San Jose homeless rescue autistic boy

September 9, 2014

HomelessSweep-campResidents of a San Jose homeless encampment rescued a runaway 6-year-old autistic boy early Sunday morning. [Mercury News]

Sergio Zepeda wandered away from his San Jose home Saturday morning and spent the day and night wandering several miles over and around a hillside. Zepeda’s disappearance prompted a frantic search for the child.

Around 4 a.m., Zepeda turned up naked at a homeless encampment at the base of the hill he walked over. Residents of the encampment spotted him, provided him food, water and a blanket and called 911.

Police and paramedics responded to the scene and examined Zepeda. An ambulance transported him to a hospital only as a precaution.

Officers said they have no reason to believe the boy’s disappearance was the result of foul play.

“We’re tremendously fortunate that he was safely found,” said San Jose police spokesman Albert Morales. “Here’s a 6-year-old out in the elements and he trekked a pretty good distance. We’re all just very happy that it ended the way it did.”

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Any 6 year old found without clothing had better have had a rape exam. Sorry, but that is just the way it rolls these days.

No, Not Necessarily. I am very familiar with autism. It is not uncommon for them to shed their clothing. The trauma comes into play when well meaning doctors start sticking strange object into orifices. They do not understand it is “for your own good”. The care giver (mom/dad) is the best person to make that judgement call, not a rape crises counselor.