Recent Pismo Beach councilman dies

September 17, 2014
Ted Ehring

Ted Ehring

Former Pismo Beach councilman Ted Ehring died earlier this month at the age of 84. [Tribune]

Ehring, an air force veteran and former oil and gas company executive, served on the Pismo Beach council from 2006 to 2012. He died on Sept. 3, the day after he celebrated his 64th wedding anniversary with his wife Patricia.

Ehring moved to Pismo Beach in 1996 and served six years on the city’s planning commission prior to spending another six years on the council.

Ehring’s most notable vote may have come in 2011 as a member of the San Luis Obispo County Integrated Waste Management Authority board. Ehring voted in favor of the countywide plastic bag ban, which passed by just one vote.

The Pismo Beach Chamber of Commerce later named him the 2012 citizen of the year.

Local developer Gary Grossman has offered to name a street after Ehring in a new Pismo Beach development.

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So the legacy of this air-head was to TAKE AWAY the liberties and rights of tens of thousands of SLO county residents AND their merchants to provide sensible, often-reused conveyances (plastic bags). Rest in peace, you idiot. That should have been a no vote, and the issue should have been put to a general vote of the PUBLIC not the appointed or elected ELITE who think they know better.

Don’t bother “thumbs-downing” me. This man was placed in a position of responsibility and made a very un-American and restrictive vote, and deserves to be noted and scorned for it even after he’s gone (regretfully) to an afterlife.

His dereliction of duty to American freedoms and rights should be duly remembered as his arrogant vote thereagainst. Sorry, but those are the facts.

Such animosity about plastic bags? Get over it.