Atascadero woman attacks Obama protesters

July 9, 2014
Rosemary Bem

Rosemarie Bem


Claiming she was defending President Barack Obama from an unwarranted attack, an Atascadero woman pepper sprayed a group of peaceful protestors on Monday afternoon. Atascadero police then charged the woman with two counts of battery.

During the late afternoon, a group of five protesters were holding a demonstration at the Highway 101 overpass on Curbaril Avenue. The demonstrators were holding a sign calling for the impeachment of Obama.

At about 5 p.m., Rosemarie Bem, 67, pulled up beside the protesters in her car, doused demonstrators with pepper spray and then fled the scene, witnesses said. Even though police charged Bem with battery, she defends her actions.

“I’m a veteran, and I was protecting the president from what I perceived as an unwarranted attack,” Bem said when contacted by CalCoastNews. She did not offer any further explanation.

Atascadero Police Sergeant Jason Carr said the demonstrators did nothing to provoke the attack.

“The police report indicates that it was a peaceful protest,” Carr said. “They were merely holding signs on the freeway overpass. There were no words that were exchanged.”

Bem’s pepper spray hit two of the demonstrators, causing them burning and redness, police said. At the scene, paramedics washed chemicals off the victims’ skin.

Fred Starbuck, who was sprayed in the face and eyes, said the pepper spray also hit a third member of the group.

“She got me dead center,” Starbuck said. “I find it sad that someone would feel it’s okay to attack individuals because they disagree with your point of view.”

Shortly after the incident, officers located Bem. She then admitted to pepper spraying the protesters, Carr said.

Officers cited Bem for battery and battery with a chemical agent, and then released her.


Lt Colonel Bem paid $203K in 1995 for her estate, now worth $633K, even with the railroad tracks behind it, and the motorcycles buzzing around it…..triple value under Bush…I wonder why she is a Democrat??


Ah the Bush _______ Bubble fill in the blank.


Interesting calendar you are using, little shrub has been gone for 6 years. And since he contributed to sinking the economy by not paying for the ill gotten wars he stampeded us into we will be screwed for many years to come.


Cited and released?

For aggravated battery on codgers?




My rickety old ass is now scared to exercise my right of free speech, due to lack of protection from yoyo’s by law enforcement.

Released ???

Tell me they took her pepper spray. Tell me that at least they took her pepper spray.

Kevin Rice

There could be a nice civil suit here if the victims pursued medical bills, any damages to clothing, and–of course–legal expenses.


This could go big.


Ms Bem I have read the oath…………………..

Where does it say you have to defend the president? It SAYS you have to obey orders.

Also you CONVENIENTLY overlook the part about DEFENDING the constitution. What is the constitution about? Hmm I’ll wait…………….FREE SPEECH!! These people did not harass ANYONE. They stand and hold a banner and not only that it is over the freeway so with cars whizzing by, there can be no confrontation except from idiots like you that go out of there way to be an A-hole. If you don’t like what they are saying, get off your ass and make your own banner/rebuttal, till then STFU!!!


This Bem was last in the news in 2004 at the Atascadero City Council meetings about motorcycle noise. Naturally, she favors a total ban, even on private property. Typical control-freak lefty.


This is the way the liberal side does things. They won’t debate facts. They can’t. Rosemary Been should have her pepper spray taken away and pay for the paramedic and police response.


Now, now. Should we judge all Republicans based on the actions of serial murderer Ted Bundy?


Protecting the president? From what? Free speech? Guess you have no clue what this country is about Ms. Bem. Maybe a refresher course in Civics is in order?


Any down people you have NO clue. I am more scarred by her actions and anyone that would defend them. This is about free speech which is getting attacked more on a daily basis by a bunch of mamby pamby’s and I for one am TIRED of it!!!!!


To defend this woman’s actions is PURE PARTISAN politics plan and simple.


I don’t agree with her actions, but claiming those who are defending her actions are doing so for purely partisan reasons is illogical since there is no way you would know what are the reasons for Bem’ s supporters defending her.

I mean, think about it. The Son of Sam committed murder because he believed the neighbor’s German Shepard was telling him to. Who would have ever guessed, or known, such a screwy idea was the reason for the murders he committed?


Mary when some of the posters make comments that this group with the banners is picking on Obama and then some will go and link to all kinds of things that are all about Obama, I will go with the odds and say yes they are most likely for Obama and if they are so against something (protesting) that is a 1st. amendment right, what other reasons might they be so willing to stomp on the 1st amendment? So there is my answer, what do you think?


I’ll go a step further Mary. I try to look past politics and be fair. Awhile back one of my favorite (sarcasm) people Ms. Capps came under what I thought was unfair comments here and I for one pointed it out. Have you gone to bat for a political person you don’t care for to comment on what is right??

Ben Daho

What “facts” won’t she debate?


Facts. WTF are you talking about? I am talking about free speech and you post a litany tribute to Obama???


Go get ’em Rosie the Riveter! One way to protect the president is to attack 5 old protesters. lol

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