Arroyo Grande police union backs change

October 11, 2014

agpoliceAmid a vote of no confidence against Mayor Tony Ferrara, the Arroyo Grande Police Officer Association voted unanimously Friday to endorse write in candidate Jim Hill for mayor.

Following police officer allegations that Ferrara participated in a cover-up over a city sex scandal, a group of city residents announced their plans to unseat the controversial mayor by running a write in candidate. In addition to allegations of the proposed coverup, the group contends Ferrara has done favors for special interests which have cost the tax payers millions.

Hills supporters contend Ferrara is running roughshod over the citizens and staff while promoting supporters such as the Wallace Group.

“Ferrara is not for open government, violates the Brown Act by making decisions before meetings, ignores conflicts of interests and supported misspending of funds and mismanagement of the sanitation district,” said Mike Byrd, the Write in Jim Hill for Mayor 2014 treasurer.

In addition to endorsing Hill, the Arroyo Grande Police Officer Association endorsed Lynn Compton for San Luis Obispo County District 4 supervisor over former Arroyo Grande Council Member Care Ray, discounting Ray’s union member status. Ray’s close ties with Ferrara and her actions while a Arroyo Grande City Council member were noted as reason she was not endorsed.

In continuing a push for change, the police union also endorsed Arroyo Grande City Council candidate Barbara Harmon. Harmon is running for one of two open seats against incumbents Tim Brown and Joe Costello.


“…Not about to take this crap from anyone…”

Really, Ferrara? It’s been clear for a while that you’re ethically bankrupt.

I wasn’t aware that you were stupid as well. That’s what it would take to put that sentence in an email which we have now all seen.


Now it is crystal clear why ferrara was making so many accusation against Tom Runels and others years ago-because the actions he falsely accused them of he would have done had he been in power at the time.

He was reflecting his own behavior on others.

Filleann an feall ar an bhfeallaire.


I was first a little timid to ask fellow business owners and arroyo grande citizens if they were like me and wanted Tony out.

I have been thoroughly amazed how many want not only Tony, Adams, and the lawyer out!

They call him King Tony.

Many will be voting for Jim HIll

Look around town, signs are popping up all over including your neighbours you respect and… Lots of old Arroyo Grande people

Ask the farmers, the shop keepers, the property owners, see what they want. I think you will be surprised how many are ready for a change.


My experience has been the same.

Without a doubt, Ferrara has his following, but so many are are ready to vote for a change, and a fresh start. That may be their biggest hope, a chance to hit the reset button and begin anew.


This from dolphin girl:

“Is the basis of the wrongdoing from your perspective, that two city employees came back to the city hall to sober up and for that they should be fired?”

Absolutely Y…E…S!!!

I am an employer, AT NO TIME do any of the folks who work for me have the right to be in the workplace, after hours, using it to sober up or for any other personal purpose. It is against our policy for various reasons. Our workplace is for work…PERIOD! Without question, anyone employed by my company, discovered under the exact circumstances would have been immediately suspended for three days, and then terminated.

Ask Mr Costello, or Mr Brown, who work for the State of CA if they would be terminated given the same scenario. Does your boss let you sober up at work after a night out?

The only reason Mr Adams was not terminated is because either the Mayor, or the Mayor and the City Attorney, or the Mayor, the City Attorney, AND the city council have chosen to downplay this as a personnel matter. This is the REAL source of outrage!

This has infuriated many in the community who resent Adams receiving preferential treatment. You are undoubtedly aware he demanded the termination of another city employee for being involved with a subordinate.

As you are also aware, there is the issue of Mr Adams denying Mrs McClish was in the building. According to a former AGPD officer, providing false information to an officer is a crime.

Mr Adams says he did not lie, the police officers say he did not answer truthfully.

No need to rehash all the details, you know the story. You also sound like an intelligent person. You can’t understand the public outrage? We cannot understand your lack of outrage.


So you would rather have your employees hit the road intoxicated, possibly killing innocent people? Granted, they could have just sat outside on the curb, but as an employer you would be responsible if they had gone to a function that you sent them to. A good example would be the recent incident with Lois Capp’s assistant. Would you want that to happen in AG?


majority fan. what if he hit someone and he wasnt drunk?


Once they went to rooster creek and drank more I don’t think the city is responsible.

And what is wrong with calling a cab, your wife, a friend , someone to come pick you up and bring you home.

I am not sure the city “sent” them there, I think as the dysfunctional family they claim to be, they just all decided to go there for dinner, simple as that.


