AmpSurf hosts big events this weekend

September 5, 2014

amp surfBy COLIN JONES

Operation Restoration, AmpSurf’s signature event, kicks off on Friday, Sept. 5 and takes place over three days this weekend with several happenings on the Central Coast.

Disabled veterans along with other adults and children with disabilities will travel from all over the state and country to feel the restorative energy of the ocean and the thrill of surfing.

And the ninth annual rendition promises to be the biggest one yet with new activities like their first ever fundraiser poker tournament at the Paso Robles Casino on Saturday night, Sept. 6, according to AmpSurf Executive Director Vicki Richardson. There will also be welcome/farewell dinners as well as other activities like ocean kayaking and relaxing at Avila Hot Springs.

But the core AmpSurf mission of getting disabled people into the cool, Pacific Ocean water in Pismo Beach so they can experience the joy of standing on a surfboard and riding the waves has not changed.

“Our program brings the healing power of the ocean and adaptive surfing together for an experience that is mentally, physically and spiritually rehabilitating. This can be life changing for our participants, setting them on a path of accomplishing things they never thought possible,” Richardson said.

Founded in 2003 and based in Pismo Beach, AmpSurf is a national non-profit whose motto is “rehabilitation through surfing.”

“We want to promote, inspire, educate and rehabilitate people with disabilities, especially our veteran heroes through adaptive surfing and other outdoor activities they all can participate in,” Richardson added.

This ‘PIER’ concept is the cornerstone of a unique, volunteer-driven organization that fits perfectly with the outdoor active, community-centered values embodying life on the central coast.

To learn more about Operation Restoration IX and AmpSurf and to participate, volunteer or donate, check out their website.