Aircraft makes emergency landing at SLO County Airport

September 21, 2014

slo airportAn airplane carrying 30 passengers made an emergency landing at the San Luis Obispo County Airport on Sunday evening, Cal Fire said on Twitter.

Shortly after 5 p.m., emergency units were staged at the airport because passengers on the plane smelled smoke. The pilot determined the smell was likely coming from the lighting system, which was turned off for the remainder of the flight.

The plane, which was traveling from San Francisco to San Luis Obispo, landed safely.

Cal Fire officials are investigating the cause of the smoke.

SLO John Doe

Glad for the safe landing. Airplane incidents do occur and thus the reason for minimizing development along flight paths!

Another reminder why the the City of SLO should not be manipulating changes to the Airport Commission land use guidelines for the self-serving purpose of helping ensure the San Luis Ranch development (Dalidio property) be approved.


Looks like it made a safe landing at the regular scheduled airport with emergency vehicle

standing by just in case. If it was a real emergency would the plane not have landed at the

nearest airport after the smell of smoke. Maybe Monterey or even the Paso airport.


Sometimes we just have to trust the people who run the plane on a daily basis to utilize their expert opinions and experience to make a judgment call. Someone guessed it was the lighting system and turned it off… if the smoke lessened, then they were accurate and no need to divert.

This seemed to be handled very well. Of course it could have been worse, but let us just be thankful that it was only a simple problem.


Since they’re all safe (on the plane), we can afford a bit of wry humor.

Might as well have an aviation near-disaster in SLO county. Everything ELSE is going wrong, the mayor/council/manager train wreck in A.G., Nipomo water rates going to approach Los Osos $ 7.00 per ccf billing unit, AND the re-election of Gibson.

Oh, and elect Cesena signs (that’s right, the previous moron disaster director) are popping up in Los Osos. That’s right, the municipal train wreck of all train wrecks, destroyer of the previous plant who cost each home $ 24,900 and change for us to get back on track with the same sewer and plant albeit slightly down the road…………appears to be running to be elected again.

this stuff is nuts. One couldn’t make this stuff up if they were writing comedy routines for that old group “the capitol steps”.

OH, and just to have fun, the Governor has had RUSHED to his desk a bill enabling Monterey County to interconnect Naci and San Antonio hydrologically with a “pipe or tunnel”. This dumb move will both ensure the migration of any future zebra mussel infestation between both lakes, and will DRAIN the groundwater from many ranches which overly the logical shortest pipe route, just as the LA Metro Red Line tunnel drained the Hollywood Hills of several natural springs.

Sorry for the rambling off topic post, but I had to work in the Cesena and MCWRA lunacies somehow. Makes one shake one’s head.