Supervisor candidates clash over hobo bash

September 5, 2014


A planned fundraiser for San Luis Obispo County supervisor candidate Lynn Compton involving “hobo stew” has become the center of the latest controversy in the nasty campaign for the fourth district seat.

The Compton campaign is planning an Oct. 5 fundraiser at the Oceano train depot in which attendees are invited to come dressed in hobo attire and eat soup dubbed hobo stew. The fundraiser has prompted allegations from incumbent Caren Ray’s campaign that Compton is showing contempt for homeless individuals.

“Are you appalled, offended and outraged by this disgusting lack of compassion for a segment of our county’s population which Lynn Compton is supposedly campaigning to represent,” Ray’s treasurer Kathie Matsuyama wrote in an email to supporters.

Supervisor Adam Hill also chimed in, encouraging others to forward Matsuyama’s email and to post about the issue on social media pages.

But, Compton’s campaign says that Ray’s supporters have drummed up a controversy by twisting the definition of hobo.

A hobo is not a homeless person, the Compton campaign says. Rather it is a traditional American lifestyle that values travel over stationary living and involves work, just usually in short stints. They also noted that this same type of hobo event has been done for years by the Oceano Elks.

“This is no way of disparaging homeless people,” Compton supporter Linda Austin said in an email. “Hobos are part of American lore.”

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The Caren Rey people should look up the definition of “Hobo”.

From Wiki: A hobo is a migratory worker or homeless vagabond—especially one who is penniless. The term originated in the Western—probably Northwestern—United States around 1890. Unlike “tramps”—who work only when they are forced to, and “bums”—who do not work at all, “hobos” are itinerant workers.

I for one am sick of the homeless “bums” who panhandle instead of work. At least a Hobo wants to get a job. The bum at my offramp has money for a cell phone and a dog. Clearly he has made a choice.


You mean the definition that includes “homeless” to describe hoboes?

Thanks for reinforcing the proof of my point.


This just in. The Compton campaign has switched the theme of the fundraiser due to all the uproar. The new theme will be a minstrel show, dress in black and black face.


Don’t give Lynn Compton any ideas.


Darn. I was going to suggest she bring in Paula Deen as her “Celebrity Chef” for the event.


Drop your dumb thread of liberal crap, and debate the issues and positions of the two candidates. Vapid cheap attacks on a legitimate fundraiser theme do not advance the debate.


Humor is often the best way to defuse an out of control string of comments. Sorry you do not agree and made invalid assumptions.

There really is no logical debate on this website. I am hoping the candidates debate makes their stances much clearer than what I have found on their websites and FB pages, LameComm.


Majority, you must be close to Team Adam Hill. They’re the only ones in this county stuck on “black face”.

With Black unemployment up to 11%, this group will suffer most from the massive immigration about to be imposed by the powers that be. Immigrants willing to work below the wage standard will take all the jobs at the lower end of the economic scale, and educated workers from India, etc. will take the higher level jobs in the tech industry.


Not a fan of Mr. Hill. Just saying that the hobo theme was not well thought out at all.

The plus for Ms. Compton is the national press she is getting, good or bad, which will give her better name recognition and possibly many more votes. Many people vote on a name that sounds familiar without knowing much, if anything, about the candidates and their stand on the important issues.

Rich in MB

Bread and Circus for the masses folks.

Make up fake scandal and the electorate cheers, but talk about real issues and the electorage yawns.


Bigotry for campaign donations is about as “real” of a scandal as I can think of.

Using a class of disadvantaged people to make elitists laugh is heinous. Making money off of it is worse.

What is next for Compton? A fundraiser with an Uncle Tom’s Cabin theme, encouraging participants to dress up as slaves?

What will be the featured dinner? Starvation Stew?

And how about those prizes for best costume? Starving workers? A slave just raped by her master, complete with shredded clothing, bruises and tear-streaked face? A slave with his back shredded from his master’s whip?

The kind of value system exhibited by Compton–and the fact that she refuses to accept responsibility for her own mistakes–show her to be unfit for the position of County Supervisor.


May the hottest chick win!

Rich in MB

Mary Mary Quite Contrary, get off your high horse, it’s too damn harry.

Rich in MB

Trying to act like a Hobo Fundraiser is Bigotry cheapens the definition or real bigotory….please….grow up.


Rich in MB “put down the crack pipe” “cheapens the definition ” of real drug addiction.

Double standard much?


Bigotry comes in many forms. Denigrating one class, race, etc. of people simply for belonging to that class is bigotry. Treating someone as an inferior just because they belong to a class of people (i.e., using them to make fun of them for entertainment purposes) is a form of bigotry, as well.


You go too far, especially considering the background of your candidate and the drinking/running and sometimes sex on the trail club, and the fact that she has already appointed her boyfriend to the AG Planning Commission.


I decided I would not vote for Karen Ray long before I decided I would not vote for Lynn Compton.


Interesting how impassioned people become about politicians. The fact that you are emotional about them, means they’ve got you right where they want you.

Until all politicians are treated with the disgust from the public that they deserve, the hubris will continue.


Caren Ray,

Using Adam Hill shows your desperation. GO TO HILL!


Caren Ray is not the candidate who chose a disadvantaged class of people to make fun of as the theme for a fundraiser.

I don’t think Adam HIll, Bruce Gibson, or Caren Ray are fit for County Supervisor.

However, they are not the ones who used bigotry for the theme of a campaign fundraiser. The person who did that is Lynn Compton.

Kevin Rice

Actually, the definition of bigotry points to you. “obstinate and unreasoning attachment to one’s own belief and opinions with intolerance of beliefs opposed to them”


I stick to my opinions until I get information that necessitates changing my opinion, just like most folks do. That does not make me a bigot.

Did you have a point you were trying to make?


If I were running, I’d probably have a “Feed the Homeless” fundraiser, which no one would likely attend apart from the too few who actually (physically) help the homeless. Rather than dressing up and having a party for donors, I’d ask that they bring some “pot luck” style party, and invite the homeless to attend.

Maybe get some portable showers / laundering facilities or some such. Just have an event that gives a little (or a lot) back while campaigning.

Of course that is a pipe-dream, and it is all about money for any candidate, so I also understand the need to rub elbows with the cash-giving folks.

I would be seriously impressed if the candidate holding this hobo event turned around and donated 10% of the money raised to a local (non-government) charity that serves the homeless. That would be quite a solid move.


Wow! I hope Railroad Security doesn’t show up for their Hobo Fun Day Fundraiser, Hug a Hobo Day! Because, hobos have no rights on the railroad. Except, if you’re a hobo and you’re caught by Railroad Security… and you think you might get cracked good… well, you might be right.


You right wing nuts are going to need a lot more lipstick for this pig of a campaign idea. Can’t wait for the party photos though. Will McCarthy be there?


Eugene McCarthy would fit in perfectly.


Sounds like the same dork that ran Covello’s campaign is running Ray’s campaign. Is this true? He attempted to assassinate Dow’s character because he had nothing else to attack and is doing the same thing here. This will backfire as the attack on Dow did and Compton will win going away.

Oh, Adam Hill, shut up! We don’t care what you think.