Brown likely to sign statewide plastic bag ban

September 30, 2014

bag banCalifornia Govenor Jerry Brown is expected to sign into law the first statewide plastic bag ban in the U.S. [ABC News]

Brown has until Tuesday to sign the bill, which would ban single-use plastic bags in large grocery stores beginning in July 2015. A year later, the ban would apply to smaller stores as well.

More than 100 cities and counties, including San Luis Obispo County, already have plastic bag bans. The rules of those bans will remain in place even if the statewide ban takes effect.

In a gubernatorial candidates’ debate earlier this month, Brown said he would probably sign the bill because the local bans have created a lot of confusion.

“The grocers themselves said, ‘Let’s have one statewide ban that’s reasonable,’” Brown said.

The proposed statewide ban would allow businesses to provide customers with paper or reusable plastic bags at a mandatory price of 10 cents a bag. The same regulation already exists in San Luis Obispo County.


When we select our vegetables, fruit, and meat aren’t those plastic bags they provide in the dispensers. I would just like to see J. Brown carrying one of those 10c thin brown paper bags, that just never seem to make it from the Grocery store to your pantry….


This was never about the environment or the planet. Like most all things “green” it is about control, more specifically, getting us used to more control.

If it truly was about the planet or environment, they would mandate all containers be bio-degradable (the expensive alternates) and be done with it.

Having a “mandatory price” of 10¢ reveals their true intentions. However, like all things by progressives, wrap your insidious poison in heart-string-pulling guises and the masses will beg for it.


So…in your construction….if all disposable containers were mandated to be bio-degradable, How would the consumers that imagine themselves as ‘conservatives’ react to it ?

Don’t bother answering: They would howl like the petulant little spoiled babies they are.


How ’bout a ban on plastic water bottles? Nah, can’t do that! The likes of Coke-Cola, Pepsi and Nestle have too much political clout (which means big bucks to candidates) to have that happen. From what I’ve read plastic bottles contribute more to plastic waste than the bags do and take far longer to break down…

Theo P. Neustic

I picked up 6 of those on a hike at san simeon the other day.


how bout banning any new laws, well except for one: every year it must be a law that no new laws are passed and that we must eradicate 1,000 old laws each year.


Or for every NEW law AND/OR regulation, ONE (or more) existing laws AND/OR regulations must be rescinded?



I vote for relocating everyone that would vote thusly to some Randarian nirvana like Somalia, the Sudan, or Myanmar.

That could be construed to be cruel to the people already there, though.

I, however, would not be averse to partitioning, say …Alabama, Oklahoma, or maybe Wyoming with Yellowstone carved out for such housing purposes; to keep a better eye on the inhabitants.

With an electrified border fence, of course.

The new immigrants would fit right in.

On second thought, just a few of the Aleutian islands might better suit the purpose.


Yet another useless waste of taxpayer’s dollars.


Plus, as we were promised in SLO county, when the bags were gone and stores no longer had to subsidize them our grocery costs went down, right????

Guess I missed that,

Funny, on the recent beach cleanup they still talk about finding bags and the need to get rid of them but when they talk about the even bigger issue of finding cigarette butts they only talk about needing more trash cans to dispose of them, why not ban cigarettes instead??

Theo P. Neustic

Like a “temporary” tax?


How about a County wide ban on the “one-use bags” that the Tribune supplies to it’s carriers?

I get the need for the use during inclement weather, but during non-rain days, whats wrong with a rubber band?


I think it’s becasue the rubber band is more expensive than the plastic bag, believe it or not!


Our carrier used rubber bands instead of the plastic bags for a while – the paper was rolled so tight that you needed to iron it flat before you could read it. The paper tore when removing the rubber band leaving the front pages in shreds. And at least the plastic bag keeps the paper dry when it lands on the front lawn which was sprinkled for 5 minutes 3 times a week.


This is an honest, hopefully non-snarky reply.

I was a newspaper delivery boy back in the 60’s ( showing my age ).

I NEVER used rubber bands, and we didn’t have plastic bags.

I ‘folded’ the paper ( it was a folio …harder to do with a tabloid ).

It was easier to toss and not much of a problem to unfold.

In inclement weather ( of which there was plenty where I was ), I would hand place it in the mailbox rack, or insert between the screen and front door.

Just took a little extra time, sometimes; but practically every week, my tips exceeded what the newspaper paid me.

A little civility and common courtesy goes a long way. But expediency and impersonalization is what big business demands, and mostly gets.

fat chance

This is way more important than finding a reliable water supply for the state. What a waste of time…..


Here’s a novel idea, balance the budget and stop wasting time with these “Ban the Bag”, & “Yes” Student sex bills!


who cares? i’ve been using canvas since i lived in France in the 70’s


Who cares? Probably the people have not had their head in the sand for the last decade or two… people can guess what this usually leads to.

Hey, how did all that multiculturalism work out for France since the 70’s? You see, good-intentions are only that: intentions.


98% of Americans don’t put their heads into the sand.

Most don’t need to.

A majority of them put their heads into the water.

Some of them don’t even have heads, or they have heads that are empty except for cotton-candy trivia.

I grant that a few of them are useful as mobile hat-racks…excepting those that have greasy or chemically modified hair.


I congratulate you ! More educated and ( I guess ) more acculturated than I may have previously conclude.

Howzabout mandated HEMP bags ?

I would bet that it would pass referendum overwhelmingly here in California.

And they can always be recycled / repurposed !