Central California coastal waters significantly warmer

August 11, 2014

pismoSince the beginning of July, California Central coastal waters have been up to 7 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than average, leading to an unusual array of aquatic life spotted in the area. [LA Times]

The upper ocean waters within 50 to 100 miles of the coast have been from 3.6 to about 7 degrees warmer. Scientists are paying close attention to the impact the warming is having on marine life.

Warmer ocean waters have led to jellyfish being spotted further north than usual and other sea life such as ocean sunfish coming to the central coast. Since early July, whales have been seen breaching in the waters off Pismo Beach.

Nevertheless, if the warming continues into the fall, it is slated to negatively impact some cold-environment species.



  1. Gsan says:

    The coastal waters are not up 7 degrees warmer than average.

    Look at the buoy data. Read the LA Times article.

    • zaphod says:

      65 degrees off cape San Martin !!! that water is usually below 55 the entire year.

  2. jarhead says:


  3. achillesheal says:

    Quick, all of you al gore disciples take all of the ice from your freezers and pour it into the ocean at Avila beach. You can reverse the trend if you act now!

  4. Slowerfaster says:

    El Nino ! Latrino !

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