And the 2014 losers are…

June 3, 2014

election-2014It’s an off year, so we’re switching things up in the CCN Election Center. Hopefully your candidate is not the unlucky one.

We, of course, will bring you the winners as well as the losers. And before that, we will deliver updates as they come in.

Will this be the year two sitting supervisors are lame ducks, or will they shrug off all challengers? Might one race be headed for November, and will the two district attorney candidates settle things once and for all with a fist fight?

It’s 8’oclock, and it is time to start divulging some returns.

Feel free to comment as they come in.

8:09 Six of 151 precincts reporting: Gibson: 66.97 percent of the vote. Are you going to quit now or play it out, Los Osos?

8:12 These figures, including above, reflect none of today’s polling places but all vote by mail ballots returned by Monday. We move to the fourth district: Compton: 45.99, Ray: 42.61, Byrd: 11.25.

8:17 The vote by mails on the DA’s race — Dow: 53.66, Covello: 44.25.

8:18 Initial returns on Morro Bay mayor are Irons: 55.26, Wixom: 44.21.

8:23 The all important clerk-recorder race appears to be a two-way battle between Tommy Gong and Amanda King. Gong: 45.01, King: 44.25, Ann Danko: 10.30.

8:27 Again, these figures are all of the vote by mail returns, excluding those turned in today. They total 32,400 ballots.

8:29 For those zeroed in on the clerk recorder’s race, Tommy Gong is supervising election procedures, and on top of that, he’s on the ballot. Don’t worry, though. Gong is only taking inventory, and he is neither counting nor handling ballots, he informs CalCoastNews.

8:34 In the Morro Bay City Council race, incumbent Nancy Johnson is noticeably trailing upon the initial tally. Matt Makowetski: 39.57, John Headding: 34.78, Johnson: 24.86.

8:37 Los Osos, Muril Clift checked in at 32.69. That figure does include all Distric 2 ballots turned in by Monday.

8:57 And to Sacramento or Los Angeles or Hollywood or wherever they are camped: Jerry Brown is a winner. Duh. With 8.6 percent of statewide precincts reporting, Neel Kashakari is up on Tim Donnelly 17.3 to 14.2. In the governor’s race, the second place finisher is the big winner. We will keep an eye on this race throughout the night.

9:12 Early on, there is a three-way battle to become Lois Capps’s 2014 challenger. Republicans Chris Mitchum, Justin Fareed and Dale Francisco are in a tight race. Mitchum: 14.9, Fareed: 14.9 Francisco: 12.5. Only 6.2 percent of the 24th District precincts have reported in this race. Capps is comfortably at 44.3 despite the recent headlines.

9:22 New numbers — 15 more precincts have been counted. Nothing yet added, though, from the fourth district. Those ballots just began to arrive.

9:23 Dow: 53.13, Covello: 44.66

9:27 It appears nothing new has come in from Morro Bay. It’s still Irons: 55.26, Wixom: 44.21.

9:40 For Covello’s sake, hopefully the judges’ ballots have not yet been counted. Oh wait, those men in robes are not registered in this county. Dow’s lead of more than 8 percent is very commanding.

9:42 Thirteen percent of statewide precincts are reporting — Kashkari: 17.6, Donnelly 14.8.

9:45 Fourth district update — Compton: 46.09, Ray 42.47

9:54 One third of San Luis Obispo county precincts are now reporting.

Compton: 46.05, Ray: 42.58

Dow: 52.76, Covello: 44.96

10:00 Were Morro Bay politicos too busy attacking each other on Facebook to show up to the polls? We’re two hours in, and there are still no new tallies from that slow, sleepy town. Initial returns showed Irons holding a sizable lead and Johnson trailing considerably in the council race.

10:10 Ladies and gentlemen, weighing in with 99.03 precent of the vote, your undisputed Auditor-Controller-Treasurer-Tax Collector and Public Administrator of San Luis Obispo County is the one, and very much only, James P. Erb. Jim would like to celebrate his big win, but he is asking where he can find a party in San Luis Obispo. Is anyone offering an invite for the SLO County ACTTCPA?

10:13 Compton: 46.14, Ray: 42.53. Now, 56 of 151 precincts are reporting. It’s looking more likely that the South County sign wars will rage on until November.

