Paso Robles city employee sentenced to jail

June 5, 2014

prison barsBy KAREN VELIE

A former Paso Robles building, parks and streets maintenance supervisor arrested for allegedly embezzling thousands of dollars from the city, was sentenced to 20 days in jail on May 27.

Facing three felony charges of grand theft and one misdemeanor charge of petty theft, Charles Lorenzen, 52, agreed to a plea agreement with prosecutors. As part of the plea, Lorenzen plead guilty to the misdemeanor charge and the three felony charges were dropped.

San Luis Obispo County Superior Court Judge Michael Duffy sentenced Lorenzen to 20 days in jail, three years of probation and restitution of $680.69 regarding the charge of petty theft, according to court documents.

In early 2013, city employees informed management that Lorenzen was using his city credit card for personal purchases. In addition, employees claimed Lorenzen had pilfered gas and landscaping supplies.

After city officials refused to look into the allegations of embezzlement, a building maintenance supervisor took a stack of credit card receipts to the police department which initiated an investigation, city sources said.

On Sept. 17, 2013, Charles Lorenzen, 52, was placed on paid administrative leave after Paso Robles police investigators began looking into the theft allegations.

Officers then searched Lorenzen’s Templeton home and removed several pilfered items.

Lorenzen was hired 14 years ago by City Manager Jim App. He is currently out of jail on a $20,000 bond.

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Whatdouno and standup,

Sounds like the DA’s office was misinformed – the file details several felonies and several misdemeanors. So tell us why did your friend –wink, wink, confessed to a simple matter of borrowing some tools worth less than a couple dollars? Why did your friend resign over a simple misunderstanding? The only reason the DA’s office allowed a plea bargain in this case, is simply the case is not sexy and the crimes committed don’t compare to a teacher raping a minor, or a cop selling drugs through a confidential informant, or a prostitution ring in SLO. This is all due to the fact that the DA’s Office has limited resources and they have to prioritize prosecutions. They low-life resigned, then plea bargained to a lesser included offense. He is a POS, plain and simple. ME

Mere allegations based on non-existent evidence senior vino head. Go crack open another bottle.

Enough with the name calling. Not only is it against board rules, but it also destroys any argument you attempt to make.

Good luck with those sour grapes wineguyjc!