Attack outside Mid-State Fair deemed a hate crime

July 29, 2014

fairA 25-year-old man was arrested after he allegedly assaulted an African-American man while yelling racist remarks outside the California Mid-State Fair last week. [Tribune]

On July 20 shortly after 10 p.m., Ernest Martin, 50, left the fair and was walking through a parking lot with his wife when Cristian Sioldea, 25, allegedly hit him on the back of the head causing a concussion. Sioldea’s wife was knocked to the ground and suffered scrapes and cuts.

After Martin scuffled with his assailant, he was able to subdue Sioldea until security arrived.

Police arrested Sioldea on two charges of battery, an assault charge and a special allegation of being a hate crime. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for Aug. 28.

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When the world consisted of Adam, Eve, able and Cain. It turns out 25% of the population we’re murderers! much less these days. Eve slept with the first man she saw. Things are so much better. Count your blessings.

The Mid-State Fair needs to be scaled way back. The criminal-class scum attending it is a threat to public safety. Alcohol should be banned.

They should throw the book at the guy. What era must his head be living in? I stopped going to the fair a long time ago. Too many drunk people in too small of an area.

“I stopped going to the fair a long time ago. Too many drunk people in too small of an area.”

That’s one of the smartest things you’ve ever posted here.

No you’re just beginning to see things my way. It kind of sneaks up on you then one day you will awaken to find you’re a conservative.

People are stupid the world over, just fight it when you find it, that’s all you can do.

Yeah let’s all forget about it. Let’s not even report about it because it’s not news.


Racism in San Luis Obispo County, say it isn’t so. Let’s see the Hells Angels have a strong hold in Los Osos. The Arian Brotherhood call Atascadero their Central Coast haven and meth production in California Valley and Huasna Valley are infamous. Gang violence in Santa Maria is notorious, as well as, in Santa Barbara. Oh and lets not forget the cross burnings that have happened during the past few years. Then their is the occasional Cal Poly Coed who goes missing and is never found. So, why would anyone be surprised by this revelation.