Morro Bay man sentenced to 16 years for torturing girlfriend

September 4, 2014

Andrew Mattson

A Morro Bay man, whom prosecutors accused of torturing his ex-girlfriend at knife point in 2011, received a 16-year state prison sentence Wednesday. [Tribune]

Last month, Andrew Mattson, 30, accepted a plea agreement two days into his trial. Mattson pleaded guilty to four counts of assault by means likely to cause great bodily injury, inflicting corporal injury to a spouse and robbery.

Prosecutors previously charged him with torture, forced oral copulation, kidnapping and false imprisonment.

Following an argument in August 2011, Mattson allegedly held his then-girlfriend captive in a closet at knife point for more than an hour with her ankles and wrists bound with shoelaces. The woman sustained moderate injuries from repeated assaults.

During the abbreviated trial, Mattson’s ex-girlfriend testified and detailed her account of the attack. Mattson accepted the plea deal the next day.


I wonder what the proof is he did it. Her word against his usually wins.


Injuries consistent with her story. If you tie someone up with shoelaces they’ve got to be pretty tight. After he gets out, he’ll likely have learned not to leave any marks next time – or witnesses.


The lady had a number of physical injuries including abrasions on her wrists and ankles, cuts and stab wounds, and bruises. This creep really roughed her up and deserves to serve every minute of the sentence.


Lock him up.


He is likely either a sociopath or was having a substance abuse psychosis. Either way-this will be his likely state of mind again upon release. The problem is this: they do not issue wide-spanning alerts and by then….everyone has forgotten their name and their crime (and this is a societal issue-we could be informed of this upon his release if we routed this properly [example: “Megan’s List]). These dangerous people then are released, and unrecognized-they filter back into society to re-offend-at great human expense, I might add.

You will never see this end. That is because of the foundational limitations and limited scope of consciousness of people in general. They keep rendering “money and politics” statements, and yet need to expand this to include other possibilities other than “government is our caring parent”.

Who raised these people? I am willing to pay good money…they are not human. And, the list goes on. This is a problem that needs to be addressed as a community-as if this is “our” society-and that it has failed. You will never see this, however,-and neither will I. Not unless we alter our status as an individualistic society to one of collectivism. That is based on the fact that we are all connected-and responsible for one another. That it is not “the government’s job” to take care of society via tax money

We are a sick society-we lock ourselves in our homes in nuclear family units in separate homes—and majorly disconnect from one another. Somewhere, at some time in the past, no one knew this boy was being beat and perhaps even abused sexually or sodomized. The rage was contained…until it could not be any longer. And did any neighbor notice the marks-any teacher the emotional torment? No, of course not. Why? Because we like to sit at our keyboard and bitch about the world. I volunteer at CASA–and it is not easy. I cannot fix the whole thing….but I can contribute something.


I wonder if they consulted the victim following her testimony – that obviously slam dunked the prosecution’s case – regarding the plea deal.

Sentenced to 16 and likely out in 8. Will they protect her when he gets out?


The prosecutor blew it on this one. They should have continued the trial which would have been a slam dunk conviction and a much longer sentence. I’m willing to pay up the nose to keep evil people like this off the streets forever.


Who raised all these low life’s we are seeing in our County with such violent crimes. We are just wasting our money on these waste less animals – can’t even call them humans!