Adams may quit, slaps police again

October 2, 2014
Steve Adams

Steve Adams


Embattled Arroyo Grande City Manager Steve Adams said Wednesday he will be leaving his job when he decides the time is right, and leveled a barrage of accusations against his police department’s contract negotiators.

In a verbose statement issued to favored news outlets, Adams asserted officers made false claims against him as a salary negotiating technique. He then repeated his version of a late-night City Hall liaison with a subordinate employee.

Adams said his “resignation” will become effective when a full-time successor is hired, which could take as long as six months, according to city council member Jim Guthrie. When he eventually departs, he will not receive a severance package, he said, because he is leaving “voluntarily.”

The manager has been embroiled in scandal which has in turn created a divisive controversy in the community of 18,000.

On July 3, officers found Adams and Teresa McClish, the city’s community development director, in Adams’ City Hall office. Memorandums written by five officers the night of the incident reported McClish was discovered partially dressed, an apparent violation of city policy.

The officers reported that Adams initially lied when asked if Trish McClish was in the building and instead became angry while questioning why they were looking for her.

Asked by an officer if “Teresa McClish” was in the building, Adams then said yes.

“First, I never lied about Ms. McClish being in the building,” Adams said in the statement. “When I asked why the officers were there, I was twice told they were looking for someone with the name of an employee that until recently worked in City Hall. When one of the officers used Ms. McClish’s correct name, I responded that she was there.”

However, city staff said no employee named Trish McClish existed, although a former employee was named “Trisha.”

Another disagreement between officers and Adams centered around office lighting. Responding police said lights were out in City Hall when they arrived. Adams now claims the lights were on in his office.

(Sworn law enforcement personnel proven dishonest in their official dealings can no longer serve as police officers. The Brady decision requires prosecutors to disclose to the defense previous deceptions by officers.)

Adams also attempted to defuse the missing 80 minutes of security tape captured by city cameras.

Adams said the gap was caused by CalCoastNews because the news agency supplied the wrong size drive.

“The so-called “missing 80 minutes” of tape resulted because the representative of the website that requested the tape submitted a flash drive that was too small to hold the entire file,” Adams says in his statement. “Once they submitted a new flash drive, they received the remainder of the tape. However, these background facts were never reported.”

The actual facts are quite different.

After receiving a request made under the California Public Records Act, City Clerk Kelly Wetmore asked CalCoastNews to provide a 32 GB flash drive, which was done.

When the drive was retrieved by CCN, Wetmore said she had made a mistake about the needed space, and was unable to provide the last six minutes requested. However, in addition to those final six minutes, 80 minutes was missing from the middle of the recording, as were all recordings from “camera six” showing an external view of the rear of Adams’ office.

The missing 80-minute video which was subsequently provided clearly shows lights going on from within a darkened City Hall after officers enter the building.

City officials now claim that “camera six” was inoperative because it could not withstand the elements. No other exterior city camera malfunctioned during the same time frame.

Teresa McClish

Teresa McClish

Angry citizens have suggested a level of hypocrisy in Adams’ behavior in the weeks following the McClish situation. Arroyo Grande taxpayers have funded more than $1.5 million in sexual harassment settlements to former employees. As a result, Adams has insisted on terminating employees discovered to be in a romantic relationship with a subordinate.

Adams’ public statements have only served to fuel community dissension. Spurred by city officials’ failure to properly investigate the alleged violation of city policy, Arroyo Grande police officers earlier this month lodged a formal complaint and a vote of no confidence against Adams and Mayor Tony Ferrara.

Officers have not yet responded to Adams’ latest allegations, though several citizen-led groups are attempting to replace the mayor by promoting Jim Hill as a write in candidate.

Immediately after the incident was first reported by CalCoastNews, Ferrara deflected efforts by council members Tim Brown and Jim Guthrie, both of whom said they wanted to delve more deeply into the issue than had the city’s assistant counsel, Michael McMahon.

Here is the full text of Adams’ statement:

“It is with regret that I announce my plans to step down as city manager with the city of Arroyo Grande. After much deliberation, I have determined that the current events have created too much distraction for me to lead the future of our organization as effectively as I would like. To be involved in something divisive to the community would be the ultimate contradiction of everything I have tried to stand for in bringing the community together during these past 14 years. As a result, my family and I have decided to pursue new opportunities elsewhere. I cannot begin to express how much I appreciate the support I have received from so many kind people in our community.

“My resignation will become effective once my replacement has been hired and starts work. Therefore, I intend to remain in my position throughout the recruitment process in order to ensure a smooth transition and enable me to complete a number of important efforts underway. I will continue to cooperate fully with the investigation. My primary motivation is to serve the best interests of this community that I cherish so much.
I want to emphasize to the community how fortunate it is to have such an amazing mayor and City Council. I have had the distinct honor to work with each of them on a day-to-day basis for many years. I never cease to be amazed at their level of dedication to the entire community. The effort they take to respond to the concerns of every individual that contacts them is extraordinary.

