Gang member suspected of vandalizing Nipomo farm

August 22, 2014
Felix Guzman-Camarillo

Felix Guzman-Camarillo

A known gang member from Santa Maria is suspected of vandalizing a Nipomo farm on Wednesday.

Early in the morning, San Luis Obispo County Sheriff deputies were called to Rancho Laguna Farms to investigate a tagging. At the farm they discovered a truck, trailer and two port-a-potties spray painted with the words “Camarillo” and “Santa Maria” in orange graffiti-style lettering.

The farm supervisor told deputies a vehicle had just picked up the vandal. Deputies stopped the vehicle and questioned the two people inside. Felix Guzman-Camarillo, 21, of Santa Maria then admitted to the vandalism, deputies said.

Deputies arrested Guzman-Camarillo and booked him into the San Luis Obispo County Jail on charges of felony vandalism with a gang enhancement.


Spray painting “Santa Maria” on a toilet. Oh the beautiful irony…

fishing village

This is too stupid, destructive and wasteful. I hope he pays for the damage, has to clean it up!! and is on the watch list for a long time. Get a job, straighten up!!

Theo P. Neustic

Here’s your sign: Writing your own name when vandalizing…


They should spray paint his head orange and make him wear a T-shirt that says that he is a criminal. Make him clean up the mess. A couple of hours working a pressure washer and a rag with paint remover might stop him from tagging again.


The town of Tehachapi has/had a better way to address the situation.

When graffitists are caught defacing private or public property, the the only way they CAN NOT be sent to juvie or jail is if the graffitist parents, on a Saturday morning, engage in cleaning of graffiti on property where the parents and graffitist will be in full view of the public.

It has been awhile since I frequented Tehachapi. I hope they still have the same program because it was quite effective.

Dennis C

I’ve lived in Tehachapi for the last 30 plus years and have never herd of such a program.

Jorge Estrada

He is lucky that we don’t practise she-real law.