CHC supervisors hit with sexual harassment lawsuits

August 28, 2014

lawsuitSexual harassment lawsuits against Community Health Center (CHC) appear to be piling up. During the past year, two receptionists filed suits against their CHC supervisors.

Office Manager Frank Perez is accused of having problems keeping his hands and lewd comments to himself, according to the complaint.

In February, Emily Villegas filed a suit against CHC and Perez that says almost immediately after he was hired in Sept. 2012, Perez began grabbing her and making sexual comments, according to the lawsuit. Even though Villegas objected to the behavior, she says it continued.

In June, Patricia Allen-Andrade filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against CHC and her former supervisor, Lorincio “Larry” Bacus. Bacus had been on probation until 2009 regarding an embezzlement against another medical group he plead no contest to.

According to the Allen-Andrade lawsuit, Bacus touched her around the neck and shoulder area and said he would make her life easy if she would not talk about his behavior. Even though she says she objected, Bacus continued his attempts and asked her to be “his girl,” the suit says.

Each woman took a leave of absence, was subsequently fired from their job and then filed a lawsuit.

Through their Fresno based attorney, CHC denied the allegations and contends that any injuries or damages incurred by the women were because of their own negligence and/or conduct.

CHC is a network of 26 nonprofit community health centers offering comprehensive health care in the Central Coast area.

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Maybe it is all a big misunderstanding. Maybe these fine upstanding supervisors were just attempting to coach and mentor these women, because they were poor performers. Maybe the goal was to coach and mentor them on how to do “THE JOB” correctly that would meet the needs and expectations of their supervisors. CHC has a long standing history of ignoring the complaints of women who alleged sexual misconduct by their supervisors. Can’t wait till this goes to court and I can be a juror. After this job, maybe these supervisors will apply to a local governmental agency?

Does anyone know if there has been, or the possibility of, any legal action filed against the chiropractor? I know someone who quit going to him because of his inappropriate behavior. It is not okay for this behavior to continue or be allowed.

No but I have heard he is very manipulative.

Heh, heh.

I do not know about legal action, but just that he was let go (finally, after many complaints). I like to address men who joke about this thing by asking “What if it was your 13 year old daughter who got “manipulated”? Not so funny then….hmmm?

These allegations are bogus. All the supervisors wanted to do was to convince the women to have tea with them at midnight at city hall. Geez, this has been blown way out of proportion.


Too funny, but it is good to joke about things like this to convince ourselves that not everyone out their is a piece of garbage, like any idiot who does this stuff in the work place. It is a sexual assault, plain and simple. Maybe not a rap, but the mental damage is definitely there for the victims of this type of conduct.

That’s NOTHING compared to a certain male chiropractor and another certain male psychiatrist-who are both no longer employed by CHC. There are numerous cases like this, and it is nothing new.

Then don’t stand for it. Fire these guys immediately. Their families will have to suffer the consequences until they learn how to respect others.