Atascadero teen facing arson charges

July 24, 2014

fireAtascadero fire investigators have determined a 14-year-old boy started two vegetation fires near Atascadero Lake Park on July 18.

Shortly after 2 p.m., firefighters extinguished a grass fire on the 9100 block of Morro Road. While they were battling that blaze, a call came in about a fire on the 8500 block of Piedras Altos.

Firefighters than determined both blazes were started by the same teen with a lighter. Though no structures were damaged, the second fire burned near four homes.

At this time, the juvenile has not been charged. However, the SLO County District Attorney’s office is reviewing the case.

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I am not saying this child is a sociopath, but just posting on s/sx.

The above source is not an empirical source but very informative and cites valid sources. In my master’s training-one of my professors said this: “If you discover you are treating a sociopath-discontinue treatment immediately” (this would generally be after Hare’s Psychopathy Assessment [the PCL-R]). Why? There is no remediation for the sociopath-and they will use what they learn in psychotherapy to manipulate those in society. (I have met with confirmed sociopaths and believe me-this is amazingly true). They generally can assess a person in minutes (and then twist and manipulate them).

American Indians treatment for sociopaths? Drown them in the local watering hole. There is NO remediation-they have NO CONSCIENCE. The general public is generally not aware of this within society and how to handle it. “The Sociopath Next Door” is a book that brings to light their role within society-and the shocking frequency that sociopathy appears these days.

Your line………….there is no remediation-they have no conscience……..struck a cord with me.I have stated here and elsewhere for YEARS that we have a lot (not all) of these types in our prison and YET we (society) play along with rehabilitation. As I have said before, how to you rehabilitate someone who is naturally messed up in the head? You can’t. Hence like the Indians why I believe in the death penalty.

In May of this year, we had a fire in Carlsbad, Ca. Firefighters named in the Poinsettia Fire.

Several homes were burned to the ground, including some condo’s.

People were evacuated from the area, including my daughter from her work place. Several business’ in the Carlsbad and SanMarcos area had to be closed for a day or two.

A homeless man’s charred body was found a few days after the fire.

A few weeks ago police arrested an Hispanic youth for starting the fire.

They didn’t release his name due to his age. TV crews tried to interview the parents of the boy, but that didn’t go over well, as they were not able to speak English.

the man died of causes not related to the fire,