Is Dee Torres-Hill a whistleblower?

October 30, 2014
Dee Torres

Dee Torres


Claiming to be a whistleblower, the embattled former head of the Community Action Partnership of San Luis Obispo’s homeless services program has sued the nonprofit, alleging CAPSLO retaliated against her for expressing safety concerns.

Earlier this year, CAPSLO demoted Torres-Hill, cut her pay and placed her on leave, prior to her leaving the nonprofit. Torres-Hill, who recently married County Supervisor Adam Hill, faced allegations of theft from numerous former employees of CAPSLO, who claimed she made personal use of gift cards and other items donated to the homeless.

She also allegedly sold items donated to the homeless without accounting for the revenue she collected, according to tax records.

In March, CAPSLO demoted Torres-Hill. She then took several months of leave, went back to work at CAPSLO for a short time before starting a nonprofit organization that claims to help homeless individuals find housing.

Shortly after CAPSLO demoted Torres-Hill, Hill engaged in a war of words with the agency.

The county supervisor sent his legislative aide to a homeless services meeting held at CAPSLO’s office. At the meeting, Hill’s aide read a prepared speech attacking CAPSLO executives by name, calling them “obnoxious and counterproductive” and warning that their egos would cause problems in the community.

CAPSLO responded with a letter to Board of Supervisors Chairman Bruce Gibson, saying that Hill was running a misinformation campaign in the community.

On Tuesday, Torres-Hill fired back against her former employer by filing a lawsuit in San Luis Obispo Superior Court alleging she is the victim of retaliation. She is seeking punitive damages for wrongful termination, defamation, libel, and infliction of emotional distress.

Torres-Hill alleges that her relationship with CAPSLO executives turned sour when she reported concerns about the safety and security of the Maxine Lewis homeless shelter and the Prado Day Center.

Supervisor Adam Hill

Supervisor Adam Hill

After she expressed the concerns during a meeting, CAPSLO demoted her, the lawsuit claims.

Previously, Torres-Hill has filed several lawsuits, the most recent one being last year against Mike

Brennler. Brennler, a private investigator, had assisted CalCoastNews in an investigation into Torres and CAPSLO.

A San Luis Obispo judge threw the lawsuit out of court, stating that it fit the criteria of a SLAPP lawsuit — one filed with the intent of infringing upon First Amendment rights or stifling public criticism.


Farcical but not funny. You can sue karma all you like, but in the end it remains. Karma.

JB Bronson

Compelled, David Letterman has come out of retirement to announce his updated top elevenlist of SLO County Arrogant Narcissists:

Bruce Gibson

Adam Hill

Tony Ferrara

Jim App

Lisa Solomon

David Edge

Michael Blank

Biz Steinberg

John Asbaugh

Steve Adams

Dee Torres


You forgot one HUGE one, protected by the tribune and laying low over the past couple years because of his affair. Mister Lee Collins, the shark himself!


Who did Lee Collins have an affair with?


What about King Irons?


you mean the duly elected recall surviving King irons? long live the king at least until the next election


What does Mayor Irons have to do with the subject of this article, disgruntled waiter?


win an election and feel the love


Once again, CalCoastNews is validated!


How do you figure that? At best this article shows that their early intimations about her character may have been right. It provides nothing to back up their earlier claims about either Torres or CAPSLO. There will have to be a lot of information coming out of a trial (or at least depositions) to prove wrong-doing on either sides’ part. That is not to say that there hasn’t been wrong-doing, just that most of the claims are hearsay and that is not evidence. It is frustrating when privacy regulations (i.e. Employer-Employee) prevent the whole truth from coming out on a subject but it is a reality and honest people don’t make claims without getting the whole story first.


How can they be validated by skewing the facts?


Whaha hahahh LOL

“Earlier this year, CAPSLO demoted Torres-Hill, cut her play and placed her on leave”

Freudian Slip, I presume ???????


She’s treading on dangerous ground by bringing her gripes into the legal system.

If she did indeed utilize the giftcards donated to the homeless for christmas presents as previously reported, that evidence will come out in court.

She’s potentitally setting herself up for criminal prosecution.


Who has time for all of that? Just married, new non-profit, and lawsuits up to her eyeballs. Get on with your life, lady. You’ll be so much less bitter and miserable if you do.


Being married to Adam Hill would make anyone bitter and miserable,

cut her some slack.

Rich in MB

Adam Hill and Dee Torres-Hill…talk about a perfect Match!


Hope their past child bearing age though…that creeps me out.


do you hear her crying how the homeless are being treated? Ironic. Just her.


Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.


Yes it does, its called Adam Hill, you can almost make out the horns in his picture.


I give our little “waste of skin” 2 weeks before he can’t contain himself any longer and runs-his-mouth, embarrassing himself, his new wife, and the residents of SLO County who voted for him – AGAIN!


I don’t think so. I think his handlers have got him so securely muzzled that we won’t hear from him again, ever, outside of chambers.


At least he runs for Assemblyman. I have visions flashing before me like illegal phone calls, silly jokes, slamming quality citizens like Bill Thoma, Executive Board of CAPSLO, Mike Brennler, etc.

Is he really serious about running for Assemblyman?

Are we that desperate or just plain stupid?


I think he will erupt right after the election.

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