Several people have made excellent points. I have been to several city council meetings and have yet to hear even one city employee speak the praises of Mayor Ferrara or any of the council members.


No kidding. The employees want to know when this will end.

Tony did not want to share the incident with the City Council and never asked for advice from the HR department.

What a tool!


They will show their praises at the voting booth, whichever way it goes.


I’ve heard 911 calls before, after they’ve been made public.

Just curious, is Mr. McClish’s original 911 call available anywhere?


Please, we have enough victims here. We don’t need anymore allegations, etc. This would be a good point for the private investigators to look into though!


I want the truth. I don’t believe in sacrificing the truth because it makes someone uncomfortable.

mb business owner

Fine residents of Arroyo Grande, a unanimous vote from the POA is incredibly powerful and precedent setting. Be so very proud of your Police Department!


I have never had much contact with AG Police, but unexpectedly had two separate encounters yesterday, and then met an off duty officer today. I have found them to be nothing but professional, polite, concerned, calm, and helpful. In short, they were wonderful!

We are proud to have them support Jim Hill for Mayor!


As we are proud of our Morro Bay PD, they are involved with the citizens!


Caren Ray was informed of the sex scandal cover up at the sewer plant in 2012. She failed to step up to the plate and be a good steward of the Taxpayers dollars because she was afraid of Big Tony who was covering up for his Rotary colleague, former Sanitation District Administrator John Wallace.

MZ. Ray was asked today, at the Nipomo Oktoberfest, if she would support pursuing criminal charges and recovery of all funds from the aforementioned Adminstrator Wallace.

Mz. Ray chose to “terminate the conversation” and blame it all on Adam Hill since Grover Beach “wasn’t in her area of concern”.


That’s a nutty response to your inquiry. She served on the AG City Council when the SSLOCSD incident took place, she should take responsibility. Her constituents in AG and now Oceano are paying the lions share of operations at the San. Dist., and will pay the lions share of the fine for the flood. Where’s her concern for the ratepayer? Oh that’s right, her campaign materiel states she hasn’t raised “taxes”; she fails to mention she’s been raising rates, fees and/or cutting service — see that’s not raising “taxes” (sarcasm intended).


I continue to share your concerns about ” Automatic Rate Increases” New Tax Increases. Cities and Districts are wasting funds and have little motivation to reduce budgets or keep spending in check. They literally have an ” Open Checkbook With Taxpayers”.

South County Sanitation is an excellent example. We should all be concerned.


Why was not the Los Osos sewer plant financial devastation fiasco dumped on you, responsibly?


You’ve made numerous posts about some sex scandals at the Sanitation District.You name names and refer to some with some pretty offensive names both here and on rants and raves on C/L. Regarding the so called sex scandal, were the employees drunk or drinking on the premises? Were they using it for a sobering facility? Were the cops called out of concern for a potential missing person? Did the alleged parties get investigated by law officials and provide false information? Maybe it was about the one who lived there for years using tax payer funds and the facilities computers as his porno hub that you referring to? How did that investigation turn out? Talk about FUBAR’ed management practices. It would seem if Wallace and Tony wanted these individuals terminated they would have lied about the investigation as well much like the AG scandal in hopes of being rid of the individuals you alleged participated. IIRC they were three individuals terminated and Wallace himself supposedly “retired” while he still could walk away unscathed. There were investigations by numerous outside agencies such as the Grand Jury, the State Water Board and Local Water Board and the only individuals found guilty was Plant Superintendent Jeff Appleton who was then terminated. Legal documents dont lie, its there for the reading if you should choose to educate yourself. Charges included lying to State investigators, falsifying documents, as well as a few other items. Appletons certificate to operate was either revoked or down graded because he WAS found guilty. Case closed, ever hear of double Jeopardy? Ray or who ever cannot reopen whatever you think is worthy of a investigation at this point. That would include what Appleton really did on a daily basis like using his office for Ebay central or a rehearsal studio for his music studies, or using the plants $100,000 lawn to train his hunting dogs. Remember the cliche, people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw rocks. This AG matter has no bearing on past issues, it has no similarities other than Ferrara is again proving to be a liar, and that nepotism and cronyism exist in politics.

JB Bronson

Take note how this is done Paso. Or have you surrendered?


Oh, PLEASE don’t give up! Every day brings more hope, more contacts, new friends, a way to reconnect with people in your community.

Is it easy? NO IT IS NOT.

But we now have people calling for signs faster than we can get them made, we are making headway.

Do not surrender, it’s what they’re expecting and hoping you’ll do.

Keep the faith, push on!