Man charged with DUI following 3-car crash

August 10, 2014

CHP@California Highway Patrol officers arrested a man Saturday for DUI after he allegedly caused a three-car accident on U.S. Highway 101 near Templeton.

Shortly before 1 p.m., Luis Alberto Herrera, 25, was headed south at more than 100 mph when he attempted to pass another car, lost control of his Honda Accord and crossed two lanes of traffic. While trying to avoid Herrera’s car, two other drivers crashed into each other.

Herrera’s car then hit against the center medium and spun around. Herrera got out of his car, jumped the guard rail and ran across two northbound lanes of traffic.

Shortly afterwards, officers caught up with him on Vineyard Drive not far from the accident.

Along with his passenger, a 65-year-old San Luis Obispo man, Hererra was transported to Twin Cities Community Hospital in Templeton for treatment of minor injuries. The other two drivers were not injured in the accident.

Officers booked Herrera into the San Luis Obispo County Jail on charges of driving without a license, felony DUI causing injury and felony hit and run.

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Ted, I think you are really Bill Maher! Very well done.

Not to worry, Calif DMV is gearing up to issue anyone~ absolutely anyone ~ a driver’s license. ID? What? You want ID, you say? Well, the town where I was born in South America does not issue IDs. They tell me I was born in the fall of 1970 or 1971, no one can remember for sure. But in any case, I demand to be issued a Driver’s License.

topper01 says: “Well, the town where I was born in South America does not issue IDs.”

Race trolling, no thank you.

Not to worry – he’s probably illegal, doesn’t have insurance, he’ll be out ASAP but at a minimum if illegal he should be deported. But it will never happen. If anything he’ll go to some driver school,be fined but never pay it, and go off on his merry way with at most a bench warrant which is meaningless.

Seeking transportation on a Sunday? You just got on the Race train.


Pretty shallow and here’s why.

Re-reading your post and one thing stood out…let’s take your racial profiling out for a moment and imagine the suspect is white, also 25 years old…

“Not to worry – he probably doesn’t have insurance, he’ll be out at a minimum. If anything he’ll go to some driver school,be,fined but never pay it, and go off on his merry way with at most a bench warrant which is meaningless.”

What’s missing here…hmmm?

Get it woman?

I heard God was all forgiving, but as for me this jerk could rot in hell.


How wrong you can be! All forgiving God, surely you jest? If the Hebrew God of the bible is all forgiving, then there is absolutely no incentive not to sin, is there? Besides, our Hebrew God didn’t create the sulfur lakes of Hell for nothing, did he? NOT!

“And throw them into the FIREY FURNACE. In that place there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.” (Matthew 13:50)

Such insolence to God’s written words. I’ll pray for you too tonight, you can thank me later.

Okay, first shvt the fvck up Kay, second, telling someone you don’t know to rot in hell is just peer bvllshit alright. apparently he is my uncle So I care about what other people say. He wasn’t drinking, he had penetrated alcohol that my mother applied to his chest.

Well, a big part of Luis Alberto Herrera’s punishment, other than what he will get under the circumstances of this hit and run DUI, is he will NEVER inherit heaven! This is good, because true Christians that are headed there won’t have to see this fool.

“Envy, drunkenness, orgies, and things like these. I warn you, as I warned you before, that those who do such things will not inherit the kingdom of God.” (Galatians 5:21)



Are you calling the Hebrew God’s word nonsense?! How dare you blaspheme the Lord’s written words pertaining to who is NOT going to the Pearly Gates?

This is the problem here on Cal Coast News, in that there’re no true Christians accept myself, and the ones that call themselves Christians, don’t read ALL of their bibles.


You believe his reply to YOUR post was directed at God? Bit of a complex, don’t you think?


There are times when you actually have to use the logic and reason that the Hebrew God has given you because I am sure He didn’t expect you to bypass its use.

Other than positing what will happen to Mr. Herrera legally, which is a given and is not nonsense, the rest of my post was in a godly nature, therefore “individual” calling it nonsense was attacking God’s true words, get it? 2+2=4, oil and water don’t mix, I am godly, and you’re not.

Unfortunately, a lot of my time is used in praying for all of you pseudo-christians here on CCN that don’t know your bible from a telephone book!

QUOTING TED: “Unfortunately, a lot of my time is used in praying for all of you pseudo-christians here on CCN…”

Ted, just an FYI. I am a Buddhist so, if time is constrained during one of your prayer sessions, you can skip praying for me.

On the other hand, I certainly can use all the help I can get…

My dear Sister of Eve, Mary,

Subsequent to you stating that I don’t have to pray for you as well, and then following it up with “on the other hand you could use all the help you could get,” were you alluding to me just sneaking in a prayer for you once and awhile?

I am not aware of what our Hebrew God thinks of Buddhists, and the prayer may go to the wayside, but I do recall that He commands that anyone that doesn’t want to be ruled by him should be killed. (2 Chronicles 15:13) Lets hope he takes any prayers in your behalf with a grain of salt.

We not see him in heaven but we certainly have to pay for him here.

in heaven there is no beer

that’s why we drink it here

no drinky drive

Okay first of all he wasn’t drinking okay, if your wonder who I am… I’m Luis Alberto Herrera’s niece. he’s my uncle, & he lives with us, so he was feeling really sick so my mom (his sister) but alcohol on his chest for he could get better, but the alcohol penetrated into him and so the cops well they knew he had alcohol. He wasn’t drinking & driving, he learned his lesson last time, he crashed around 2013 for DUI of drinking.

So we still don’t know if he’s legal or has insurance. We do know he was driving 100 MPH, fled the scene, and caused a 3-car accident that is going to at least inconvenience these other two innocent drivers (who were lucky not be seriously injured) who now have to get their cars repaired because of your irresponsible uncle. They have a deductible that they may get reimbursed for – years later -or not, depending on your uncle’s insurance or lack thereof.This has also impacted the value of their cars: when a prospective buyer pulls a Carfax this accident will show up. Nice going!

Rubbing alcohol on your chest will make you feel better? Seriously? What else are you learning in school these days? Is that what made him go nearly TWICE the legal speed limit?? Better ban that Vap-O-Rub!!! For being sick he sure ran a long way!

Obviously your uncle didn’t learn from his first mistake and will no doubt suffer NO serious consequences for this one, as I noted in my earlier post. Twenty-five and living with his sister? What a man!

Oh, for heaven’s sake. I have never, EVER heard of it being possible to apply enough alcohol to a person’s chest to raise the blood alcohol level.

You sound very earnest in your defense of your relative, but try to keep it within the laws of probability.