Gang member suspected of vandalizing Nipomo farm

August 22, 2014
Felix Guzman-Camarillo

Felix Guzman-Camarillo

A known gang member from Santa Maria is suspected of vandalizing a Nipomo farm on Wednesday.

Early in the morning, San Luis Obispo County Sheriff deputies were called to Rancho Laguna Farms to investigate a tagging. At the farm they discovered a truck, trailer and two port-a-potties spray painted with the words “Camarillo” and “Santa Maria” in orange graffiti-style lettering.

The farm supervisor told deputies a vehicle had just picked up the vandal. Deputies stopped the vehicle and questioned the two people inside. Felix Guzman-Camarillo, 21, of Santa Maria then admitted to the vandalism, deputies said.

Deputies arrested Guzman-Camarillo and booked him into the San Luis Obispo County Jail on charges of felony vandalism with a gang enhancement.


QUOTING BTDT: “ Oh and painting you name, let alone on a port a potty, somehow makes cool? No you are a IDIOT!!!

No kidding.

I mean, doesn’t EVERYONE want their name to be synonymous with a *hit container?


The port-a-potty company will get stuck with cleaning up the graffiti. Now there will probably be a clause in future rentals(if there isn’t already) to make the renter pay for this, as if the farmer had anything to do with this vandalism. It’s probably too small to be covered by his insurance so he’ll get stuck, no doubt. Meanwhile the port-a-potties are unrentable and the firm losesmoney as a result. Portable toilets is a very competitive business, believe it or not.

I hope this case is not plea-bargained down to a minor misdemeanor for all the reasons above. But I won’t hold my breath.

I was the victim of a hit and run costing over $7000 in damages to my car, health bills,time off work, etc.The lady got off with a misdemeanor and paid all of $75 in restitution. Regrettably the same thing will probably happen here. If he is convicted the farmer and the toilet company may want to sue him in civil court – how about a class action suit against the gang? I know that is ridiculous, but it’s so frustrating to read stories like this.


i bet his parents are proud!


I bet his parents are also gang members.


Another Dreamer?

Causing a nightmare for society.


beware the dreamers of the day for they are dangerous men


left out the “are”


Im sure he has and we probably paying for it.. so work hard!!!


If he is a known gang member, then why is he not in jail for gang-related activities?


The poor lad is just expressing himself. Obvious case of racism.

Property owners should be forced to set aside up to 25% of their property for these poor underprivileged youths to paint and display their art.

All government buildings should be grafitti friendly and government should find a way to pay these artists for their benefit to society through grants.


Wow, I went to school and what I learned is how to spray paint my name on a side of a port a potty? Oh and painting you name, let alone on a port a potty, somehow makes cool? No you are a IDIOT!!! Please do society a favor and don’t reproduce.