San Luis Obispo seeking Styrofoam container ban

August 30, 2014

styrofoamBy KAREN VELIE

The San Luis Obispo City Council is scheduled to discuss the banning of Styrofoam products on Tuesday evening.

In March, the city council asked staff to look into banning Styrofoam products. In California, 80 cities and counties have regulations against Styrofoam products, the staff report says.

Styrofoam is not recyclable or biodegradable. Because of its foam structure, it breaks down easily, is expensive to remove from the environment and can be harmful to fish and wildlife if mistaken as food and ingested.

City staff has come up with four possible bans. The first would ban only Styrofoam food and drink containers while the fourth and most restrictive would ban much more including foam ice coolers and pool toys.

Some restaurants have voiced reluctance to switch from Styrofoam to another type of container because of the increased cost, lack of insulation, and issues with durability.


Don’t em, but put a $1 deposit on each container. They get back $.75 when they return it. The homeless will benefit and the landscape will be less littered. Oh, the store keeps $.25 for providing the service.


Hmm, and still not a peep about the 44 million crap and urine filled diaperschucked in the trash every day in this country.


Years later, the City leaders will lead society to ban Styrofoam. As any expert in the field of solid waste has noted, ban one product and a new one takes its place that becomes more insidious than the prior – wall street journal noted this a few years back.


Would the sheriff or the CHP be in charge of enforcing this?


Why would the sheriff or CHP have anything to do with it? It is the CITY that is proposing this. That means City Code Enforcement personnel, and I suppose City police if necessary.


October…ignore my post. It stems from another thread where wiseguyjc claimed the sheriff investigates car crashes on county roads. he was proven wrong but won’t admit it, and, as noted in his response, challenges me to debate jurisprudence at the courthouse. He is obviously just here to stir up trouble and he has no idea what he is talking about.


Anytime you want to debate the semantics of American Jurisprudence I am at the courthouse daily. Just were a sign that says Perspicacious!


that’s a good point. there will always be those who start on the next thing, whatever that is. maybe better to create something.


Fear not as “styrofoam” is a trademarked brand by the Dow chemical company!

I assume all other brands of closed cell polystyrene will be allowed?


here’s a thought; don’t let it die an orphan.

i carry a white-speckled blue enamel coffee cup with me. we’ve all had a camp cup from time to time. i just get that filled up.

better yet, have Kim Karhoosian wear one around her neck with a designer logo. make it status. we’ll do anything to be cool/awesome/accepted.

btw, that picture in the article looks photoshopped. i’ve never seen that before.



The liberal/progressive/marxist cancer continues to metastasize………

Dan Carp

Scheduled for an hour discussion…..can you believe it?


it’ll take more than that


the discussion won’t take more than an hour if the council:

1): arrives with it’s mind made up, public be damned, as usual,

2): cuts short public comment a la supervisor Gibson,

3): believes in every liberal cockamamie “solution” for public issues, and

4): wants to clear out city hall in case SLO staff wants to hanky panky in City Hall

oh, and a number 5): Ashbaugh doesn’t disclose his possible secret investment in alternative non-foam restaurant containers. (Face it, the guy is smart and knows where to invest before the general public).


The City Council should just ban people and get it over with. Land of the free is quickly disappearing.


This is almost as short-sighted as SLO’s mean-spirited ban on drive-up windows.

SLO’s ban on drive-up windows imposes serious hardships on the handicapped.

The City of SLO has an angry vendetta against seniors and the handicapped?


I agree. It IS dumb. I refuse to eat at fast food places in SLO. Instead, I keep right on driving to Morro Bay or the Five Cities area. The McDonalds on Foothill and the Carl’s Jr. on Madonna Rd. come immediately to mind as businesses that closed due to not having drive-throughs. By the way, why are there drive-throughs at banks? I will always remember a few years ago when the ban was “revisited” and then councilman Brown was against lifting the ban, saying, “It is a good way to get people out of their cars and see the city”. Well I’ll be! Seeing the inside of Taco Bell or McDonald’s gives me a better idea of what SLO is about?! Probably the dumbest thing ever uttered at a SLO council meeting.

Dan Carp

It’s another one of those ordinances that makes people feel good. There’s no practical reason to ban a drive thru. Too bad if you’re a senior, a person with a disability, or have young children in car seats and this would be more convenient…..we know what’s best for you. Welcome to SLO.