Here’s a vote for public comment

July 24, 2014
Daniel Blackburn

Daniel Blackburn


As a general rule, there’s nothing in New Times’ Shredder column that’s worth reading, much less commenting on. Also, as a general rule, I don’t resort to name-calling in my writing.

But to outlaws like me, those rules are made to be broken.

This week, the newspaper’s Bible-toting editor, Ryan Miller, who hides behind a skirt of anonymity to pen the column, launched a diatribe about two local people who — gasp! — take the time to go to public meetings and comment on the goings-on.

He used adolescent pseudonyms, “Schmulie Schmacker” and “Schmeff Schmedwards” to describe Julie Tacker and Jeff Edwards, a pair of citizens who make the effort to question authority at every turn.

Truth be known, if there were more people like Tacker and Edwards, there would be one heck of a lot less corruption in this county. Yes, folks, it’s true — there are way too many crooks, embezzlers, thieves, and authoritarians running this county, and if you don’t believe me, just ask anyone in non-county law enforcement.

If Shredder would use his potentially-powerful clout to do something other than belittle folks who try to make a difference in the quality of governance, it might help make a dent in the culture of malfeasance that permeates local government.

Fat chance.

Too many public officials show disdain and impatience for speakers during public comment periods, mistakenly thinking, perhaps, that their own brand of hot air has more intrinsic value than that of members of the public.

But one would think that the media — no shortage of hot air there — would pull in the claws and be supportive of taxpayers who want to discuss their business with their elected officials.

Not petty putz Miller, who apparently gets his gospel from the likes of supes Bruce Gibson and Adam Hill, each of whom would gladly submarine public comment completely. (I use these terms to describe Miller not because I want to, but because in the interest of full disclosure, I must.)

It’s part of the climate around this county, helped to fester by the likes of Miller and The Other Paper, that citizens are excoriated for speaking out, while elected officials are tolerated, often praised, for crapping on public comment.

I doubt that Ryan Miller has ever spent a moment or two listening to Tacker or Edwards at the microphone doing their public duty. He’s more mouth than ear.

But I’ll go on the record here and say that I’ll take an hour of Tacker and Edwards before I’ll sit still for a minute of Supervisor Hill’s bumbling, bleary-eyed monologues — or read another word of Shredder’s silly efforts.

Ah, Steve Moss, why did you leave us?

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Does anybody still read the New Times anymore… I know its free…. but really?

fishing village

It was a slow week for the Shredder, just joshin’ with you. Honestly, lighten up, everyone.


I will be Voting for Michael Ebinger for the Oceano Community Services Board in November. Come on Jennifer, either you or Mike has to run for the Four Year Term so a lot of us can Vote for “both’ of you !

Bill…we are waiting for you to submit so we can vote for you as well. We are drafting You and you are a First Round Pick with your experience and knowledge.

Mike Ebinger



A winning trio we can Trust for new hope in the Oceano Community Services District.

fishing village

Everyone , including Julie, needs to follow the rules at Public Comment at the Sup’s meetings! Simple. The Sheriff’s office always has people there!

Kevin Rice

INCLUDING BRUCE GIBSON TOO. RIGHT????? Julie didn’t violate any “rules”, by the way.

Kevin Rice

It seems several “thumbs down” people don’t think the rules apply to Gibson. Maybe Bruce read this? That’s why people like Tacker are important.


The “thumbs down” are more likely because, Mr. Gibson, Mr. Hill, Ms. Ray, and Ms. Marx already check the CCN website where as the rest of the real working taxpaying people are too busy to check thumbs up.


I’m guessing that most people press dislike before they read the post, but after they read the poster’s name.


August 8th Deadline To Submit Applications To Run For Office In November-

We need Tax Relief Citizens to run for office in November.

Nothing is going to change unless we have some individuals who will run for office and then we support and Vote for Change.

The Unions, Directors, Boards, Consultants, City Managers, Lawyers, Supervisors, are all counting on Apathy to maintain control over the people.

SLO…..Pismo…Oceano Community Services District….. You Can Make A Difference.

Mr. Holly

Don’t forget Atascadero. The incumbets who are up for re-election, O’Mally and Stutervant and Moreno for election have recently voted fonr significant fee increases and a proposed sales tax initiative advertised for road repair but in reality is just a general fund tax increase.


What I find amusing about this “feud” is that it demonstrates the utter irrelevance of the Tribune.


I see that Blackburn is maligned by spiritpens post, which suggests Blackburn is attacking peoples religion.

Ive read the article several times and see it for what it is. It is apparent that Blackburn is painting the target on the New Times for its hypocricy which has bloomed under Ryan Miller’s ownership.

Matthew (23:27) said it best

“What sorrow awaits you teachers of religious law and you Pharisees. Hypocrites! For you are like whitewashed tombs–beautiful on the outside but filled on the inside with dead people’s bones and all sorts of impurity.”

Ryan Miller has damaged the New Times and that is so sad.


I agree. The NT would become another solid voice in the community if they would get rid of him.


Do you mean the “New Testament” or the “New Times”?