Fire breaks out by Oceano Dunes

July 25, 2014

oceanoA fire broke out close to the Oceano Dunes around 11:30 a.m. Thursday. [KEYT]

The blaze occurred in an area of brush in the 300 block of Pier Avenue. Cal Fire and Five Cities firefighters responded and extinguished the flames within about 15 minutes.

An area of about 160 square feet burned during the blaze.

Firefighters have yet to determine the cause of the fire. It remains under investigation.



  1. Perspicacious says:

    Probably Nell Langford’s illegal granny units.

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  2. Ishmael09p says:

    It was probably started by an atv.

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    • SpeakTruth says:

      Probably started by someone who wants the off road vehicles gone in an attempt to make them look bad. False flag operation!

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  3. Kevin Rice says:

    160 square feet? That’s not a blaze, that’s a campfire. Has to be wrong?

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  4. MarkGB says:

    Smokey Bear needs to have a serious discussion with the homeless people camping in the Oceano area.

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