McCarthy elected majority leader

June 20, 2014

Central California Congressman Kevin McCarthy now holds the second ranking position in the U.S. House of Representatives. House Republicans elected McCarthy, 49, majority leader Thursday.

Kevin McCarthy

Kevin McCarthy

McCarthy now only trails Speaker John Boehner in the House pecking order.

“I am humbled to have this new opportunity at the leadership table to ensure that our commonsense values are represented in Washington and to make D.C. listen and respond to the priorities of Californians,” McCarthy said in a press release. “Fighting for our area, I have continued to advance legislation and solutions that directly deal with our area’s pressing issues, from bringing more water to our valley by reversing harmful government policies that are exacerbating the worst drought in a century to stopping any more federal money from being directed to high-speed rail to ensuring the Central Valley remains a leading energy producer in the nation.”

McCarthy, a resident of Bakersfield, represents a district that consists largely of Kern and Tulare counties. Prior to redistricting, McCarthy represented much of San Luis Obispo County.

Previous majority leader, Virginia Rep. Eric Cantor, lost his primary election earlier this month, triggering Thursday’s vote. McCarthy served as majority whip, the No. 3 position in the leading party, before becoming majority leader.


Many times one has to follow orders until one gets the opportunity to lead. This is often the true measure of an individual in whether or not they can change direction and move towards improving the country.

Congressman McCarthy has stated recently that he plans to lead a change in how government works… is welcome news. The fact that every left wing blog and media outlet has come out against Kevin McCarthy says a lot.



McCarthy is the ‘leader’ of nothing. He’s just the latest would be Robespierre that is elevated because the Republican caucus knows they can push HIM around.

Look at Cantor….he was like the substitute teacher that only had the job because he allowed the rowdies in the class to run the show.

BOehNER is equally weak.

This Congress is the worst “do-nothing” one in history, with no meaningful legislation…and why the national approval rate is a well earned 7%.

McCarthy does not understand how government ‘works’, and has no desire to learn how to . Obfuscation, stalling, obstructionism, and further blowhard generalities that feed the primal instincts of his base is the name of the game.

All the while, he collects a fat paycheck and a healthy pension.


Even with that 7% approval rating, most incumbents of that body were re-elected. Speaks volumes about the constituents who have sworn fealty to a party that no longer represents them.


Wow! After reading your post I am more convinced than ever McCarthy is the right man for the job. Thanks for winning me over!


MeCarthy strikes me as a main-stream Republican and a professional politician. In other words, he is part of the problem (usually) in that he won’t do much to challenge the status quo in his own party and will play the stereotypical political games that all the other pros in DC do.

He will represent the moneyed interests in his district first and other moneyed interests contributing to the Republican party a close second. The majority of his constituents will get bones tossed to them occasionally as long as it doesn’t interfere with priorities one and two. The long-term interests of our country will not be considered unless they aren’t in conflict with the above and he will rationalize those interests as the same as the long-term interests of the country in most cases anyway.

In a nutshell, nothing much will change except that he will have more power to achieve his goals. The sad thing about the whole mess is that it could be much worse.


“MeCarthy strikes me as a main-stream Republican and a professional politician. ”

There is a one-word definition that cambines your two:



That’s all we need another blue state republican in a leadership position.


“Fighting for our area, I have continued to advance legislation and solutions that directly deal with our area’s pressing issues, from bringing more water to our valley by reversing harmful government policies that are exacerbating the worst drought in a century to stopping any more federal money from being directed to high-speed rail to ensuring the Central Valley remains a leading energy producer in the nation.”

This explains who McCarthy thinks are his bosses …er ‘constituents’.

More water = more free water for Corporate Ag and Big Oil for fracking.

No high speed rail = Big Oil and anti union.

Leading energy producer = Big Oil again .

This who (what ) McCarthy ‘fights’ for.


You’re so far gone, it’s silly. So, because someone does not see the value in a high speed rail, they are anti-union and pro big-oil? Ever heard of the USW? I think it would be hard to be anti-union while being pro big-oil, since big-oil often has unionized workers, and have since the 1880’s.

So tell us, what good would come from a high-speed rail, assuming the morons in government could keep it under $125 million per mile (using their own conservative numbers)? Over fifteen years, a lot happens – especially when you give incompetent and corrupt people that much money. Are you a paid political hack, by chance? I have never met anyone who thought that the high-speed rail was a good idea; then again, I did not meet anyone who was going to be paid and enriched because of this scam.

