Deadly shootout at California pot farm

September 26, 2014

pot plantsA man attempting to to rob a Central Valley marijuana farm died in a violent gun battle last week. [Fresno Bee]

Law enforcement officials say three people tried to rob an illegal marijuana farm on Sept. 18 in Cutler, about 35 miles southeast of Fresno. But, the robbers were met with gunfire that killed one of them and left another injured.

Robbery suspect Eduardo Tienda, 25, died, and a 16-year-old suspect suffered a gunshot wound to the leg. Officers arrested the third suspect, 34-year-old Jose Luis Tienda.

Authorities also arrested the two men who were guarding the farm. They were charged with cultivating marijuana for sale.

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So…a few criminals have a shootout, and manage to kill each other.

The farm is busted. Bad guys are dead.

I’m not seeing a problem here.


Hikers walking through the area stumble across the pot farm and are shot dead by the guards. That’s the problem.


I had to read the article 6 more times to find the random hikers that were shot….didn’t see anything about that.

Ohhh…you were being facetious! Tossing out scenarios that have not been realized, but juuuuuuust might happen, maybe.

See, illegal pot farms are created on well worn hiking trails or paths. Which makes the odds of a random hiker stumbling upon the crime scene, well, pretty damn slim.

Of course, the simple solution is to have your own gun, better training, return fire, and go home.


Oops! I meant, NOT created on well worn trails!

…silly fingers :)


There is a solution: legalize it already. Marijuana doesn’t hurt people but the war over it does; the cartels do. Take away the stigma and make it legal then they won’t be holding guns to protect their legal crops.

Marijuana as a schedule I drug; such a scam.


Yes, because once its legal robbery will virtually go away. Good thinkin’ Cheech!

Truth Hurts

Do you think the cartels will just close up shop? Harder drugs will be coming in to replace the profit loss


No but then LE can focus all of it’s resources on the hard stuff and stop wasting time on a populace that wants to be stoned.


No also. But it would put a big crimp in their operations and force them to downsize or to transition into legitimate businesses.


Recent studies from the Harvard Medical Hospital shows that marijuana harms the teenage brain, even casual usage. Marijuana was previously shown that it could reduce IQ by ten percent, and also has various other medical risks.


From my experience with pot ~40 years ago and from what I have observed since, I can believe that marijuana can harm the teenage brain — a little bit. However, you are taking an initial study with little scientific support and interpreting it as the final word on the subject. You are also taking worst case scenarios from the study and claiming them to be verified facts. On top of that, almost no one is suggesting making pot legal for those under 21 — just for treating it like alcohol.

There are numerous other causes of brain damage in teens and in adults as well — alcohol is high up on the list. There are limitations on what is practical to do as far as protecting people from their own stupidity. Let’s focus our legal resources on behaviors that cause severe harm to others like DUI, distracted driving (texting and cellular calls), along with traditional ones like theft, assault and murder. Maybe we would even have the resources to go after the big-time thieves in government and multi-national corporations if we didn’t blow so much time and money on (mostly) victimless crimes.


Just a little off topic but considering the Standard American Diet overdoses our bodies with animal proteins, it increases our risk of cancer the SAME as smoking cigarettes, Are we doing anything about that? No, our stupid government still encourages us to consume meat like it is going out of style.

I smoked pot for the first time in eighth grade and about once or twice a week in high school (3.52 gpa). I smoked pot just about every day while I went to Cal Poly (and graduated). I smoke pot just about every day now (20 some odd years later). I am not talking all day, only at night an hour before bed for the most part. I rarely dink alcohol anymore maybe a beer or two once a week. I would consider myself a successful businessman being self employed for the last eleven years. I think I have proven (maybe only to myself, lol) that one can smoke pot regularly and lead a very productive life.

Please don’t think that I am trying to justify smoking marijuana in grade school as I really think it should be treated similar to alcohol with the same age limitations. The stigma that fools like Anslinger, Dow Chemical and Hearst pushed on the American people back in the 30’s was only a self serving interest to make them money.


Yes, marijuana is very harmful to the developing teenage brain. See my post below, and use Google.


Recent studies show that even casual use affects the brain of a teenager in three areas, and can diminish the development of their brain. They can also lose up to 10% of their IQ. Harmless? Not.


link or cite? (the Reagan admin would only fund studies that demonstrated pot is bad )there are still some of them being used as source


Life imitating art. That was the plot of Showtime’s Ray Donovan on Sunday night.

Financial institutions (banks and broker/dealers) will not do business with even the “legal” marijuana trade due to conflicting federal and state law and no assurance that they will not face legal action if they do so.

That leaves a lot of all cash businesses and targets for robbery.


This was a marijuana farm where they grew pot. There is no cash around. The drug dealers hire poor immigrants to guard the plants. If the plants get stolen, the guards will be murdered. That’s why they will fight to the death to protect those plants.


Maybe the Tiendas should have stuck to robbing “stores”.

Commerce among the druggies. Nothing unusual to see here. Book ’em, Dano, and move on.


Point taken. Interesting situation nonetheless up here in Northern Mexico.


I’m assuming you’re being sarcastic… though it’s important to remember, this used to be, in fact, Northern Mexico.


Yes, I am well aware of the mexican-american war and the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo.

Downtown Bob

Go to Santa Maria, many parts now look like Mexico.


No thanks. Slo is the last refuge of California. When it falls, time to go.


Go now, please!


And you don’t want to be in the last group trying to sell out when there are no buyers


So does a lot of Oxnard, El Rio, Fillmore, and Santa Maria to name a few.


One thing achillesheal….

In February of this year the Obama Administration cleared banks to legally accept deposits from legal pot sales… OOPS! Life imitating the art of ignorance…


Dig deeper, to get beyond what the administration says to the truth.

I work in financial secs, we can’t touch them- forbidden by our broker/dealer. Banks have taken the same stance.

Read another article, not just the first one you see.