“They took the July 3 incident very seriously, responded quickly, and handled it in the best way possible based on the information they had. Everything was handled consistently with how similar incidents are dealt with involving other staff. An initial review is first completed to identify if any policies are violated and to determine whether a formal investigation is warranted. There seems to be some confusion from people unfamiliar with government procedures who are comparing the situation to an incident involving a potential criminal action or when a formal personnel complaint is filed, neither of which apply in this case.

“There was no so-called “cover-up.” I actually called a meeting of my executive team the first work day following the incident to inform them of what had happened. Personnel matters are not publicized, which is not the same as a cover-up.

“It is reprehensible that negative criticism has been made toward the city attorney’s office. Their level of expertise, hard work, and dedication to effectively protect the city’s and community’s interests day in and day out is something unparalleled to anything I have witnessed anywhere in my career. They handled this incident in that same consistent and professional manner.

“I have also witnessed the city clerk and her staff work tirelessly and with the utmost professionalism to respond to a barrage of public records requests, only to have wild, unfounded insinuations made about altering records and tapes. Our citizens would agree what a travesty this is if they had the opportunity as I do to witness the seriousness with which they take their integrity as it relates to their professional responsibilities. The so-called “missing 80 minutes” of tape resulted because the representative of the website that requested the tape submitted a flash drive that was too small to hold the entire file. Once they submitted a new flash drive, they received the remainder of the tape. However, these background facts were never reported.

“The impact on Ms. McClish’s reputation is an even greater travesty. She has consistently treated everyone she comes in contact with in a kind, professional, and responsive manner. She has served this community with great distinction and does not deserve the meanness that has been directed toward her.

“I have consistently expressed my deepest respect for the important work our officers do in protecting our community. I also fully support the officers that responded to the July 3 incident and early on issued a public apology to them for the uncomfortable position my actions put them in, as well as to the rest of the organization and community. I have never accused any of them of lying, and it has never been my belief that they said anything with the intent of harming me.

“I have tried to focus on my job, stay out of the press, and let the investigation process take its course. However, given the amount of accusations that have been made publicly, I believe I must now speak out to provide clarification regarding some of the statements.

“First, I never lied about Ms. McClish being in the building. When I asked why the officers were there, I was twice told they were looking for someone with the name of an employee that until recently worked in City Hall. When one of the officers used Ms. McClish’s correct name, I responded that she was there. Later reports on a website that they were using her nickname are false, although I acknowledge that they may have thought that was the case.

“Second, the building was reported as being dark, which is an accurate statement given that most the lights were off. However, it is also important to clarify for the public that there are lights at each end of the building that automatically remain on at all times. Therefore, there would be no reason to turn on additional lights in other portions of the building.

“Third, due to the extent of the activity by the officers in the building, our belief was that they could be responding to a serious threat. Therefore, Ms. McClish was standing out of view in response to her fear for her safety.

“Lastly, I continue to confirm my earlier statements that nobody was at any time unclothed or partially clothed.

“With regard to the actions of the Arroyo Grande Police Officers’ Association, I continue to provide them the benefit of the doubt that their motivations are sincere. However, given that they are still not satisfied now that the City Council complied with their request for an outside investigation, I believe it is important that the public be provided pertinent background information regarding the city’s labor relations.

“I will be the first to recognize that I have failed to maintain a positive relationship with the POA. I acknowledge that there were things I could have done and/or communicated better to improve this relationship. However, it is important to also acknowledge that we have been through the worst economic period since the Great Depression. We are proud of the fact that during this period, we actually increased reserves, maintained important capital projects to improve our streets and other infrastructure, and maintained key service levels despite skyrocketing pension costs and plummeting revenues. This could not have been accomplished without some tough decisions and tough labor negotiations.

“During this time, the POA hired an attorney to represent them who was a partner with a law firm that posted on its website a “playbook” for negotiations. Among other questionable tactics, it advocated “public ridicule” of blunders by the city manager, mayor, and City Council. It also recommended to “focus on a city manager, councilperson, mayor or police chief and keep the pressure up until that person assures you his loyalty and then move on to the next victim.” They have since gone out of business amongst a variety of their own legal problems, but the POA has continued the services from the same attorney, now with a new firm.

“I am confident that our extraordinary and dedicated staff will carry on to do more great things for this wonderful community that I love so much. I believe my greatest legacy is the effective team we have assembled over the years and am extremely proud of all that they have accomplished. The state of the city’s infrastructure, finances, and economic vitality are at their highest level ever due to their hard work, the council’s leadership, and the community’s support and involvement. My wish is that my departure will remove this distraction and allow them to return their full focus to these important efforts. I cherish all my time serving the city of Arroyo Grande, I bear no ill will to anyone who has opposed me in this matter, and I hope everyone can now seek a new level of cooperation in addressing some major challenges ahead for our community. Meanwhile, I look forward to spending more time with my incredible family who has been so supportive of me throughout this ordeal and my life.”

