Cross-dressing baby formula thieves arrested

July 19, 2014
Samuel Frank

Samuel Frank

A pair of men dressed as women were arrested in Glendale on Wednesday for allegedly attempting to heist multiple cans of baby formula. [Press-Telegram]

Police arrested the alleged cross-dressing thieves after discovering that they had placed four cans of baby formula in their purses. A search of their car uncovered an additional two dozen cans of formula, most of which had been stolen from a nearby Vons earlier that day.

According to law enforcement officials, thieves have been targeting baby items, especially pricey baby formula, to sell on the black market. While cans of baby formula start at around $15, some cans go for well over $100.

Darrin White

Darrin White

In 2010, Atascadero Police arrested four people suspected of being members of a gang which has been stealing baby formula from grocery stores throughout California.

Officers seized 195 cans of formula from a car driven by one of the suspects as she attempted to leave the Von’s grocery store in Atascadero. The formula had a value of more than $4,000.

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What a couple of hotties!


“Isn’t she lovely

Isn’t she wonderful

Isn’t she precious

Less than one minute old

I never thought through love we’d be

Making one as lovely as she

But isn’t she lovely made from love”.


If you can’t laugh at the world sometimes you better just quit looking.


Isn’t “black market” a racist code word. That assumes African americans are criminals and operate outside the law?

Cross dressing should be referred to as “choice dressing”. You have the right to choose which gender to represent when you dress.

Obvious racism and anti cross gender bias being applied. Free these two upstanding individuals. And let them use whichever bathroom they choose.


LOL, Franks sure does make a homely woman but White actually had me fooled.

You forgot to mention that “Black Friday” is also racist as it implies that black people are the only ones who shop for deals.

Theo P. Neustic

Don’t forget about Cheese Nips and Black Mail


Yup and also Blackball & Black Widow (as in a murderous wife) but all these terms existed prior to the African Americans deciding to call themselves “black”.


Can’t tell who is being sarcastic here, and who is being mindlessly progressive.

So here goes:

Black Friday – day after Thanksgiving when many retailers go into black on their books for the year, due to heavy holiday sales. See “red ink” for comparison.

Cross dressing – highly valid term for those poorly enough adjusted to try to attractively wear clothing of the other gender. These two appear to have struck out.

Stupid Felon Tricks – possible future Letterman show bit. Serial felony theft is a crime. Lock these crooks up in Pelican Bay or Rahway (under contract) assigned to a cell block which matches their birth DNA gender. And give them a book of fashion tips.

Black Market – literal non-racist term for conducting business out of the ordinary light of day. A common term absolutely never credibly linked to “racism”.

Theo P. Neustic

By now, as much as you’re on here, you should be able to sort out the “sarcastic” from the “mindlessly progressive” :-)


True. Well, Theo, why do you think I have the screen name I have? Perhaps I didn’t select it and it was “conferred” on me.

I may think myself an experienced wiz at ranching, engineering, science, and municipal finance, but discerning certain people and understanding progressives, not so much. Sometimes I’m nearly clueless. Examples: Morro Bay second term mayoral voters. Obama second term voters. Gibson voters.

I’ll work on my discernment issues, under your guiding hand.


Gang members? Are they part of the Section 8 Corporal Klinger Gang?


$100 for ONE CAN?!?! Holy crap, what’s in there?


Well, I am just guessing but maybe it is “Organically-processed, naturally-removed milk from the breasts of “A-list” celebrities. Seems like something Angelina J. or Kim K might do.


Okay, so lock up the baby formula and dole out the fashion tips.


The reason the black market baby formula goes for so much is because it is used in the manufacture of meth.

These two mugs hardly look like Walter White, however.


Sort of, sometimes but mostly because of $$$.

” “The criminal groups are looking for products they can steal and they know based on market conditions, they can flip those products quickly and in a secondary market make 30 to 80 cents on the dollar depending on where they liquidate the money,” LaRocca said.

Drug dealers sometimes use the powdered formula to dilute heroin and methamphetamine or to stretch the product when supplies run low.

However, experts say that more often than not, formula is stolen because of its high market demand among consumers rather than drug dealers.


WOW Slowerfaster, I was about to reply from an entirely different ‘view point’ until I read your post. Could this be true? My heart is torn……..


Slowfaster, your response hardly warrants the negatives you are getting. You are paying for your sins of the past. Too bad.


No_More_Anger says:

07/19/2014 at 4:19 pm

Slowfaster, your response hardly warrants the negatives you are getting. You are paying for your sins of the past. Too bad.

True, water under the bridge, I been no better at times.

He did bring up a good consideration few would have thought of.

Good point SlowerFaster


Good point


Uh, like OK wheww


I am speechless at the moment!


I’m also speechless because I have to. If I comment on anyone who crossdresses, according to the left, I am a racist, or intolerant. In PC terms, just saying the word “crossdressing” in public labels me as one, too. I am forced to just ignore it as ho-hum normal and pretend that it is just as normal as sliced bread and apple pie.