.

Not very good ‘citizens’ to begin with.

Old Salt


mi casa su casa California

is wide open to third world domination thanks to the Democratic Party.


And the far right Tea Party says in an open letter to members of Congress asking them to oppose the Legal Workforce Act (E-Verify) bill to “… avoid disastrous consequences for American citizens.”

“Punishing businesses and telling citizens they can’t work is no way to stop illegal immigration…or fix the economy,” the letter said. According to the letter, the mandatory E-Verify is problematic because it:

1. Creates a de facto national I.D. System – even for citizens;

2. Violates individual civil liberties such as the right to work and free speech;

3. Mandates a costly job-killing regulatory burden that cripples small business;

4. Requires employers to become enforcement agents of the federal government;

5. Encourages identify theft of law-abiding citizens

More Republicans then you think in Congress have the same problems with the E-Verify worrying it will hurt the American agricultural industry or take away state’s rights to police undocumented immigration.

Rep. Lou Barletta (R-Pa.), said: “… the bill preempts states’ rights to find their own ways to fight undocumented immigration.” adding: “On paper, the Legal Workforce Act (E-Verify) sounds good, but in reality it will be just another law the federal government doesn’t enforce, If this bill becomes law, states and municipalities will be powerless without the federal government acting first.”

So to say this is the fault of the Democrats only ignores the divide in the right on the issue. When picking a partisan fight you should always check your rear view mirror, you’d be surprised who’s not along for the ride in your partisan party van.

Jorge Estrada

Maybe we should contract our border crossing to minority vendors too, like, K Pass Oh?


Additionally, if they don’t have a social security number how can they pay into social security.


Without a social security number how do they pay taxes, or are they exempt from that too; in order to secure there financial mobility?

I agree with slojustice, where is the motivation to obey the law, when it is so selectively enforced?


This is how screwed up the Federal Government is:

Even though it is illegal to use false information to get work, for tax purposes there is no difference between legal or illegal income. Illegal income is still taxable and must be reported.

Illegals who are employed in a w-2 wage type job typically use a fake or stolen ss# because their employers have to withhold payroll taxes. The IRS doesn’t care if the SSN is valid for the purpose of deducting taxes.

Those that apply for and use individal tax id numbers would generally be self employed and are voluntarily paying taxes because they are likely planning to get legal soon and want to include the tax returns as part of their application for a green card or they are business owners who do not want to risk charges of tax evasion through an audit. They fear the IRS more than the INS.


criminal law is one thing

immigration law another

the more peeps who participate

the better off everyone becomes.

in a healthy republic.


So the selective enforcement of laws depending on the ideology of those charged with enforcing the law is a good thing?


I don’t want local law enforcement investigating

citizenship documentation issues nothing. to do with ideology


The ITIN number, Individual Taxpayer Identification Number, provides for that. ITINs are for federal tax reporting only, and cannot be used for any other reason, including getting a job, qualifying for Social Security benefits or earning the Earned Income Tax Credit..


I am starting to feel like I am an idiot for following our laws.


To answer the question – YES.

Why? Law abiding citizens are now the minority. The majority consists of the entitlement generation and second and third generation of illegals. Bienvenido a la Nuevo California!


So the message here appears to be: it’s okay to discriminate against legal, American citizens who may need the same considerations and who could use help with financial mobility also.

I’m not certain I get the principal of anti-discrimination laws and the law in general when we make exceptions to the law for people who are not even here legally.


What a joke, the race to the bottom continues. If you want to assist illegals, pass legislation that help them to become legal, don’t adjust the rules for each and every group.


The drip, drip, drip tactic is how government often institutes unpopular changes. One baby step at a time until they reach the desired goal.