Teen injured at Santa Barbara County nude beach

September 7, 2014

more mesa beachA teenager is in serious condition after a cave partially collapsed trapping him Saturday in the More Mesa Beach area.

More Mesa Beach is a popular Santa Barbara County nude beach. The wide beach is backed by high, dirt cliffs.

At about 8:30 p.m., a currently unnamed 18-year-old was in a cave on the cliffs when it partially collapsed on him.

After 20 minutes, rescuers removed the teen from the cave and transported him to Cottage Hospital with major head injuries.


In other news a 97 year old woman was found dead in the NUDE in her bed. Other people died all over the planet, some of the WITH NO CLOTHES ON In this case a stupid teenager went into a dangerous cave and it fell down on him, it was near a NUDE beach therefore it was sexy and newsworthy. SHAME on you CCN Shame


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