10:23 Dow still holding onto a comfortable lead: 52.75 to Covello’s 44.95. DA write-ins are getting 2.3 percent.

10:30 Kashkari is holding his lead over Donnelly with 25.2 percent of statewide precincts reporting. Kashkari: 17.6, Donnelly: 14.8.

10:34 Nearly 2/3 of countywide precincts are now reporting:

Dow: 52.92, Covello: 44.87

10:39 Compton and Ray like each other so much that they’ll remain acquaintances until November. Compton: 46.62, Ray: 42.43. Only two precincts are yet to report in the fourth district.

10:53 Two of seven precincts reporting in Morro Bay:

Irons: 55.65, Wixom: 43.85

Makowetski: 40.31, Headding: 34.22, Johnson: 24.61

11:02 SLO County is up in arms over choosing a top prosecutor but is apparently quite lax in its opposition to gun running. Crime boss Leland Yee is pulling in 10.6 percent of the statewide secretary of state vote, but 11.26 percent of county voters are fingering the out-on-bail former senator.

11:07 100 percent of SLO County precincts reporting!

Dow: 53.30, Covello: 44.53

Compton: 46.43, Ray: 42.60, Byrd: 10.80

Gibson: 66.77, Clift: 32.90

Irons: 56,73, Wixom: 42.84

Makowetski: 41.1, Headding: 33.73, Johnson: 24.35

11:17 The clerk-recorder’s race is heading to November for a Gong-King runoff.

Gong: 45.37, King: 43.82, Danko: 10.62

11:21 Elections officials will count the few remaining vote by mail ballots tomorrow, but none of the county primary races remain up in the air. Gibson, Dow and Irons are big winners. Johnson is voted off the Morro Bay council, and a lot of campaigning remains in both the fourth district and clerk-recorder races.

11:45 Kashkari: 18.1, Donnelly: 14.7 with 49 percent reporting statewide. CPS workers still awake may soon let off a sigh of relief.

11:55 Chris Mitchum is your Monday night winner in the race to face Lois Capps. Mitchum: 15.6, Justin Fareed: 14.7, Dale Francisco: 12.0. All precincts have reported, but we will see if those tallies hold tomorrow.

12:28 4,617 SLO County voters (and counting) have selected Leland Yee to become California’s next secretary of state. Mr. Yee is pleading the fifth on an election night address to his supporters.

12:40 Donnelly has conceded. Kashkari has won the race for second. Brown has won over more than 50 percent of voters and is likely asleep. We’ll call it a night, too.


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And, a message to Sell out editor of the Bay Newsless paper, Neil Farrell. Your skewed one sided dictatorship and letter blocking couldn’t stop the voters from re-electing mayor Irons and the new positive direction the city is taking. How can we forget when you ran for mayor? Didn’t you have like the lowest amount of votes in the history of Morro Bay Elections? Your bloated ego apparently blocks any sense of professionalism while you single handedly continue, unchecked, destroying any credibility of the paper that employs you. With you at the helm Mr. Farrell, Your Free newspaper is overpriced.

While our elections are free, it’s in the results where eventually we pay.

Gotta wonder about things when Leyland Yee received some 172,000 votes when he’s been charged with fire arms trafficking and bribery. As stated, the public are the losers once again.

It’s amazing how clueless a lot of voters are and how little effort they put into understanding the issues and candidates. I vote absentee and I put in at least an hour filling out my ballot and researching candidates, measures, etc. Clearly, a lot of people don’t even know that Leland Yee is going to jail and had withdrawn his candidacy for this position. Scary that these people are voting.

No matter who wins, we are the losers.

Wow, election results. Amazing selections by the voting SLO County public. Disappointing to me, but that’s elections, folks. Looks like conventional thinkers with a municipal finance background and engineering background, like this humble servant, need to crawl off to the boneyard of all dinosaurs where we belong. Common sense infrastructure and finance thinking is OUT, tossed out with fiscally responsible government, and wild-eyed overspending and sound-bite politics is IN!

