Morro Bay to contract out emergency dispatch services

August 13, 2014

Police building_tThe Morro Bay City Council voted unanimously during a special meeting Monday to contract out the city’s police and fire dispatch services to the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office and Cal Fire respectively.

The move, which also pertains to the Morro Bay Harbor Patrol, is expected to save the city nearly $43,000 in the first year of the new arrangement and more down the line, according to a staff report prepared by Interim City Manager Ed Kreins. Employee turnover and low staffing levels had caused the city to rack up recruitment, training and overtime costs on dispatch services.

Following a recommendation from the San Luis Obispo County Grand Jury, the city of Arroyo Grande opted earlier this year to contract out their dispatch services to the sheriff’s office. The city of Grover Beach received the same recommendation from the grand jury but opted not to follow suit.

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This change will mean that there’s no one at the front desk in the police department 24 hours a day. Our dispatcher was also called in the middle of the night for maintenance problems such as sewer overflows, water leaks, etc. The Sheriff’s department will no longer do that. Another big change in Morro Bay by our current Mayor without considering the larger picture and subsequent consequences. Morro Bay is circling the drain and will no longer be incorporated in the not too distant future. Just one more step towards destroying 50 years of autonomy for Morro Bay.

It is hard to find fault with this change and good solution to a nagging problem of staffing for our MB dispatch positions, BUT no matter what is done in Morro Bay there will be those who oppose it!! The police chief, fire chief, sheriff and under sheriff (who was our police chief!!) came out in complete support of this change. It is sad we live in a City where people are just poised to complain. Please, those who read the negative comments, do look into this issue and talk to our local officials as they are 100% behind this idea! Thanks, MB resident.

Seriously? fishing village says: ” It is sad we live in a City where people are just poised to complain.”

For you of all people to gripe about others exercising there rights and free speech.


Two village idiots go into a bar……

That would be 2 “fishing village idiots” go in to the bar….

sorry, not going to be. too early to post.

Be happy it’s going to be forwarded to India!