Nearly 1 in 10 California workers in U.S. illegally, study finds

September 4, 2014

immigrationIllegal immigrants comprise nearly 10 percent of California’s workforce, according to a study released Wednesday by USC researchers. [LA Times]

The study found that illegal immigrants account for 38 percent of workers in California’s agricultural industry and 14 percent of the state’s construction workforce. All together, workers who entered California illegally contribute $130 billion annually to the state’s gross domestic product.

“It’s a population deeply embedded in the labor market, neighborhoods and social fabric of the state,” said USC sociology professor Manuel Pastor, who worked on the report.

USC researchers conducted the study in conjunction with the California Immigrant Policy Center. They used census data and statistics from the Labor Department and the Department of Homeland Security.

The study also found that half of California’s illegal immigrants have lived in the state for at least 10 years, and nearly 75 percent live in households that include a U.S. citizen. Approximately 58 percent of illegal immigrant workers in California do not have health insurance.

In total, about 2.6 million immigrants are estimated to be living in California illegally.

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Wage suppression and elimination of the middle class. It serves the right wing wealth and the left wing “you need us” government. The moneyed politico’s and business’s want this illegal labor and will fight for it.

Russ Russ Russ….you can spew talking point about the evil right wing all you want my friend, but under the Obama Economy only the top 10% of income earners have seen their paychecks increase. Obama has screwed the 90%-ers while fooling them into thinking like you, that is it the right wing to blame. It’sthe Rope-a-dope and you fell for it!

If the US does not want refugees and undocumented workers to come into the country, it would probably be a good idea for US politicians and CEOs to put an end to actions, insane trade policies, invasions, assassinations, death squads, massive pollution, support of brutal right wing regimes, and other assorted crimes of Pax Americana which make such crossings inevitable, if not guaranteed…

When you burn down a persons house and make it impossible for them to support their family, don’t be surprised to find them sleeping under your porch when it is raining…

In other words….Blame America First….classic.

“The nationalist not only does not disapprove of atrocities committed by his own side, but he has a remarkable capacity for not even hearing about them.” – George Orwell

“Some Pigs are More equal than other pigs” – Orwell

Now that we can both quote Orwell….now what….continue to blame Central America’s problems on who…Carter….Reagan….Bush….George Washington?

In fact our problems here in the USA are the fault of the evil colonial power in Britan…ya…that’s it. People are not responsible for their own destiny…ha ha ha.

Every people/nation on the face of the earth from the beginning of time ether overcame their obstacles or wallowed in misery…their choice.

Lesson in debating. Instead of buzz word rhetoric, try giving examples of why you support your belief. i.e. Instead of: “When you burn down a persons house and make it impossible for them to support their family, don’t be surprised to find them sleeping under your porch when it is raining…” Try something like, the US needs to quit burning down the houses of the people of Guatemala and Peru. Oh, Wait. That never happened.

Or Stop invading Mexico…. Not that either.

Now, I see why you write using political rhetoric. What you say, never happened. Carry on.

But also, once the state gets you on the dole they do very little to encourage you to get off it, they always feel they can syphon more tax dollars to support an ever growing welfare need.

10% is just a guesstimate, since they are “undocumented”, there is no way to know how many of them are here. Much more than 10% for sure.

We have to know who we are talking about here:

1. illegal immigrant? or

2. undocumented immigrant? or

3. uncertified immigrant? (when they get their California ID, they ARE documented) or

4. immigrant? (in most discussions about the illegals, the term immigrant is used instead).

Once they are called immigrants, their status becomes irrelevant, in other words, the border is open to anyone who can walk across.

As long as we talk about granting them education, job, welfare… and not deporting them because of family ties, human rights… we are encouraging them to come for a better life. I wonder why we need border control and customs at all? Oh, it is for those students who came legally and have been struggling to keep their legal status ever since. I see, double standard.

That and they loosely throw around the $130 billion number – which the LAtinoTimes and CCN both regurgitated. After all, when statistics and numbers are involved, we do turn off our brains.

Assuming the original report is correct, the 2.6 million “undocumented” (which I think is REALLY, REALLY low) contribute $130 Billion, that is $50,000 a year per person… that’s a pretty generous sum, considering we’ve also seen that a massive amount of money is sent to Mexico.

All in all, their numbers are highly likely bogus, and they are no doubt hiding behind our pavlovian “racist” response to anyone who might question them. This thing does not pass the smell test for honesty.

So the illegals “contribute $130 billion annually to the state’s gross domestic product”. Well how much do they cost in welfare, medical, crime, etc.?

I’m positive that the $130 billion number is made up. So many guesses along the way, it’s really bad statistics in the original report (what one can find when reading through it, anyway).

“contribute”? How much of that is sent in the form of cash out of the country? Is that really a “contribution”?

Big $, corporations, the 1% runs the show. Republican, Democrat, meaningless. Your vote is not going to change what they have done to this country.

This study sure looks flawed to me. The agriculture workers are largely Latino, so does that mean a big chunk are here on work visas? Agriculture towns like Woodland or Fresno have huge Latino populations. I’d think both ag is 80% Latino, and construction almost as high. Unless USC chose not to count day laborers.

Watch most of these home remodel shows, and most of the work crews are 90% or 100% Latino, who is fooling who. The General Contractor is sometimes an American. Construction work is also frequently paid “off the books”.

You believe this study is flawed because you see largely Latino workers in agriculture and construction? Are you aware that the vast majority of Latinos you see everyday, workplace or not, are American citizens – Latino Americans. That explains the discrepancy you see. I find it disturbing how many people I come across who think Latino is the same as “illegal alien”. You are aware that Latino American citizens will very soon be the majority population in this state – nothing illegal about it.

@tomjones, you are absolutely right. Latino (mostly South American) will be the majority just as soon as Barry Soetoro and the Democrats grant them amnesty and US Citizenship – Just in time to vote in the next election.

New Rule: If you ever enter the US illegally, you may NEVER become an American citizen. (period – as the anointed one would say).

You will notice that libs like Tomjones can’t debate the issue without playing the Race Card. Sad, but it’s how they roll.