Cal Poly fraternity president pleads not guilty to drug charges

October 22, 2014
Gear McMillan

Gear McMillan

The former president of Cal Poly’s Delta Sigma Phi fraternity pleaded not guilty Tuesday to charges of possession of marijuana for sale and possession of a controlled substance for sale, both felonies. [KSBY]

In September, San Luis Obispo police arrested Gear McMillan, 22, for marijuana sales nearly one month after a group of Cal Poly football players allegedly robbed the fraternity’s house.

In August, police arrested five Cal Poly football players for robbing the fraternity house. One of the suspects is accused of holding fraternity members at gunpoint during the incident.

As part of the investigation into the incident, sheriff’s deputies and district attorney’s office investigators searched specific locations at the Delta Sigma Phi fraternity house on California Boulevard. During the search, investigators discovered marijuana.

McMillan has a pre-preliminary hearing on November 20.

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Wasn’t this the same frat house visited by some alleged drug dealing football players… one armed with a gun?

I don’t know about you, but this sounds like the sort of place anyone would want their son or daughter hanging out…

At what point does Cal Poly become a liability rather than a asset to the community? We seem to heading towards a tipping point.

Have Cal Poly disappear and see how quickly your businesses and incomes crumble. Like it or not, we need Cal Poly. People will do stupid things that old folks like you like to pick apart and make it your trophy proof for why the younger kids are terrible. Old people complaining about the younger generation is nothing new.

Beady eyes, thin lips, criminal type for sure.

I mean no harm in this but, we see this as somewhat funny when a few days ago we were up in arms over two kids trapped on a mountain. “Who’s paying for this?” “What idiots!” Oh the time that was spent bashing two young kids out having a clean and sober day that turned horrible for them both.

Think of the thousands we’ve already invested in investigating this dope dealing spoon fed college prepper! What a comparisom huh?

Oh well, just my thoughts!

Sounds like long-term he could have a promising career in local government. He gets caught red handed and he denies any wrong doing. Maybe he can be the next City Manager of SLO or AG, or a Union Leader in SLO or the next Police Chief in Paso Robles.

Seriously, I am just surprised that the drugs made it to the evidence locker. It was probably more like 200 lbs and only 20 lbs made it to evidence. Maybe in SLO that is just a tax!

Character: What you do when no one else is looking.

This is the local news, kind of the airbrushed version of the national and worldwide news- the news where we see the body parts from the wars, teens murdering their whole family,

sadistic rapists that sometime are serial killers. The kind of stuff that makes us recoil and when we see the mugshots we wonder: what happened? this looks like a normal person!

That is because the inside is twisted. The inside is twisted and there is no longer a real

need that requires abiding by the law or even being honest at all. This is what society

does…..we cosign a lot of this. College campus rapes are “boys being boys”, but later on-

they uncover “human remains”. Gee, what went wrong?

The problem is no one views this with simplicity. This kid does not care about committing a felony and he doesn’t seem to concerned about lying after the fact. In other words, he

doesn’t seem to care about doing wrong-or doing harm (by selling drugs). I think it all

comes down to one thing: how much money do his parents have for legal representation?

Isn’t society sending mixed messages about right and wrong.

If the football players had a medical marijuana prescription (which can be obtained from any quack Dr. advertising in new times) and the frat house had bothered to fill out a form or two, then there is no state crime whatsoever – except the armed robbery of course.

It would be a federal crime, however, our administrator has stated they won’t bother to enforce those laws.

Agree! With the salaries of the administrators of Cal Poly continuing to skyrocket, beyond reason – some drastic decisions had to be made. Unfortunately, this was not a wise


Maybe he should have asked the President of Cal Poly for assistance in how to make


Like selling advertising to felons that is paid for with stolen money.

What’s wrong with a little entrepeneurism to pay those hefty tuition bills?

Daddy is paying those “hefty tuition bills” (really? check out private schools). Daddy will also be paying for a very connected lawyer, I’m guessing Ilan.

Private schools aren’t subsidized by you and I.