McCarthy is not an ideal person for the job, he’s yet another lunatic from California like Pelosi (well, not THAT ridiculously inept and ignorant, but close?).

This country does not want to have adult conversations anymore about anything; not energy, not immigration, not gun control. One of the reasons, I believe, is because the political parties have destroyed the freedoms and virtues that maintained said freedoms to the point where we would no longer recognize either were they to stare us in the face.


A fast train to Tibet is in the cards the bridge/tunnel goes here,


McCarthy’s stand on high speed rail I agree with. Looking at it from every angle, how do you justify spending billions and billions of dollars on a high speed rail system to bring the number of people by high speed rail from LA to northern CA, equal to the number of people in the cars traveling the two major north-south freeways from LA to northern CA that could pass in 12 minutes. This is an absurd and obscene waste of tax payer dollars with zero long term benefit, environmental or otherwise.


Do we still believe there is a difference in political parties?


Sadly, one’s bad….but the other’s worse.


Has got to be better than community organizer to democratic dictator….


Excuse me, never heard of a dictator elected twice by huge margins.


Oh wow, you’re kidding right? You might want to actually read and learn something before making such a foolish statement. Unless I missed the humor and it was completely said in jest…


Seems like a natural progression; used car salesman to republican’t leader….Gosh, does this mean he will no longer sell cars in SLO?

the guy paso

Your question prompts me ask you if you are still beating your wife?


“…beating my wife?” I’d be interested in seeing your train of “logic” that led to that question… The implication being that someone who dislikes a ‘bagger-type republican’t beats his wife?? I surmise you dislike Obama; following your “logic” I guess that means you abuse small children and trip old ladies trying to cross the street…. Maybe your head is stuck in that posterior orifice again…?


Again ?


I guess you have to hit them with a stick.

the guy paso

You can’t “see” my train of logic, but you might understand where I am coming from when I say that the comment about used car iis about as accurate as the question to you about beating your wife.

What is a bagger-type republican? I don’t dislike our President, but am greatly disappointed in the way he runs this country. I take it from your last comment that you are both crude and common. What a shame.


I see… saying I beat my wife is not crude or common? You started the insults, so I replied in kind… wish I had not, seems you can dish it out but not take it… g’bye, no more waste of my time… But first, please explain how the beating-my-wife is as accurate as used car salesman… You have not heard of McCarthy Motors, used car dealer in SLO? He IS a used car salesman, in that he started selling cars in SLO and owns a used car lot…. get it?

the guy paso

What is a bagger-type republican? What does the bagger refer to?


catdude, please stop. He was making a point that YOU don’t get. You are making a fool of yourself. Have you ever heard of a “leading question”? Look it up…


Catdude- doh!



You are indeed missing the point. I hate to spoil a thread by pointing out what should be obvious but here goes.

Your original question came with the assumption that Kevin McCarthy was once a used car salesman from SLO. (Not true — different McCarthy.) TGP tried to make that point with a question making an unfair assumption about you — using a common example of that type of no-win question. You failed to get his point and went off on some sort of wild tangent. That is why so many are giving you the “thumbs down.”

Next time, engage brain when reading and then respond — assuming that you can understand.


Well if that’s the case (used car salesman) he would at least know something about financing and running a business that would give him more experience than the current resident of the White House had before he became a Senator after running a day care, I mean community center. Or the 2016 hope full that before she became a carpet bagging senator of N.Y. her prior experience was being the spouse of the president. Yea good argument you have there kitty cat.


McCarthy didn’t sell used cars, he sliced and peddled baloney.before he got into politics. ( Kevin O’s Deli ).

McCarthy also never attended three prestigious universities or presided over the Harvard Law Review, or taught Constitutional Law at the University of Chicago.

McCarthy never attended Yale, much less graduating at the head of the class.

McCarthy’s bio states that he received an undergraduate and Masters in Business Administration degrees from California State University, Bakersfield..

Then he interned with former Congressperson Bill Thomas for two years, and has been a professional politician ever since.


——baloney slicer !!! that experience is perfect! just sayin the making of law is like the making of sausage


Yeah, and now he gets to work right next to John BOehNER.

BOehNER had better keep an eye on McCarthy at all times, lest that baloney slicing proclivity spring up !


McCarthy never did…….(your list)….

Well, how do you know Obama attended universities? He sealed his transcripts while W published his. But revealing Obama’s would show he received money as a foreign student. Can’t have THAT.

