Ex-frat president arrested for pot sales in home robbed by football players

September 5, 2014
Gear McMillan

Gear McMillan

San Luis Obispo police have arrested the ex-president of Cal Poly’s Delta Sigma Phi fraternity for marijuana sales, nearly one month after a group of Cal Poly football players allegedly robbed the fraternity’s house.

On Thursday morning, police, sheriff’s deputies and district attorney’s office investigators searched specific locations at the Delta Sigma Phi fraternity house on California Boulevard in San Luis Obispo. During the search, investigators discovered marijuana, and officers arrested 22-year-old Gear McMillan for possession of marijuana for sales.

McMillan served as the fraternity’s president in the 2013-2014 school year.

Last month, San Luis Obispo police arrested five Cal Poly football players for robbing the fraternity house in the early morning of August 10. One of the suspects is accused of holding fraternity members at gunpoint during the incident.

In the days following the robbery, sources told CalCoastNews that the crime related to a turf war over marijuana sales that pitted football players against Delta Sigma Pi fraternity members.

On the night of the robbery, the suspects attended a house party hosted by Cal Poly students. Some of the robbery suspects allegedly said during the party that they planned to rob the fraternity house because of the ongoing turf war over marijuana sales, party attendees said.

San Luis Obispo police previously said that the anti-anxiety drug Xanax may have factored into the robbery. They are now saying the motive for the robbery may have included taking cash and/or illegal drugs from the frat house.

In a press release issued by the police department Thursday afternoon, Captain Keith Storton stated that investigators have determined narcotics were being stored, distributed and sold from specific rooms in the fraternity house both before and after the robbery took place.

Officers have not arrested any other members of the fraternity, though.

The five robbery suspects, who include Cal Poly’s former star running back Kristaan Ivory, have each appeared in court for an arraignment hearing but have not yet entered pleas. They are due back in San Luis Obispo Superior Court on Sept. 15.

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Drug sales turf war between the football team and fraternity! It doesn’t get better than this. Can’t wait to see how the Cal Poly spinmeisters deal with this gold nugget.


OK, where are the locals at to call Gear McMillan thug, like the SLO players?

It defies logic that Gear McMillan is the only frat member selling pot, he was just the one with enough brain damage from pot use to continue to keep it on hand. It looks like the San Luis Obispo Police Department is throwing a bone to make sure it looks like it isn’t selective prosecution. They did give the SLO player-coach a pass for selling Xanax!


A thug is defined as a violent person, especially a criminal. Unless Gear McMillan was holding a gun to the head of his buyers and forcing them to buy pot, he would not be defined as a thug.


Or if he was blackmailing them into selling his stolen drugs for him… oh wait, that was disgraced SLO PD flunky Cory Pierce…


Looks like the guys in the Wells Fargo parking lot on Marsh Street…..have a little competition…


A president who is actually being held accountable – what a novel concept!


The location of drug turf wars has gone upmarket from my Uni days.


Distraction arrest. Part of the Cal Poly Ferguson equation.


As Gomer Pyle used to say “Surprise, Surprise, Surprise”! Cash and drugs – a great motivator for nefarious activity.

Rich in MB

Now wait a minute here, this can’t be true because yester on the Dave “make pot legal” Show on KVEC, he told us that the Cal Poly incident has nothing to do with Pot and that it wasn’t a “gateway drug”. Hmmmm…what else is Dave wrong about?


Well Dave is right about make pot legal. We had this thing called prohibition years back and it worked out well. Gave rise to a lot of gangsters in Chicago and N.Y. They thought legalizing this evil drink would surely lead to the end of western civilization. Well regardless of the hysteria, we survived and funny thing those gangsters moved on. Of course to the other thing that is illegal. Now what is that………………..hmm.

We had same problem here is state. Once they raised cig. taxes real high they started to have problems with people trafficking in from other places. If you make things illegal or tax high, you will almost CERTAINLY bring in the opportunists right behind it.


But we now know from an Ivy League medical study that marijuana use damages 3 different sections of the teenage brain. Even casual use! Previous studies have shown that it can reduce IQ in teenagers by up to ten percent! Funny how the liberal press rarely mentions these facts.


I am not familiar with that study — or any others that may support or contradict it. However, even if it is accurate (and it may well be), the problem is that the mechanisms of prohibition have a much greater cost to society in terms of fiscal costs, failure to achieve the ostensible goals and numerous infringements on personal liberty (& not just the potheads.)

Legalize pot for adults, treat it like alcohol and use the tax proceeds to fund treatment clinics for those who come to understand that they made a mistake in using it. Meanwhile, we can reduce the loads on a badly backed up court system, focus enforcement efforts on crimes where others are hurt, and reduce prison populations to the point where it won’t be mandatory to release criminals early — including some truly dangerous ones. (There could also be some major savings to both state and local budgets but those will almost certainly be redirected to other programs — some deserving, some not.)


Here you go:


First study to show effects of small time use; more “joints” equal more damage

CHICAGO — “Young adults who used marijuana only recreationally showed significant abnormalities in two key brain regions that are important in emotion and motivation, scientists report. The study was a collaboration between Northwestern Medicine® and Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School.

“This is the first study to show casual use of marijuana is related to major brain changes. It showed the degree of brain abnormalities in these regions is directly related to the number of joints a person smoked per week. The more joints a person smoked, the more abnormal the shape, volume and density of the brain regions….”

“Because the study was retrospective, researchers did not know the THC content of the marijuana, which can range from 5 to 9 percent or even higher in the currently available drug. The THC content is much higher today than the marijuana during the 1960s and 1970s, which was often about 1 to 3 percent, Gilman said.”

– See more at: http://www.northwestern.edu/newscenter/stories/2014/04/casual-marijuana-use-linked-to-brain-abnormalities-in-students.html#sthash.TuYPQEeH.dpuf

Rich in MB

That explains the link between Pot use and being a Liberal…Michael Savage is right…Liberalism is a Mental disorder, now we just know it was caused by Put.

robert a

The reason the “liberal” press does not mention your “facts” is because they are not facts!

The study you cite did not say pot use caused brain damage—-it says that that MJ use in teens alters two sections of the brain, but, no conclusions are made from that. Further studies are needed.

The other study you cite, that MJ lowers IQ has been called into question by the National Academy of Science as using poor methodology, i.e. testing IQ’s of teens who smoke MJ and then retesting them at 38 years old, not taking into account any number of variants that might reduce IQ over twenty some years.

Of course, this doesn’t stop Fake News from telling the ig’s: Pot Use Lowers IQ!

I’m not advocating teens smoke pot, I’m saying don’t state misinformation.


@ BeenThereDoneThat Take a break, get a good nights sleep and then read your post. Now, with a clear mind, let’s apply your logic to all other drugs. The only reason that marijuana or cigs are legal is the fact that the govt makes a heck of a profit off them.

Rich in MB

So you are obviously against Gun Control then right….


A bunch of morons. Cal-Poly SLO resembles “Animal House”.


And not near as funny


If McMillan had a uniform on for that photo, he could easily have fit in with Niedermeyer and company. Wow, what a stereotypical frat leader.