Camp Roberts hosting large National Guard training

June 5, 2014

Camp Roberts

The largest California Army National Guard training event in more than a decade will take place at Camp Roberts beginning Friday. [KSBY]

Several thousand National Guard soldiers will train at the post located on the San Luis Obispo and Monterey county line. The training will last until June 22.

Frequent military vehicle traffic is expected in Northern San Luis Obispo County over the course of the training. Helicopters and other aircrafts will also fly overhead.

Vehicles will enter Camp Roberts through a gate on San Marcos Road, which has not been used for military activity in several years. Traffic is also expected at the base entrance near the Highway 101 exit in San Miguel.

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And guess who is there exhibiting true leadership this week? One guess. He just won an election.

Annual summer camp for our citizen soldiers. It’s been years since an AT this big has taken place at CR. It’s good to see the camp being utilized as it has been in the past.

It seems when the 7th division moved to Ft. Lewis, the guard AT’s got smaller and smaller, with virtually no cantonment area worthy of housing the soldiers.

It would be nice to once again hear the sound of freedom as the ranges go hot, the aircraft takeoff and land, and the military vehicles traverse the 43,000 acres that is CR.

Than you all for serving your country so proudly.

Thats our second amendments ‘well regulated militia’ right there.

Which has absolutely nothing to do with individual US citizens’ rights to keep and bear firearms.

You were being sarcastic, right? If not, I am sorry you have to go through life being so ignorant.

you have no idea.

All hail the military-industrial complex!