Obama was made editor of HLR purely as a popularity contest, the popular Barry who might have won Prom King also. How come he edited but never published a meaningful article in the HLR?

Taught Con Law at U of C? don’t make me laugh. This pretender has DEMONSTRATED contempt for constitutional law. Wouldn’t have wanted HIM as my professor.

Abandon hope, S/F. Your dollar buys half the gold and gasoline it bought when Obama became president. Like millions, I am without (cheaper) health plan or doctor, no matter what the Liar in Chief said on 21 occasions that I could keep. I offered my doctor cash but the ACA criminalizes a physician taking cash from a previously insurance patient. The end of free market capitalism in medicine.

Now Canada has tired of his killing the Keystone pipeline so his buddy Warren Buffett can haul oil by BNSF railcars, and Canada is going to build a substitute pipeline to Chinese-friendly Vancouver port.

Just exactly HOW MUCH malfeasance, falsehood, incompetence, arrogance, stupidity and un-American behavior would this man have to perform, to get you to turn on him? Is there any amount? What is left? If he urinated on the American Flag on the White House lawn you’d call it a “work of art better than a Geo. W. Bush oil painting”.


Outstanding post! They can’t and probably won’t respond with any sort of intelligence.


Right, Lame is clearly a hater, racist, homophobic,bagger type…

the guy paso

What is a bagger type? What do you mean by bagger?




That’s just one of the slurs that the so called enlightened ones like to use , frequently,when their other arguments won’t stand up


That was tongue in cheek, just in case some here don’t get it. If you don’t know what “tongue in cheek'”means,well , never mind..


You were mis-read, looks like there is a lot of that going on here. That’s the trouble with posting, no voice inflection nor body language..


How dare you call me a racist, Theo. Calling a damaging, arrogant, peaked-too-soon community organizer a blundering bad president does not make anybody a racist. Disliking huge damage to our society and dollar does not make me a hater. I’m light years beyond homophobia, so just drop off the planet please or offer valid retorts to those you disagree with, ok?

Perspic nailed you 12 hours BEFORE you posted. As Perspic forecast, you can’t respond with anything intelligent, debate the issues or damage to the dollar, so you just attack the messenger.

This “let them eat cake” golfing blunderer-in-chief is now wrecking the coal industry with backhanded EPA end-runs, with insufficient replacement energy in place.


I believe that theo was attempting to be ironic in your behalf.

So, get the bees out of your britches …he didn’t really mean those pejoratives.

You are humorless, however.


Obama’s record is proof that he is smart. That is not the same as being either wise or ethical. I can’t say that McCarthy is any better but he may not be any worse either. I guess it depends upon where one puts the emphasis as to what counts for “better” or for “worse.”


You think having a Harvard or Yale degree means anything today? Where have you been for the past 50 years? If anything, NOT attending an “ivy league” school is a PLUS; though, I do not want to be seen as defending McCarthy, just you need to stop looking at the pedigrees that have got us to where we are as something of value.


Your response is a ‘bait-and-switch’.

My comment was to refute NeverBeenThereNeverDoneAnything’s assertion that Obama and Hillary Clinton had lesser experiences/qualifications than McCarthy. Clearly not the case.

Your disparaging of those facts does not change them.


Good for him, hope he doesn’t forget his roots on the way to the White House


He’ll make a fine limo driver.


Better than being a piece of furniture like Lois Capps.


That’s pretty insulting and accomplishes nothing.

Besides, what do you have against furniture?


a chair is an extension of your bum so you don’t have to sit on the ground.Lois extends us in the same way,, we don;t have to go down to DC every time something is decided by vote, she goes for us, insult her looks her sex her success, she is an extension of us. nevermind the self loathing and self centered losers.


she falls short as an extension for us, she is an extension of Pelosi .


Black_Copter_Pilot says “she is an extension of Pelosi”.

+1, B.C.P., you nailed it. Ten-X ring, dead center, Good remark. She’s a tired lockstep mindless liberal vote for tax and spend, social engineering, anti-freedom and anti-American socialist programs. What an insult! …. Extension of Pelosi, I’m ROTFLMAO as the kids’ shorthand goes.

Not only that, calling her “furniture” might be an apt analogy, but it’s ALSO a very deep profound insult to lovely and functional office and home items everywhere.

Can’t say enough negative observations about the USA-damaging votes and policies of Capps and Pelosi.