Newspaper delivery driver robs Arroyo Grande home

June 14, 2014
James E. Randall

James E. Randall

A newspaper delivery driver was arrested for robbing the home of an Arroyo Grande woman while she was on vacation, just days after she informed the local news paper she would be out of town. [SLO New Times]

In January, Jeannie Miranda notified the San Luis Obispo Tribune she would be on vacation, so that her newspaper delivery would be canceled while she was away. A few days into her vacation, Arroyo Grande Police discovered that her home had been burglarized. The thief had taken more than $30,000 worth of jewelry, electronics and other valuables.

In late March, a police detective informed Miranda that an Oceano man arrested for burglary in Caldwell, Idaho had one of her suitcases, her business card, and several pawn shop receipts for items taken from her home in his possession.

Officers booked James E. Randall, 42, into the Canyon County Jail for nine burglaries counts, all allegedly committed in Idaho.

Randall later told investigators from the Arroyo Grande Police Department that he works as a fill-in driver for a San Luis Obispo based service that delivers The Tribune and the Los Angeles Times.

On Jan. 31, the same approximate date Miranda’s home was burglarized, the San Luis Obispo County District Attorney’s Office filed a criminal complaint charging Randall with five counts of receiving stolen property, two counts of second degree commercial burglary, one count of possession of firearm by a felon and one count of possession of ammunition by a felon. He has not yet been charged with the burglary of Miranda’s home.

Following Randall’s prosecution in Idaho, the San Luis Obispo County District Attorney’s Office plans to extradite him back to the Central Coast.

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Yet another reason not to subscribe to a totally worthless newspaper.

Cheap bastard just grabs stacks of New Times at the Food 4 Less to wrap fish and line bird cages.

So at least two months go by without a word from the Tribune.

It would have been the reponsible thing to report it and alert the public in case other subscribers experienced a similiar break in. Yes it’s true that they would have still suffered some embarrasment, but they would also have been seen by the public as doing the right thing.

But then again, doing the right thing does not seem to be part of the Tribune management mantra.

In this case the Trib simply played the role of Elmer Fudd … “Be vewy, vewy quite … I’m hunting wabbits.”

Nice. But this past January? Really? Feb. Mar, Apr, May, June……5 months. So much for 24/7 reporting.

Trib, L.A. Times…..

Care to comment?


I didn’t think so.

How about having the investigative reporters at the Tribune do some background checks on their hired guns?

£ø£, you said “investigative reporters at the Tribune” – now, unlike this story, that is funny.

Irony intended

Burglary, not robbery. Haven’t we gone over this before?

Amazing how those terms are still mis-used/swapped. It’s like infer and imply.

I know the fifference between burg and robbery, but If I came home to a ransacked house, my first utterance would be- “we’ve been robbed”!

I think only the English are capable of saying, “we’ve been burgled”.

It’s time for a judge to cancel his subscription…permanently.

The Trib will bury this deeper than Nacy Pelosi’s love for Botox.

Bwahahahahahahah….a permanent vacation from reality that is.

Will the Tribune cover this story or are their reporters on vacation?

No, they are too busy digging up false and malicious dirt on Lynn Compton. Since their attempt to scuttle Dan Dow failed, they will try extra hard to sink Compton. Lynn, be glad you DIDN’T get the Tribulation’s endorsement, it would have been the kiss of death for your campaign.

Lynn will win, if and when the county, specifically her district decides that they have had enough of the deception, moral turpitude, incompetence, unethical behavior, and holier than thou attitude that has become so pervasive with respect to our county officials.

The Trib has little or no significant influence on the election.

Your post describes perfectly why it was so important for Dow to win also.

Well now, Chuck, that would all depend on what YOUR definition of “cover” is?

Yeah, the Tribune already did cover this story, or at least try to: they covered it up by ignoring it. That’s a form of covering, right?

Well now, that would depend on whether your definition of “cover” is in line with The Tribune’s definition. Up for grabs.