A.G. won’t pursue investigation of Adams

September 10, 2014


Two top Arroyo Grande officials escaped further sanctions late Tuesday after council members veered from promises to probe deeper into the pair’s late-night rendezvous in City Hall.

The July 3 incident involving City Manager Steve Adams and subordinate Teresa McClish, community development director, was kept submerged from public view following a brief inquiry into the matter by the city attorney’s office. Deputy City Attorney Michael McMahon elected to believe Adams and McClish’s accounts over police officer official reports.

The council went into closed session Tuesday at the end of their regular meeting to discuss Adam’s job performance. After an hour, they emerged to report they had taken no action, meaning the matter is now officially closed.

City Manager Steve Adams and Teresa McClish

City Manager Steve Adams and Teresa McClish/Photo by Daniel Blackburn

Police responding to an emergency call from McClish’s husband led them to a darkened City Hall, where they discovered the pair in a back office with clothing askew.

According to Adams, the pair had been “drinking tea” to sober up after attending a restaurant opening.

Grainy video provided by the city shows Adams running across the street toward City Hall to join McClish in the parking lot following the event. He then turns and runs after several people leave Roberts Restaurant and returns several minutes later after McClish flashes her car lights.

Tuesday’s meeting drew a slightly smaller crowd than two weeks ago, when three members of the council expressed their desire to schedule a discussion of the matter on the regular meeting agenda. Instead, the item was placed at the very end of the agenda and conducted in secret as required by law, according to City Attorney Timothy Carmel.

Resident Otis Page told the council, “You lied to us. You promised an agenda item to discuss this openly yet you did not agendize it. This issue has legs and it is not going away. Dishonesty has costs.” Vanessa Andrews said she is “one of those people who is upset. If you support Adams and McClish in this you are creating a hostile work environment. Do the right thing for once.”

Heather Jensen said she was “disappointed” by the lack of an agenda discussion.

“We citizens need to know what happened,” she said. “We need a Grand Jury probe.”

Connie Avila noted police department personnel were “gagged” by city officials, and Beatrice Spencer said city officials were accepting Adams’ version of events over the interpretation of four police officers.

Bob Hatch, who said he is a 40-year resident of the city, asked the council to stop the investigation.

“I’ve talked to a lot of people who don’t want this to go on,” he said.

Adams and McClish sat together for a brief period while McClish outlined a city program for the council.


The city employees need to hit the city of arroyo grandes insurance JPIA. This could force the city to investigate the allegations, also a vote of no confidence against Adams. since the city of arroyo grande keeps getting sued JPIA can revoke the cities insurance. Look up the city of la punte I think they did something similar.

As the world turns

Someone needs to find out if JPIA has already warned the City regarding revoking insurance since the City has already had several sexual harassment lawsuits.


You know I have had much dealings with both these folks , I still can not wrap my head around it, I have a few things bad happen to myself & others I know … How in God Names Could these two people do this.

College Degree , Professionals, ….

As for the rest I’m not shocked, You have bunch of old tired retread , Mayor & council member what do you expect other them to protect their turf.. You have police reports , and no one is listening…

When I was a young person I respect all the cops, They treated us like kids, I’m taking 17 to 21.. in general the AG police force was good to us Kids, the gave us chances.. They poured out lots Beer at Williams Bro’s market..

I still believe these Police are good people .. My Father worked for CDF, we were always taught to respect the police.. My message through this I still respect the Police, I feel sorry they were put in the middle, Hug your Son or Daughter or Grand child tell them this is not right and its not how the world is ,its just a few bad apples who have lost touch with the rules

Thank You Ag PD hang in there please!


OK, time out for a bit of levity. (cough, cough)


The winner will be served high tea in the city hall rotunda. (don’t worry, I’ve got keys)


Hey You know where all this started with Her Husband calling the cops , Sounds like it was a on going thang!

Anyone see Caren Ray Photo next to Clinton what a Honor it was to meet him, It was Bill Clintons actions ,that takes all of US down, it was his affair that makes this type of stuff ok, Well its not ok, Morals?? Whats that!

Jorge Estrada

Maybe it would be best if all staff offices were kept locked, only to be opened by a gate keeper. One might think of those emergency needs by staff but consider what is an emergency when the public needs help. 9 to 5 five should work for eveyone except for those public meeting that the gate keeper can accommodate.

The other option might be to consider this issue while standing somewhere in the Middle East.


In my experience, because of the work flux in government agencies, it would be quite difficult to ensure that all work in the agency be done between set work hours. There are usually staff members who are on a flex time because the needs of the agency don’t always occur between set work days or hours.

Not all agency workers work on a flex time basis. Usually most positions in the agency can be scheduled by routine, set hours.

Most government agencies have systems where an employee must sign in to gain entrance to the agency’s facility. By logging in they leave a record o the time, date and name of person entering the facility. Same goes with leaving the facility.

City managers usually do not have set hours because their duties and schedules are varied, with night meetings, early-morning meetings, etc.


Is Mr Adams on Crack?


More likely the strain of a guilty conscience.


Probably still thinking about the probe.


Ahhh the Probe !!! yea thats it

As the world turns

A way to allow “disinformation” to morph out of control is by saying there is nothing productive to say. As a city manager, Adams should know that clarification of facts is a key. Otherwise to not clarify the facts gives the perception the misinformation is correct.

If this is how Adams manages city affairs (by allowing “misinformation” to continue to spread), he should look for a job in which he does not lead. A true leader corrects misinformation.


A true leader leads by example. Mr Adams sets a poor example.

He/she also does not throw police officers under the bus to save his own pathetic skin.

Let’s take a poll of city employees and see what his employees think, he’ll probably be in the tank.

Not many people like to work for someone they can’t, or don’t respect.


Fire Adams

Write in candidate against King Tony

Grand Jury complaint

Get Tim Brown to speak his mind

File Brown Act violation

Pack the Council chambers EVERY meeting.

People pressure is all we have. Do Not let up at the public comment.

Keep asking questions and tell the Council you do not trust them.


Do you know if a Grand Jury investigation complaint has been requested?


Quote from Adams in the New Times

“There is so much misinformation circulating at this point, I don’t believe it’s

productive to add anything to the statements I’ve already made about the

incident,” Adams wrote. “I regret that the matter has created a distraction

from the business of the city.

“I look forward to being able to concentrate on the important issues we face

and focusing my undivided attention on serving the city and the community

as effectively as possible,” he added.

I almost vomited after reading Adams statement. Where can I sign the

recall Fererra and fire Adams petition? I find it hard to believe that a city of

18,000 citizens is allowing this hypocrisy to continue.


Curious as to what misinformation Adams is referring to.

Police memos described what officers saw/did.

Who’s confused? Not the police.

Mr Adams should have focused his undevided attention on doing the right thing July 3. Maybe he’s just confused as to the difference between right and wrong. He’s lost his ability to serve us effectively.

He has no one to blame for the hot water he’s in but himself, yet he wants to blame the police. What a guy.


Adams’ “undivided attention” is probably getting in McClish’s underdrawers.