Republican headquarters closed to some candidates

September 18, 2014

republicanSeveral candidates for Atascadero City Council are upset that staff at the new Republican Party headquarters on El Camino Real is currently only permitting incumbents to distribute campaign materials through the office.

The staff at the Republican headquarters told Atascadero City Council candidate Chuck Ward and mayoral candidate Charles Scovel, both registered Republicans, that they are not permitted to leave their brochures at the office. The Republican Central Committee is requiring Republican candidates to seek its approval at an up-coming meeting before being permitted to utilize their own party headquarters.

Currently, the office is only allowing incumbent mayoral candidate Tom O’Malley, and city council incumbents Brian Sturtevant and Heather Moreno to utilize the officer for their campaigns.

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With the apparent endorsement of Al Fonzi and his followers it looks like, if they are successful, that he will regain his 6th seat on the Atascadero City Council.

The Progressive-Statist elites (accustomed to the status-quo of getting free rides on the backs of the taxpayers) are scared of the serfs who can vote them out of office.