Camera discovered in Avila Beach Hotel bathroom

August 28, 2014

camera lensAn arrest warrant has been issued for a former employee of the Avila Beach Hotel who is accused of hiding a camera in a women’s restroom in the hotel.

The suspect, identified as Christian Ivan Chora, 20, of Grover Beach, is charged with a misdemeanor for videotaping a person undressing and a felony for intimidating a witness. The San Luis Obispo County District Attorney’s Office filed charges last week.

Chora’s alleged lechery came to light after a co-worker found his cell phone set on record hidden inside a basket in a woman’s restroom in May, the Tribune reported.

The woman then gave the cellphone to her supervisor who turned it over to law enforcement.

Chora allegedly responded by threatening the victim that she would “pay” if she continued to talk about the alleged voyeurism.

San Luis Obispo County Sheriff deputies found three bathroom videos on Chora’s cellphone. He was then fired from his job and an arrest warrant has been issued.

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It’s the grandson of the Montana De Oro fecal fairy…you know the guy that hid out underneath the women’s outhouse (in the septic pit) back in the 80’s.

he would begin before the crack of Dawn.

Is it just the recent stories I’ve read, or are a lot of the (alleged) criminal activity in this area committed by Latinos?

We had the drug smugglers (heroin, marijuana, guns); the gang member who defaces Nipo Farms; the contagious man who wouldn’t be treated in Santa Barbara; one of the recent alleged sexual harassment cases; and now this.

Excellent question “Is it just the recent stories I’ve read” or is it something else.

Questions are a problem that way.

Well, if you ignore all the white-collar crime like high stake con-games and malfeasance by government bureaucrats, it might seem that way. But I still suspect that it is at least partially a case of “confirmation bias” — that is that people tend to see and notice what they expect to see and ignore things that don’t match their preconceptions.

Slam this sicko with some jail time. He will find out what it feels like….minus the camera, of course.

Gives new meaning to the old phrase:

“Smile your’re on Candid Camera”