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If the voters of Arroyo Grande fall for Mr. Adams tactic of “resigning when a replacement

has been found”, then they are just as dumb as Adams, Mayor Ferrara, and the city

council think they are. Come on, people – see thru this and vote in a new mayor and

new members of the CC. Get your city back and get on with life like you would like it.

Adams should go now, if he really wanted to help the city get back to ‘normal’. And the

citizens need to elect a city council and mayor that will not get all softy and decide that

Adams is such a great guy, that he ‘deserves’ a going-away present of ~$250,000 of

Arroyo Grande’s taxpayers money.

Don’t ask for it, demand it. Hopefully, you do not want Arroyo Grande to be the Paso

Robles of the south County.


While I hope this all ends soon, and those guilty, admit to their unprofessional behavior, and move on….I’m enjoying immensely, the comic relief material they are all providing.


CHECK out the Trib right now by C Lambert

Costello is back peddling

AG will be on the Tribune again tomorrow

I think we on a record for AG attention

Good going Adams!


??? doglover, need more info… not on trib site


From the Trib today

The city has personnel regulations in place for most employees, but Adams and department directors, including McClish, are exempt from the rules and are governed by their employment contracts, except as otherwise expressly regulated by state law and the city’s municipal code, city attorney Tim Carmel said.

Aren’t managers typically held to a higher standard?


I read the Employment Agreement for Adams. It seems to me he has violated that as well. Maybe the city attorney needs to go back to Black’s Law Dictionary and look up a few of the words that are in the agreement. Or, maybe, they are choosing to ignore the agreement, just like they choose to ignore other legally binding documents as well.

I think Tim Carmel continues to add to the circus that is the city’s management or lack of management of this situation. The Employment Agreement is public record, easy to find, and not that hard to read and understand. Maybe we should make that document super public and read that at the next council meeting and let the people determine if Steve violated this agreement to which our fine city attorney is referring to—-Tim Carmel needs to go to—he doesn’t have our best interests at heart, he is only there to protect the city council and other members of the city. I would love to see Mr. Carmel’s employment agreement—next stop, a records request!

If you want to read my response to the Employment Agreement, go to the opinion piece entitled, City Manager Clearly Violated Policies—it is easy find—it’s long, but worth the read……


Who is in charge of the Human Resource dept? Oh the city does not have one, so that means Steve Adams. How hypocritical is that!


employment agreement has clearly been broken council was in error for not doing something about it. a manager is not above the same rules as his employees



“Mrs. McClish was standing out of view in response to her fear for her safety.” Safety from the Police, why would that be needed???”


Perhaps it is her husband she fears.


Why can’t he just admit that he made some major mistakes in the aftermath of July 3rd and take responsibility?! He’s resigning, but won’t fully admit to his wrongdoings-and I’m not talking about what happened in his office that evening, that is so besides the point now-I’m talking about the cover up. Kudos to AGPD for doing the honest, moral thing and shame on Mr. Adams for being so dishonest and for blaming everyone but himself!


LeAnn nails it: “Don’t accept this non-resignation. It is a ruse. Ferrara …the citizens … are not going anywhere anytime soon.” “How dare you construct a half-assed resignation letter, which isn’t really a resignation letter, and continue to blame the police department for their reporting of the events on July 3rd.”

Adams says he will resign when a new City Manager is selected. Guthrie admits that may take six months. What’s the deal here? Obviously once Ferrara is reelected the Council will ignore Adams’ non- resignation by rationalizing he is too valuable as a City Manager and by that time the citizens will have forgotten the matter.

LeAnn’s assessment is also correct emphasizing, “You and Mr. Adams are very arrogant and have truly underestimated the citizens of AG in their ability to see you both for who and what you truly are.” The truth will out.


No kidding.

There is absolutely no reason for a city manager, under fire for policy and procedure violations and subsequent coverup, should stay while supposedly a search for a new city manager is conducted and a candidate contracted….and there are PLENTY of reasons why he should not.

I am beginning Mr. Adams has developed a Nixon complex.


Dear Otis, Thank you for supporting my post. I truly hope that I get to spend more time with you. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you at the Harvest Festival! I hope to see you at the next council meeting on the 14th of October if not sooner.


Sorry the German’s did not bomb Pearl Harbor…Japan did.


It’s a direct quote from John Belushi in Animal House.


God help us…..




” I will continue to cooperate fully with the investigation” When did he start cooperating????

“The so-called “missing 80 minutes” of tape resulted because the representative of the website that requested the tape submitted a flash drive that was too small to hold the entire file” When the location a file is being transferred to is too small for the file, the transfer is aborted, the file is not selectively edited to fit on the drive. Perhaps Mr. Adams should have consulted an IT person before making that statement.

“Mrs. McClish was standing out of view in response to her fear for her safety.” Safety from the Police, why would that be needed???

” I believe it is important that the public be provided pertinent background information regarding the city’s labor relations” but wait Mr. Adams you just said ” Personnel matters are not publicized” why the two different policies????


In a recent ex parte meeting with the Mayor, Steve was heard to say….

“Over? Did you say ‘over’? Nothing is over until we decide it is! Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell no! ”