Governor inks local water bill

September 17, 2014
Katcho Achadjian

Katcho Achadjian

Expressing concern over California’s future water supplies, Gov. Jerry Brown Tuesday signed legislation to create a structure for formation of a “hybrid” district to manage the Paso Robles basin, as well as a package of bills aimed at regulating basins all over the state.

A measure by Assemblyman Katcho Achadjian (R-San Luis Obispo), AB 2453, also broadens the powers the Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCo) may use when creating a district. LAFCo is the proposal’s next step.

“Governor Brown’s signature on this legislation is the culmination of very lengthy discussions on how to manage the Paso Robles Groundwater Basin,” said the assemblyman following the governor’s action. “It is only with leadership from the Board of Supervisors and the city of Paso Robles, that we were able to create a framework for the water district that will now go before the public through the LAFCO process. I am very proud to say that this was a team effort.”

The hybrid concept is designed to give more people a voice in the formation and management of a future district, said Achadjian.

“While the district is not yet formed, I am pleased to know that the local residents will continue to have input in the LAFCO process prior to the formation of the district – because local control is the only way to properly manage our groundwater resources,” added the assemblyman.

AB 2453 will take effect on January 1, 2015.

The groundwater package Brown signed brings the state into line with the rest of the nation. Until now, groundwater basins have been under the purview of local entities and individuals, and severe over drafting has been occurring in many parts of the state.

Jorge Estrada

Why is it that everytime our leadership does something, it results in a shift to more funding at the expense of what we call owners? By our own law, California can not do anything, provide any service or manage any doc with charging a fee. If you are on a fixed income, after January, you will be fixed or should I say neutered.


In a political system such as ours, where all people have a voice but moneyed folks have louder voices, the rest of us really have no voice at all.


Oh Boy….more government control, less citizen freedom, more government fees, less money for the citizens and my favorite….another government agency that will grow beyond everyone’s wildest imagination. I’m with Indigo1955, time for a new location. I should be gone by 2016 to somewhere where water is plentiful and regulations are few.

JB Bronson

Yes. Where has Frank been on this since he got off that wagon? Posers – all of them.

Let the politics begin. Should be able to start a manure salvage operation and sell it back.

The grape planting and wine-making has and will continue. We could buy water with the money.


I could be wrong but I have a feeling that Katcho Achadjian sold out the citizens of the North County. This law just took the water rights away from the property owners and created a new level of government intrusion that will cost us lots of money, rules and regulations and no rights.

Interesting that the vineyards are still planting a year after this “crisis” all started.

This is the work of Katcho Achadjian, Bruce Gibson, Adam Hill, Caren Ray (Frank wised up for election purposes and got off the train a couple of months ago) and the money stakeholders in the North County. Vineyards will be the winners and Paso supported it for the tourism and money it brings to the City.


I heard that Katcho has voted with the Democrats more than any other Republican, would love to know if that’s true.

Mitch C

Achadjian is a useless toady.


I saw a sci-fi movie once from the 60’s or 70’s and it was about how they were trying to privatize water–and market it. Every single resource, invention or innovation that exists—results in someone trying to patent, tax or market it. Money is the central focus of just about everything.

About 99% of communication is non-verbal. Don’t read the article….look at the picture posted. Expensive suit, bags under the eyes from afluenza, (and always the most telling…), dead eyes. Eyes void of sparkle-absent of spirit and love. That is what our world is like these days. Some outer-limits state of consciousness (one that is focused on greed) has consumed our planet.

When I lived in LA, my Harvard graduate neighbor suddenly sold everything and bought some land in Oregon and built a cabin. “Why are you doing this?” I asked him. “You will know someday” he said. “Someday” has arrived.

As the world turns

There is an excellent documentary regarding privatization of water that you can watch free online. It is called For Love of Water.

BTW, never trusted Katcho, starting when he rode around south county in an old wagon trying to convince everyone that he didn’t have much money although he owned several gas stations. He is an opportunist if there ever was one.


“Expressing concern over California’s future” I truncated the first line. More appropriate.


Hey Katcho, since when does the public really have a say in Government anymore? Time for a change.