Los Osos man killed in crash identified

June 20, 2014
Jackson Garland

Jackson Garland

The 19-year-old victim of Wednesday’s deadly DUI accident was a recent San Luis Obispo High School graduate who lived in los Osos.

Just after 5 p.m., Alexander Gonzales, 22, was driving in the wrong lane on South Bay Boulevard in Los Osos when he crashed head on into a vehicle driven by Jackson Garland. Emergency responders pronounced Garland dead at the scene.

After crashing into Garland, Gonzales’ truck rolled and hit another driver who was not injured in the accident.

Emergency responders transported Gonzales to Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center where he spent a day in intensive care before being moved to the San Luis Obispo County Jail on charges of DUI and manslaughter. His bail has been set at $100,000.

Alexander Gonzales

Alexander Gonzales


To the family of Jackson;

May our Lord God comfort and strengthen you during this most difficult time.

To the family of Alexander;

May our Lord God comfort and strengthen you during this most difficult time.

The peace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ be with both families, relatives, and friends.


Whats this airhead doing drunk at 5pm on a Wednesday…in Los Osos… I hope he rots away or offs himself. My condolences to the victims family, I can’t imagine the pain they are in.


He just left farmers market in MB.


The end of two very young lives.

We should ban cars.



Maybe we should ban drinking and driving? Wait…


Or, silly and insensitive comments while a family and loved ones grieve.


Cruel irony and sadness of life. Mr Garland’s family and society lose a promising young man with what would have been a bright future.

Society remains stuck with the loser who caused his death.

miles archer

I think of the many trips between MB and LO on that stretch of road…that time of day…that could have been me, my daughter, my grandson…

My heart breaks for the Garland family’s loss…knowing that the same loss could very easily have been mine.

To the D.A.: Do NOT send the wrong message here. Do NOT let this man plead out for anything LESS than the maximum punishment that he deserves.


His only chance to plead out, or walk with no jail time, no fine and even nothing on his record, will be if he is the son of the right person, friend of the right person or actually a LEO or judge. Remember Alex Forster, his father, Michael Forster, who owned Power Save Energy Co. in San Luis Obispo, had the right contacts and made enough money to receive “special treatment”. Where as Kaylee Ann Weisenberg had no such friends or family with the right contacts and as such received no “special treatment”

Didn’t our outgoing D.A. Mr. Shea have his hand in both these cases??


Well said. Let us hope that incoming D.A. Dan Dow runs that office with more integrity than his predecessor.


No knock against Mr. Dow, but since Mr. Shea had no integrity Mr. Dow won’t have to have much to beat Mr. Shea.