Atascadero woman attacks Obama protesters

July 9, 2014
Rosemary Bem

Rosemarie Bem


Claiming she was defending President Barack Obama from an unwarranted attack, an Atascadero woman pepper sprayed a group of peaceful protestors on Monday afternoon. Atascadero police then charged the woman with two counts of battery.

During the late afternoon, a group of five protesters were holding a demonstration at the Highway 101 overpass on Curbaril Avenue. The demonstrators were holding a sign calling for the impeachment of Obama.

At about 5 p.m., Rosemarie Bem, 67, pulled up beside the protesters in her car, doused demonstrators with pepper spray and then fled the scene, witnesses said. Even though police charged Bem with battery, she defends her actions.

“I’m a veteran, and I was protecting the president from what I perceived as an unwarranted attack,” Bem said when contacted by CalCoastNews. She did not offer any further explanation.

Atascadero Police Sergeant Jason Carr said the demonstrators did nothing to provoke the attack.

“The police report indicates that it was a peaceful protest,” Carr said. “They were merely holding signs on the freeway overpass. There were no words that were exchanged.”

Bem’s pepper spray hit two of the demonstrators, causing them burning and redness, police said. At the scene, paramedics washed chemicals off the victims’ skin.

Fred Starbuck, who was sprayed in the face and eyes, said the pepper spray also hit a third member of the group.

“She got me dead center,” Starbuck said. “I find it sad that someone would feel it’s okay to attack individuals because they disagree with your point of view.”

Shortly after the incident, officers located Bem. She then admitted to pepper spraying the protesters, Carr said.

Officers cited Bem for battery and battery with a chemical agent, and then released her.


Somebody’s going to be on FOX tonight!


She needs to a adopt a handful of the illegals.

That will give her something better to do.


I love to see adults lose it…whether it is in the form of becoming unbalanced trying to ‘protect the president’ or becoming like the kids fighting in the back seat (instead of “no, I didn’t, yes you DID” and “I am telling on you!”, it is…”it is the left”…no “it is the right”).

While experimenting with eliminating cattle prods, researchers discovered by giving the cattle an option…the cattle would willingly go down the ramp to slaughter. So, they created doors on the right and on the left. And the cattle just now go down the ramp; cattle prods have been almost entirely eliminated. When she gets out of jail….maybe they should give her a cattle prod. Once zapped a few dozen times, people might wake up and say “wait….no matter if the right OR the left is in office–nothing ever changes” aka: we always end up in the slaughterhouse.

Light bulb going on yet cattle? No…..not yet. Of that, I am certain….


Temple Grandin is my hero


Say hello to her on Facebook:

Kevin Rice

And lost in the trial court, and on appeal. Perhaps that made her bitter.


“… a bitter angry left-wing extremist, desperately clinging to her pepper spray cans and Obama posters.”


Lol, I love the image.


Anonymous commentators doxing people by name can stop right now, side of the issue matters not.

The mgt


The Left continually promotes “tolerance,” yet it doesn’t practice what it preaches.


The Left has a long way to go before they catch up with the Tea Partiers and God Hates Fags crowd, or that nutty rancher up in Nevada.


The fact that Democrats value differing opinions when deciding on policy issues is an indication of tolerance of differing opinions.


I think at least 6 months to a year time in the slammer for our ‘lefty’ hero.

Too many times these radicals feel they can step over the line and harm those with whom they disagree… and example needs to be made.


No Roger, this poor misunderstood woman will probably get a congratulatory phone call from our 2009 Nobel Peace Prize winning president: “Well done, Rosemarie! Thanks for defending my honor in such a peaceful manner!”

Mr. Holly

This may warrant a beer in the Rose Garden.

If this woman was truly a veteran who defended America for its freedom why did she act like this?






No kidding Roger. I’d give her more than just 6 months. I’m a person that has on occasion (actually on many occasions) participated in peaceful demonstrations and I have held up a sign myself asking for the impeachment of Obama. It never crossed my mind that someone might walk up and spray me with pepper spray and I’m allergic to it. Pepper spray will close my throat up immediately and someone like her could damn well cause someone like me to suffocate to death. I’d like to wring that nut cases neck.

I hope you’re reading this Rosemarie Bem. You’re lucky it wasn’t me that you sprayed as you might be facing 15 years for manslaughter rather than 30 days in the poky. .


Here’s a link for others that “step over the line” :

Also, constructive responses :



Good for her. Down with the knuckle-dragging wing-nuts.


Freedom of assembly is explicitly guaranteed in the First Amendment, securing the right of people to meet for any purpose connected with government.

Might I suggest you work on your knowledge of history before making such :knuckle-dragging comments.


No, I just think that you are frustrated that I am not the kind of ‘kumbaya’ liberal to be pushed around.

I’m fine with ‘different views’. I’m not fine with different facts.


Ed Lawrence fan for sure…


My question is “Why weren’t these so-called ‘protestors’ told to move on or be arrested ?”

It is AGAINST THE LAW to display signs or banners over or from highway overpasses.

These displays are a public safety and traffic menace.

Not defending this woman’s impulsive actions, but WHERE WERE THE COPS ?

These mouth-breathing right wing morons think they have all the ‘rights’ and no consequences for THEIR behaviors. Reminds me of that clown and deadbeat Cliven Bundy, who later revealed himself to be a racist.

Also those lunatics …Westboro Baptist Church … that shows up at the funerals of hero soldiers, with all of their insane messaging.

Ms. Bem took the wrong path here, but I cannot blame her for her righteous outrage and anger.


“..that show up…” Learn English before calling people “mouth-breathing…”. Kind of deflates your rant to ignorant emotion-driven drivel.


Wonderful ! A grammar Nazi !

The WBC is a group. A group is plural.


“group” is singular. Look it up. Borrow a dictionary.


I see you took the bait.

A singular group ‘shows up’

Now, what say you about the LAWBREAKERS that provoked this incident ?


I don’t think it’s against the law. People hold up signs on the overpasses in San Luis all the time, and it’s been done in Atascadero before. I could be wrong, but it is not uncommon to see it done.


These are Caltrans rules now …and it’s pretty clear . As ruled, it’s ‘nothing’ as in not allowed . Unauthorised signs from highway overpasses, whether stationary or mobile, are against the law.

Kevin Rice

You fail to recognize the difference between affixing signs to overpasses and carrying signs (not affixed). It’s completely legal free speech.



Moving signs and flags, etc. are even more of a distraction and hazard, and actionable under the judges ruling.

But go ahead…try it sometime, yourself. Don’t just make the bullets for others to fire while you slip off into the background.


Kevin, I believe you are correct. Holding a sign up is protected free speech. Putting a sign up on public property is not protected speech. Huge difference here. I read the link to the judges ruling and nowhere does it talk about holding up signs.