Ex-frat president arrested for pot sales in home robbed by football players

September 5, 2014
Gear McMillan

Gear McMillan

San Luis Obispo police have arrested the ex-president of Cal Poly’s Delta Sigma Phi fraternity for marijuana sales, nearly one month after a group of Cal Poly football players allegedly robbed the fraternity’s house.

On Thursday morning, police, sheriff’s deputies and district attorney’s office investigators searched specific locations at the Delta Sigma Phi fraternity house on California Boulevard in San Luis Obispo. During the search, investigators discovered marijuana, and officers arrested 22-year-old Gear McMillan for possession of marijuana for sales.

McMillan served as the fraternity’s president in the 2013-2014 school year.

Last month, San Luis Obispo police arrested five Cal Poly football players for robbing the fraternity house in the early morning of August 10. One of the suspects is accused of holding fraternity members at gunpoint during the incident.

In the days following the robbery, sources told CalCoastNews that the crime related to a turf war over marijuana sales that pitted football players against Delta Sigma Pi fraternity members.

On the night of the robbery, the suspects attended a house party hosted by Cal Poly students. Some of the robbery suspects allegedly said during the party that they planned to rob the fraternity house because of the ongoing turf war over marijuana sales, party attendees said.

San Luis Obispo police previously said that the anti-anxiety drug Xanax may have factored into the robbery. They are now saying the motive for the robbery may have included taking cash and/or illegal drugs from the frat house.

In a press release issued by the police department Thursday afternoon, Captain Keith Storton stated that investigators have determined narcotics were being stored, distributed and sold from specific rooms in the fraternity house both before and after the robbery took place.

Officers have not arrested any other members of the fraternity, though.

The five robbery suspects, who include Cal Poly’s former star running back Kristaan Ivory, have each appeared in court for an arraignment hearing but have not yet entered pleas. They are due back in San Luis Obispo Superior Court on Sept. 15.

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Is my imagination that Cal Poly SLO seems to be a magnet for idiots?

Oh maaaa………..n! Just forget about it already. Can we go back the days of drunk, puking young men boning their princess like women and waking up to that regret sex smell in the air while looking over at the princess who had turned into a frog?

“Pretty Boy” doesn’t look so happy right now.

Anyone notice how the common understanding of the word “Frat” has changed from upstanding college student to barnyard idiot?

If I was an entering college student I’d steer as far away clear of being a “frat” as iI could.

“Gear” can’t be too sharp given the fact he had more than a week to sterilize his life after the first incident yet failed to do so…

What??? Didn’t you read the denials of these fine upstanding WPOD’s who were menaced by the inner-city Negroes brought in by Poly for athletics?

If you want to be successful you must go to college! What a lie

What do you do for living?

So the President of Cal Poly will look to ban the fraternity now, right? If you believe that this fraternity only sells one drug, and only one member was involved, I have some cheap beachfront property to sell to you. Maybe now we know why it takes students 5 and 6 years to graduate from college.

ml1999, it doesn’t matter what you believe or want everyone else to believe. The police searched the frat house and found one person with pot and charged him for sale of marijuana.

Really? The cops raided a frat house to find a bag of weed? Tell the frat boys to get medical marijuana cards. Something else going on…”DADDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”.

He said he’d increase drug testing of football players. So now I assume he’ll also do the same for fraternities? (right…not for good kids that look like little Gear)

Drug testing for performance enhancing drugs is mandated for college athletes. You obviously don’t know that, and Armstrong can’t just decide arbitrarily to drug test white students because they look like Gear.

This was the only guy stupid enough to have weed, and keep it at the frat, after an enormous amount of time to scrub the house. I’m sure the leaders of the frat told their members numerous times to sanitize the place. What a clod.