The Morro Bay public, the District 2 public, the voters have spoken up for a costly New Age WWTP blunder in Morro Bay, they’ve spoken up for arrogance, irresponsibility and moral turpitude on the BOS (even C. Ray almost won), and we’ll surely get Governor Moonbeam. Let’s tear down Diablo Canyon to make it a full house, duplicate the Edison San Onofre 4 billion dollar wash-out (over a goofed radiator change-out) and we’ll call the resulting coastal savannah the “Lois Capps State Park system”. Enshrine her in Congress for decades more, next to Conyers, another lock-step solid Democratic vote for the morass.

Sayonarra, folks. My own sour grapes plans are simple. There’s an erosion exposure of paleolithic sea shells just outside my ranch, I’m gonna take a sack of krugerrands as a comfort cry pillow, and bed down on that ancient sea bed, alongside other tens of million year old relics, where I belong. You all can sail on with the flailing masses voting the helm of our little political jurisdictions. Archaic thinking such as mine has been voted out of vogue.

Congratulations, tyrant Bruce. Ditto, Airhead Irons. Best of luck District 4.

Your long winded blather is simply one person’s opinion (that you are trying to pass off as fact). Everyone’s got one and it looks like yours is in the minority. Yelling the loudest and making the biggest scene doesn’t make you right.

This reminds me of Nancy Johnson’s frequent temper tantrums when she doesn’t get her way. We can only hope that she, too, will stalk off in a fit of temper, leaving the Council before her term is up.

Arent you being a tad hypocritical MBA. After all your one of the greenie no more big homes people, yet you yourself live in one of those unnecessarily large view blocking homes.

Activist, I don’t see words of temperament in my post. How is it, that you compare my calm and resolute words, with fits of temper of a politician? Your goof.

Bink, I’m long winded, I’ll give you that. Don’t read me if you don’t like my thoughts and experience, and occasional attempts at humor. Google “verbose know-it-all with actual decades of public facility boardroom experience” and you’ll get my ugly picture.

Further, in case you missed it, I truly am able to accept that people can choose to back a Mayor who blows tens of thousands of future costs per resident (real world future costs of fixing a plant versus Irons’ surrendering to a Coastal Commission dream of overspending to move a plant when the CCC could have been beaten back by throwing cost issues at them in the public and court venues) and….. good Lord…… let’s say it again, a Supervisor who ignores the Ralph M. Brown Act, bangs (has sex with) his paid subordinate under a flim flam invalid-from-inception document giving up her rights to sue for sexual harassment, etc.

Your correct, Bink, I’m in the minority. Hey, that’s how the cookie crumbles. I think Morro Bay was nuts and will pay dearly as my rental in L.O. has. So be it. That’s the good thing about free elections. People can chose whomever they want, ignore or observe track records, etc. I was correct when I said Tacker/Schicker/Cesena et al would cost L.O. a fortune, and I’ll be right about Irons. Hope you live in M.B. so you can enjoy your results ! The voters have spoken ! Verbum populi.

I googled that and it just came back to this article.

Congratulations to Mayor Jamie Irons on his re election! He has done what the voters of Morro Bay asked for and cleaned up city hall. His re – election is a clear sign that the direction he has taken, is the one people want. To the Good ole boy network of bullies and Dinosaurs that have ruled the sandbox for so long….So long! Carla, you’re phony slogan of bringing Morro Bay together fooled no one, as actions speak louder than words. You have been at the forefront of nastiness and aggression in the worst way and I expect to see more of this from you at future city council meetings, as an angry civilian, you know, helping to bring Morro Bay together and such. And lastly, a HUGE heartfelt thanks to Kathleen Wells, for Helping highlight Carla Borchard Wixom’s lack of scruples by openly posting your childish sign stealing capers, while Carla made excuses for your bad behavior. That was a gift. Anyone else feel like singing the So long, Farewell song from The sound of music?

My daughter calls them, “the formers” – former mayors and council members and their cronies who used to rule this town for the financial benefit of a small minority often referred to as the old boy/girl network – and to the detriment of the average resident.

After they were ousted in 2012, they would regularly get up at Council meetings and mention their “former” status as though it gave them some kind of spacial importance. I trust that it is now clear that these people really are the FORMER power structure in Morro Bay. Adios, and good luck.

Being a former official in city government does give the person credibility for their experience in running the city.

That is all it does. It does not speak to how well the former official ran the city.


Now we get to see Compton’s puss on those rolling billboards going 20 mph below the speed limit obstructing traffic for the next five months in south county !

Please add Carla Wixom to the list.