Paso Robles teacher on administrative leave

June 4, 2014
Jeremy Monn

Jeremy Monn

A Paso Robles High School teacher arrested for allegedly having a sexual relationship with a student was placed on administrative leave on Wednesday.

After a 16-year-old girl told police she was having an ongoing sexual relationship with her teacher Jeremy Monn, 31, police arrested the Agriculture teacher and booked him into the San Luis Obispo County Jail on charges of felony sex with a minor and dissuading a witness. The district has barred Monn from school district facilities and from contacting students.

Monn was released from jail after posting a $50,000 bail.

“The initial report was filed with the Paso Robles Police Department, and we have been in constant communication with the police since that time,” a Paso Robles Joint Unified School District press release said. “We will continue cooperating with the police as they progress in their investigation.

“While this appears to be an isolated incident involving one student, anyone with information is asked to call the Paso Robles Police Department at (805) 237-6464.”

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Scott Peterson, Al Moriarity, Jeremy Monn, Gearheart – what do all of them have in common. Other than the fact that they are all notorious criminals from San Luis Obispo! Yes, they all lied and deceived everyone as they engaged in various acts of criminal misconduct.

Being a TRUE Christian, and in Jeremy Monn’s case, I would play the religious card like it has been done in so many ways in the past with great success because who wants to argue and pretend to know more than the direct words of the God that they worship?

Perceived by many, this is a Christian nation. Therefore, at the helm of this notion, is the Judeo-Christian bible of the Hebrew God’s inspired word that He expects His adherents to follow and where examples are explicitly set.

One of many examples, barring our God killing women by ripping them up to remove their fetus’ because He was upset with them (Hosea 13:16), was when Mother Mary being 12-14 years old, she was blessed with the celestial impregnation of our Savior Jesus, and therefore she suckled him.

Historically, women in the biblical era were sexually active to become pregnant when very young, as in Mary’s case she was four years less of age than the girl in question in this story. Then it deduces to what Mr. Monn did in an ongoing consensual sexual relationship with this girl, and using biblical examples, is really no big deal. Remember, Jesus set many examples for us to follow in the same vein as Mary’s example of sexual relations at a very young age.

Always remember; “But Peter and the apostles replied, ‘We must obey God rather than any human authority.“ (Acts 5:29) This godly passage would include any example our God has set forth before us as well, as having sexual relations with young women. 2+2=4.

How many Christians want to join up and hold placards at Monn’s forthcoming trial stating; “Follow the examples set forth in the bible, and release Mr. Monn post haste!” Anyone?

Ted your usual, your crutch of religion has one major flaw. We live in a world of rules and laws. We have those to prevent chao’s and anarchy. We can not just chose to pick and chose to enforce what may be convenient for one’s self.


Uh, are you stating that you know more than the Hebrew God in the respect to His following inspired word? But Peter and the apostles replied, ‘We must obey God rather than any human authority.“ (Acts 5:29)

No you must have missed. I’m saying like most people (the one’s that don’t are in prison) I obey the laws of the land.

Apparently, this government employee is getting a free ride at taxpayer’s expense because the organized-crime thugs of the Teachers Unions have special rights that ordinary citizens do not have..

The Teachers Unions (and the organized-crime thugs who run them) need to be booted out of the government schools.


Can you cite references of these special rights that the Teacher’s Union have over ordinary citizens to really support your position? Otherwise, you’re purporting nothing but gibberish.

Can you cite any authority that may was under 18 years old?

Mary, not may

F#ck a student, get a paid vacation! What a great system we have.


We can only wonder if the girls parents are still paying for her education subsequent to her ongoing sexual relationship with her teacher! What a conundrum for her parents to be in.

We are all paying – with our tax dollars. I believe this occurred at a public school.


I was referring to her parents “paying” in the context of her clothing, school supplies, out of town school trips, iphone, transportation, and the overall other expenses of this little trollop going to school.

Is it “PAID” administrative leave??

At this point, why wouldn’t it be paid leave? Isn’t he presumed innocent until proven guilty? I’m 99% confident the girl’s telling the truth but this creep still deserves a fair trial.

Don’t get me wrong; I have zero tolerance for pervs who prey on minors. If he DOES get convicted, he’ll be a registered sex offender for life and lose his teaching credential for life (good!!) And at that point, if his leave is paid…he should have to pay back every last penny to the school district.

(Oh BTW–if I were king, guys like this who were tried and convicted would be castrated. Yep. It’s harsh but that’s what I’d do to prevent him from stalking other minors.)

I thought same. I saw the headline and while not happy about, yes you have to be fair because at this point all we have is an accusation till it gets to court and a COURT of law DECIDES!!! Then if guilty throw the book at him, seen way to much of this teacher student crap the last year.


Within the same context, should the book be thrown at the SIXTEEN year old girl as well? After all, it was an “ongoing” affair that she knew was illegal in the eyes of our current laws! Should she have any responsiblbity at all in this scenario?

Yea I bet she begged and pleaded with him against his will to have sex. Common Ted you’re a man what do you think?


