Trade guns for Vons gift cards in Santa Barbara

June 10, 2014

Guns_1000Those who value Vons gift cards more than firearms will have the opportunity to swap commodities on Saturday in Santa Barbara. [KEYT]

The Santa Barbara Police Department will host a gun buyback program from 8 a.m. to noon Saturday at the Earl Warren Showgrounds parking lot. Participants can anonymously turn in handguns rifles and shotguns, as well as ammunition.

Police will issue $100 gift cards in exchange for functioning handguns and $200 cards for firearms classified that California classifies as assault weapons.

“This is not about gun control,” Santa Barbara Police Chief Cam Sanchez said. “This is about getting guns out of people’s homes that are not necessary, that they want to get rid of, that they don’t know what to do with, that they just feel they don’t need anymore.”

Santa Barbara Mayor Helene Schneider also touted the buyback at a press conference about the program.

“There are many things that different government agencies can do on a variety of levels to reduce gun violence in our community, and this is one of them,” Schneider said.

The event Saturday will be the first buyback in Santa Barbara County.

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I wonder how many of the firearms rounded-up will end up in the personal collections of SB police officers and politicians?

To Slowerfaster:

I must admit that I derive pleasure from witnessing you erupting with anger and subsequently acting like a child when you cannot sell your gun banning/gun control fetish. Your Indiana/Mississippi comment reeks not only of ignorance, it reeks of bigotry.

I suppose that makes sense as ignorance (and often times stupidity) begets bigotry.

It’s clear you lack the skill and knowledge to engage in real debate. Sadly it’s becoming painfully obvious that you’re actually not aware of your shortcomings. Please don’t stop. The entertainment value of your comments is real.



I can only surmise that you are easily amused, or this is a typical reaction when one’s ideology is unsupported by facts.

I think Gandhi’s famous quote may apply, ” First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win “.

Compellingly, Indiana is a fairly small midwestern state, yet it is home to more hate groups than larger neighbors Illinois and Michigan and only slightly behind Ohio.

Mississippi is generally regarded as the poorest state and the welfare queen of all states, receiving much more in federal dollars that what they send in taxes.

Your use of the word ‘fetish’ is curious. Fetishism is the attribution of religious or mystical qualities towards inanimate objects, a fetish being the object or objects.

I will give you $300.00 for your functioning assault rifle and $200.00 for some handguns.

The 1968 Gun Control Act specifically permits home built firearms. As such, you may purchase pieces of metal through the mail that the ATF does NOT consider to be a firearm:×39-standard-receiver-flat-prod42788.aspx

Once you put the 2 bends in this piece of sheetmetal, the ATF considers it a firearms receiver, and thus a firearm.

So, buy the flats for $20, put 2 bends in them, and sell to SB for $200 :-)

How in the hell is the next (it’s only a matter of time) wacko going to mass murder innocent people with only a Vons card?

“Exasperated Obama: Inability to get tougher gun laws shameful “.

In a related story, I’ll give you $300. CASH for a running pickup truck, motorcycle or ATV. Just to get these dangerous things off the streets (for our community).

Here’s my response to ALL this rubbish:

‘2nd Amendment (#2): response to CAGV’s Bloomberg ballyhoo’

Go to a gun store and sell them your gun. If it is a functioning handgun you can get WAY more than 100 for it!