California bans government display of Confederate flag

September 30, 2014

8858490California Governor Jerry Brown has signed a bill into law that prohibits state government agencies from selling or displaying items containing the Confederate flag. [Mercury News]

Democratic Assemblyman Isadore Hall of Compton authored the bill after his mother saw replica Confederate cash sold at the Capitol gift shop. Hall says the state should not promote a symbol of racism that is meant to intimidate.

The ban does not apply to people protesting or entering state property. It also allows for the Confederate flag to be displayed in books and museums for historical and educational purposes.

Lawmakers say the ban does not violate free speech rights because it only applies to formal actions of government officials.

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And yet, Isadore Hall, doesn’t understand laws governing his own position in the legislature—

spending campaign money at a strip club

“This isn’t going to help: In 2012, Hall spent $152 of campaign funds at a Las Vegas strip club.

Indeed, it seems Hall has been living the high life on his campaign funds for a while. His campaign finance reports include trips to Hong Kong, Hawaii, the Virgin Islands. He also made several jaunts to the Kentucky Derby. Tens of thousands of dollars from his campaign accounts have been spent on cigars, nightclubs and limousines.

The rules on this are pretty clear. Campaign funds must be spent on things that have a clear “political, legislative, or governmental” purpose.

A lot of Hall’s expenditures manage to combine business and pleasure. In one instance, he listed a $2,300 expense at Churchill Downs as “legislative research.” In another, he said he was attending the Derby as an “invited guest as chair of G.O.” — the Government Organization Committee, whose purview includes horse-racing”

“Confederate cash sold at the Capitol gift shop.” ????????????????

So an item sold in a gift shop that depicts our history has caused another democrat government ban? I know what? Lets pass a bill that bans democrat government bans. Then maybe we can get this golden state back in the black.

Maybe next we can get a law passed to prohibit the low-foreheaded inbreeds from the valley flying these flags from their silly trucks in Pismo?

Or better yet…a law that keeps them from spending all the money in Pismo to keep the political slush fund full.

And get a law passed to keep illegals/gangsters from flying Mexican flags in their front yards in Santa Maria, Soledad, Salinas, etc.. After all, we’re not “Northern Mexico” as Gov. Brown said– yet.

150 YEARS later and these people still get excited by a symbol? Sounds like Islamofascists holding a grudge and waiting for the guy in the cave from a few centuries ago. Get over it. It is the real history of the Democrat party.

Your comment is offensive…more then that, it is nauseatingly disgusting as you are a former supposed law enforcement officer.

You are a disgrace to the profession !


Why would Gov Jerry Brown (Democrat) go against Senator Robert Byrd (Democrat) proudly flew this flag and was the last member of the US Congress to be a member of the KKK. Oh, wait, we need to re-write history. We can not have a Democrat being a member of the KKK.

If Brown wants to outlaw flags, lets start with ISIS and a bunch of other muslim flags.

(Personally, I do not look at the Confederate Flag as being racist. I look at it as half a nation rebelling (i.e. Rebel) against the other half.)

…. and before you get all racist on me, let me say that my G/Grand Father was wounded fighting for the North.

I think I get it.

Showing the Confederate flag is tantamount to yelling “Fire!” in a crowded theater, so our freedom of speech may be therefore abridged.

I’m positive that Robert C. Byrd never flew the confederate flag. He represented West Virginia, which broke from Virginia and formed a separate state over the issue of the Civil War. West Virginia was admitted to the Union (not the Confederacy) in 1863.

Byrd also admitted membership in the KKK as a young man, but did not participate in the group after he began public life.

You should be ashamed.

These supposed people have no shame. They’re killers and sociopaths.

Civilized society can only kill them first.

Sorry, but that’s what it takes. These are Nazi’s hiding behind three-piece suits.

Just another stupid law by a politician who is avoiding real legislation that might actually help people

O no isoslo, Savir Jerry is passing some legislation that will save all of us! No more shopping bags for the entire state! God I feel much safer now!

That would be Oh no and Savior Jerry. Wanted to clarify my mistakes for those that like to judge spelling and punctuation out there. Sorry sometimes my fingers just go to fast. I always got A’s in math and science.

Oh, now I get it >> “Isadore Hall of Compton authored the bill after his mother saw replica Confederate cash sold at the Capitol gift shop.”