Water rates hike in Cambria

September 1, 2014

cambriaWater rates will effectively double in Cambria Monday, as utility users begin paying for an emergency water system.

Previously, the average residential water bill in Cambria was $48.02. It is now $109.02 when the water system is in operation and $85.02 when it is not.

The Cambria CSD board unanimously approved the rate hike in July.

The emergency water project is expected to include wells, three treatment processes and an evaporation pond. Construction has begun on the project, but the CSD is still waiting for final approval from regulatory agencies.

In totality, Cambria’s new water supply system is expected to cost about $9 million.

Jorge Estrada

Tourism certainly impacts the water supply used by the local residents. How is that reflected on the rate increase?


I would like to know how many units used is the “average residential water bill”.

Perhaps the article could add what the charge schedule is for each increment of water??

Also is this charge for one month or two months?

Is the sewer bill included? Does the sewer rate increase as the usage of water increases?

As the world turns

The CCSD is using the situation to put in an expensive water system. They could get additional water from State. The Board is a joke and spends money like it grows on trees.


Wait just a dang minute here, they’re complaining because the water rate is going to be a hundred bucks? Every two months? Try living in Los Osos with Golden State Water! Try 400+ dollars for a while and see how you like it!

As the world turns

Sounds like a lackey for the corrupt CCSD Board.


What would you expect, As the world turns, in “San Luis Corrupto” County?

Public officials run wild, doing what they want!

Caren Ray and her exploits?

Ashbaugh voting despite a clear Fair Political Practices ruling that he not?

Parkinson and other LE agencies let thug bikers ride any illegal exhaust they want?

Gibson shutting down public comment in violation of posted law?

Irons ignoring brutal sewer construction costs of Los Osos and dooming M Bay?

Gibson restoring his squeeze to his public (well, perhaps pubic?) payroll?

At least they are following suit of the larger crowd. An extremist golfer in the White House, Governor Moonbeam in Sacto, a US attorney general that let go armed jackbooted thugs with metal poles outside a polling place?

Societal and governmental decay, widespread.