Trade guns for Vons gift cards in Santa Barbara

June 10, 2014

Guns_1000Those who value Vons gift cards more than firearms will have the opportunity to swap commodities on Saturday in Santa Barbara. [KEYT]

The Santa Barbara Police Department will host a gun buyback program from 8 a.m. to noon Saturday at the Earl Warren Showgrounds parking lot. Participants can anonymously turn in handguns rifles and shotguns, as well as ammunition.

Police will issue $100 gift cards in exchange for functioning handguns and $200 cards for firearms classified that California classifies as assault weapons.

“This is not about gun control,” Santa Barbara Police Chief Cam Sanchez said. “This is about getting guns out of people’s homes that are not necessary, that they want to get rid of, that they don’t know what to do with, that they just feel they don’t need anymore.”

Santa Barbara Mayor Helene Schneider also touted the buyback at a press conference about the program.

“There are many things that different government agencies can do on a variety of levels to reduce gun violence in our community, and this is one of them,” Schneider said.

The event Saturday will be the first buyback in Santa Barbara County.

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So, the sociopath walks into a school with his Vons card……and….

The sociopath ain’t turning in his gun for a Von’s card.

Since it’s a “no questions asked”, anonymous turn in, that means I can fence all the guns I’ve stolen and not get prosecuted right?

I think that is part of the idea. Get the guns out of the hands of those most likely to use them – criminals. But I’m sure even a criminal will not trade in his very last gun. He’ll need at least one to continue his life of crime. A gun buy-back sounds like a great idea, until you start thinking about it.

Too bad police chief is not an elected position, he could be voted out for being an idiot.

Indiana and Mississippi, among other states have banned the use of public funds for gun buybacks, saying the buybacks are inefficient and a waste of public money! I like AZ’s approach better, they mandate that the guns purchased in buyback programs be RESOLD!

Please move to Indiana or Mississippi.

You will fit right in with the rest of the 60 IQ’s there !

Your ad populum attacks make you look real reasonable (and smart too)!

I suspect that your attempt at satire will fly right over the heads of the hoosiers that post here.

Left wing racism.

I cannot believe there are morons in government, or anywhere for that matter, that think this will prevent crime!

Instead of making a long post with a hundred points proving my position, read this article titled “The Fallacy of Gun Buyback Programs: You can wish, pray, and pay, but you won’t get criminals and criminal gangs to disarm.”


But that is this country’s gov’t in the 21st century.


But that is this country’s gov’t in the 21st century.”

NO. That is the country’s POPULACE in the 21st century.

95% can’t find Greenland on a map!

a government of the people and for the people … projecting their self loathing on others.

Watch the fanatics, assorted nuts, and ‘ammosexuals’ now crawl out from the cracks in the mopboards like cockroaches.

Oooh, I see they’ve already started !

Again, as soon as you have to name-call, you’ve lost your argument.

Yeah… the poor ‘victims’ of the above named subgroups ( and others ) I’m sure are seriously hurt by words.

They’re really not interested in ‘arguments’ or reason, so why should I care all that much about their pretended sensitivities ?


People with guns kill people easier and faster…and kill more people.

I’m tired of responding to misanthropes.

Hearts and minds fail.

So how many guns are out there, a few million, a billion?? And this program which will waste lots of law enforcement time, overtime for the smart ones, takes maybe a dozen guns from a little old lady whose husband owned a gun, but he’s gone, or someone who found an old rusted piece, out of someone’s closet, and how am I better off after this?

I doubt that you will ever be ‘better off’, regardless of the circumstances.