I am a godly man in good standing with Jesus, and I also have the ever so popular “get out of jail card” Christian “Forgiveness Doctrine,” praise! So, what do you think under this direct Christian edict? It may not be popular with the authorities in them going against said doctrine, but its still there for any Christian to grab onto! Psst, under this doctrine, there is really no incentive not to sin because we’re always forgiven, shhhhhhh.

No matter how much chaff you want to include within your wet straw, this SIXTEEN year old girl knew exactly that she was underage, but continued to be in an “ongoing” sexual relationiship with Mr. Monn. Under this assumed fact, the street cars run both ways down Market Street!

This little girl trollop should also be held accountable for her actions at the age of sixteen. If she can obtain a California Driver’s license at her age, along with this Jezebel’s age she can also enter the armed services too, therefore she is able to think like an adult. Barring the fact of her probably bragging to her equally harlot girl friends relative to her sexual explotations with her teacher, she should be in court as well because of her vampish and ungodly ways!

Well if it’s as easy as you say Ted, go have sex with a sixteen year old, then call the police and tell them what transpired and let’s see how well that so called get out of jail card works here on earth.

Well then by that same logic, shouldn’t God then bear some responsibility for Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden? He being omnipresent must have known they would fail in not eating the apple so……………

God made the talking snake hypnotize Eve


Tell me if you’ve heard of this old adage; “it takes two to tango?” Yes?

Your quote: “Oh BTW–if I were king, guys like this who were tried and convicted would be castrated. Yep. It’s harsh but that’s what I’d do to prevent him from stalking other minors.”

The girl in question stated that she had a “ongoing sexual relation” with Mr. Monn, therefore concluding that it was consensual barring any age difference. Now, would you take the same position (no pun intended) towards the girl and remove her sexual organs in the same vein as castrating Mr. Monn to prevent her from doing this act with an older man again? Yes or no?

We await a cogent reply.

Great song zaphod, and so apropos to this situation!

I like David Bowie’s “Sixteen Will Get You Twenty”.

Ted, I understand you embrace the Old Testament, but I did not realize you embrace the Neanderthal.

The girl was younger than the age of consent. That is why Mr. Monn was arrested and she was not. She did not commit a crime when having sex with Mr. Monn.

If she was 18 she would be above the age of consent. In that case, if Mr. Monn, a teacher, had engaged in a sexual relationship with her, he may have violated terms of employment as a teacher but he would not be accused, and arrested, of breaking a law.

My Sister of Eve, Mary Malone,

Are you alluding that the Old Testament is Neanderthal in nature? If one reads it entirely, and in todays “evolved” morals and ethics, yes, this fact can be stated by a plethora of examples. Nonetheless, it remains God’s inspired words that no Christian can argue against nor deny!

Within the confines of our current laws, this girl in question knew she was underage in this ongoing, and I repeat, ONGOING sexual relationship. Therefore, she gets a free pass? Are you against holding this girl responsible as well in this situation, whereas Mr. Monn takes the full brunt in this scenario? Huh?

At what rational point in time do we state, hey, it takes two to tango in a situation like this?!

The law says she must be 18 years of age before she can be held legally responsible for any “tangoing.”

Legally, she is below the age of consent to sexual relations. Therefore, she cannot be held legally responsible for a sexual relationship with Mr. Monn.

Rememebr the guy in the LA are who was feeding his students cookies made with his “special” sauce, to avoid issues with the teachers union he was allowed to retire with full pension.

Let try something different, non-paid leave with all earnings held in an account, if found not guilty, it’s all yours, if guilty, the money goes to the victim….

I understand where you are going and see your reasoning but here is the problem. Cases can take up to a year to move through the courts. In the mean time you freeze someone’s pay and they loose their house or car, etc. Then they are found innocent. What do you do then?

Solved, trial must start within 60 days………

Again I understand your point but I don’t want to put someone who may be innocent in financial jeopardy at a whim. Let me ask you this. Tomorrow you have no money yourself coming in. How do you look in sixty days between house payment, insurance, food, electricity, water, etc? Will you still be o.k financially?


Where do you get the notion that this little harlot was a victim in an “ongoing” sexual relationship? Huh? She obviously wasn’t doing it for the grades in an Agriculture class, because you can be a dolt and pass this class with ease.

You’re assuming as a premise the conclusion in which you wish to reach by already convicting Mr. Monn without knowing ALL of the facts that are to come out in a trial setting! Where do you get the authority to do so in this respect?


Mr Slanders,

So, you as a prime example of those who hold God’s Word as the ultimate authority would YOURSELF be involved with a 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 or 17 year old girl if the opportunity arose? God allowed it in the Old Testament, He again “seemed’ to allow it with Mary, the mother of Jesus, (can’t say that for sure because her age is pure conjecture), so you would feel free to participate as the Bible says you can (1 Corinthians 6:12)?

Stay down there on the river in your Salvation Bus, at least we can point it out to our children as a place not to go.

I think the two situations are vastly different.

She was under the age of legal consent. Legally, she cannot give her consent to sex.

Castrating a male removes his testicles. He can still get an erection and use it in criminal ways.