Paso Robles to sell water to rural residents

September 11, 2014

water2The Paso Robles City Council has approved a plan to sell water to North County residents living outside the city limits who are struggling to cope with the ongoing drought. [Tribune]

On Sept. 2, the council voted to reverse a 1950s ban on selling water outside the city limits. The new policy restricts usage of the water transported outside of the city to domestic uses.

Rural residents who purchase water from Paso Robles may not use it for commercial or agricultural purposes.

In order to truck the water to their homes, rural residents can hire private haulers, who will work with the city in obtaining the water. The price of the water will be the same as what city residents pay — $3.78 per unit, or 748 gallons.

City staff says Paso Robles can produce 1 million to 1.5 million gallons of water more per day than is currently used. Staffers do not expect the new demand to exceed 100,000 gallons per day.


I wonder what kind of kick back App and his buddies on the board are gonna get from the water trucking companies? No one rides for free! Just look at all the new vineyards still going in!!! Tax dollars baby! Take a ride out union road between Geneseo and Tobin James or shoot on over to Creston road or even El Pomar or 46 east and dozens of more areas. what you will see are parts of vineyards that were planted a year or less ago, some within the last month or two, that are just flourishing. How does that happen? WATER!! Get out early in the morning and you’ll see the sun shining on the beautiful water droplets coming from the drip lines everywhere. what is even better is stop by Geneseo and 46 east and watch the irrigation lines water the pasture for the cattle that reside on the land. It is a wonderful sight watching that water hit the ground for hours. Most of us with residents in the area can’t wait for our wells to be metered since we use the least amount of water and have been conserving, letting our yards die and hoping our pumps come on the next time the tank needs to be filled!! Several of my neighbors pumps quit coming on. So I hope the county supervisors and the city supervisors have a nice pleasant vacation together somewhere. Don’t worry about us little guys we will be just fine!!!!


Well done, Paso. Thank you.


To assure the use of water for domestic use, water should not be sold more than the allotted for the family. Verification of the number of occupants x allotted usage amount x 30 days. That would be the fair way to assure it is used for domestic purposed. The customer could get no more than 3 months at one time and cannot come back for refills!


A half truth on what is going on is being proffered here. Wells just outside of town have been suffering as the under draw from the City’s wells deplete neighboring wells. And yes, then there are the vineyards. But hey, anyway you can spin it – good for you App.


OK, I’m good with helping out if possible. The water would most likely come from the same ground water basin. Will they only be able to get water on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday if they are on the north side of the water line and Wednesday, Friday and Sunday if they are south of the same line? No water on Mondays?

Jorge Estrada

This is something that actually provides for a need, unlike the County’s Drought Ordinance. As long as the water is trucked the economics will disallow this from becoming a perminant liability on the city. Good gov for a change.

Mr. Holly

This is somewhat confusing. I applaud Paso Robles for helping out, BUT?

Haven’t they declared a drought condition in Paso Robles and have raised their rates, reduced water usage and are looking for violators to fine? And at the same time are in the process of approving several hotels and I even think a golf course?

There is something wrong here, the citizens of Paso Robles appear to be being penalized for the use of water while the big money projects have no problem having their projects approved without any real consideration for the drought conditions.

The people of Paso Robles should demand why water is not readily available to them but id to the big dollar folks?


yes, i was confused on this, too. even before i saw your comments.