Chinese taking interest in Paso Robles wineries

July 24, 2014

wineChinese investors have shown increasing interest in the California wine market over the last few years and are now targeting wineries in the Paso Robles region for purchase. [KSBY]

China is now the fifth largest export market for California wines. Templeton real estate broker David Crabtree said that interested buyers from Mainland China come to the Central Coast at least once every other week to examine wineries.

“California wines are very desirable for China, and this area is certainly on their radars,” Crabtree said.

Only about one in 10 Chinese investors whom come to the Paso Robles area to look at wineries end up completing deals, Crabtree said. The investors face hurdles like getting wine through customs and distributing it across China.

But, Chinese investors have snapped up wineries all over California recently, even in the more popular wine region of the Napa Valley. Crabtree said the trend started in 2011.

Other international investors from countries like France and Argentina are also taking interest in Central Coast wine, Crabtree said. International businessmen in the United States, like Stewart Resnick, have already purchased large properties and wineries in the Paso Robles area.

Many of the major deals in the area have occurred as California’s drought has worsened and a push for a water district and water banking in the Paso Robles basin has increased.

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Confucius say…..

I, on the other hand, am taking more and more interest in Chinese women.

The American Legion Magazine ran an article recently that quotes American military brass as saying China is taking us down economically because they can do it that way. Chinas generals planned all that we are now witnessing. It is all made possible by the greedy, corrupt, traitorous politicians, senators and representatives that take money from their lobbyists and allow foreign interests to influence government here.

George H and Barbara Bush were informal trade ambassadors for Richard Nixon ,

now we weep what was sown, China plays the long game, most Americans “sure” Jesus would save us .

buy the year 2000, placed bets accordingly.

We should jack the tax on all imports period.

Fact, China is the largest purchaser of American properties other than Americans, period. Using the profits of American Corporations who have sold out American jobs to China and Huge Corporations like Wallmart where 95% of goods sold there are Made in China, We have been sold by our government, period. Every politician is responsible. Not the Democrat or Republican who is to blame debate, they ALL are corrupt. Citizens need to hold our entire government responsible and quit the infighting of picking sides of who’s better to run our Country. Ironic, our government / corporations (same thing) gave them the money to buy up America. Our government has sold us out. Now that the jobs have been exported to China why is it surprising they can now buy the rest of America?

“California wines are very desirable for China, and this area is certainly on their radars,” Crabtree said.

The United states is on their radar Mr. Crabtree. It’s up to landowners to not sell out America.

The Chinese are accustomed to dealing with scarcity. Growing grapes in a water-starved area seems like a good match.

California would SELL ITS SOUL to the DEVIL , if he were available to purchase it

It disturbs me that the United States is one of the few countries in the world that will allow foreigners to purchase property in our country. In particular agricultural property. (not that wine grapes are agricultural…more like recreational). Greed will win out in the end and the Stewart Resnicks of the world will win…..go fiji water !!!

Soooo, Fiji must be another one of those few countries in the world?

Upon further reflection, it disturbs me that you would consider in normal to put conditions on who may or may not own real property.

Further, would it blunt the sting of Resnick’s Fijian operation if you consider that he is based in the US and pays US taxes on his profits from Fiji?

Resnick is depleting Fiji’s only fresh water supply–that’s the problem.

1) If he is paying US taxes on the profit, then you are directly benefiting from his actions.

2) Did he steal the Fijians’ water source, or did they sell it to him?

politics in Fiji are variable, mainly race based, some wealthy folk bought up land there in the past and drilled wells,profit!

same folk bought land here to do the same thing.