Savor the Central Coasts applies for a license

August 17, 2014

Savor The Central Coast-Inga Swearingen & bandA request for a license for the Sunset Savor the Central Coast festival will be discussed at Tuesday’s San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors meeting.

The event, currently in its fifth year, has been growing in numbers and for the first time it is expected to attract more than 3,000 people a day, which would require a license. County staff is recommending board approval for the Sept. 27 and 28 event at the Santa Margarita Ranch as long as specific condition about parking and safety requirements are met.

In 2013, 7,287 people bought tickets to Savor events, which was a 5 percent increase from the previous year.

Visit San Luis Obispo County and Sunset Magazine host Savor the Central Coast which features more than 30 local chefs, 100 wineries and a variety of opportunities to learn about the latest California lifestyle trends.


This sounds exactly like the “Hospice” event at the same venue years ago.

If it’s half as awesome it should be awesome.

fishing village

does anyone know how much it costs to attend?

How much to put on? How much does the County/Cites pay?

It is a big ‘inner sanctum’ mystery that only certain people know about.

Jorge Estrada

Cal Poly has a much greater affect on our count with a daily impact of 18,000 attendees plus thousands more in support staff. The Savor Event (infinitesimal by comparison) establishes ongoing support to our local vendors as well providing a two day culinary workshop for all who attend.

fishing village

establishes ongoing support for our local vendors?

what does that mean?

Jorge Estrada

retail suppliers, like resturants and others. I learned about rasberry merlot chocolate truffle ice cream by Doc Burnstein’s Ice Cream. Yum…

fishing village

I’ve never understood Savor, it is too expensive for anyone I know to attend (unless the Chamber of Commerce, the local TBureau members and TBid members were paid for by their groups? Only a few people go? I don’t get it!


It’s all about the $$.

SF and LA tourists have $$.


So what? “parent” has something against dollars? Whadda you, some kind of



I wouldn’t be surprised if certain public sector attendees don’t consider this work related and then would turn the entrance fee, as well as any other money spent, in on their expense reports, and let the taxpayers pay them back.


So if 7,287 attended in 2013, and this was a 5% increase, this means 6,923 attended in 2012. and if 3,000 is the number at which a permit is needed, they exceed that in 2012 for a two day event, why wasn’t a permit needed in 2013?

Mr. Holly

Simple. The county finally figured out that they could collect a fee for this and add to their workload and consequently request more people to be hired.


I was told it was on a “per day” basis. That is to say, 3,000 each day. Does that make sense?


Sense? 6,923 / 2 day event = 3,461.5 per day, unless you are going to say 2,999 attended day one and 3,924 attended day two and a permit requires 3,000 each day. Sounds like the kind of math governments love to do.

Who involved with this event has friends in high places and avoided permits until someone who wouldn’t play their game spilled the beans (numbers of attendees) and they finally had to get a permit and spend some $$$$?