Letter to the editor: SLO’s unfair permitting process

October 28, 2014


When San Luis Obispo City staff denied, in January, a bar/tavern use permit at 1060 Osos Street, their rationale was as follows: “A new bar/tavern, the 64th license downtown…compounds the state of over concentration and thwarts the city’s recent progress in controlling the downtown alcohol environment.”

In spite of this, planning staff this last week granted a use permit to a similar bar/tavern located at 1033 Chorro Street. The pretext for city staff’s approval is 1) that the bar will close at 10:00 P.M.; 2) that bar-related crime downtown (mostly related to assaults and vandalism in the evening) is going down, and; 3) this bar is compatible with the neighborhood.

Save Our Downtown maintains that 1) this bar will clearly contribute to SLO’s already out-of-hand “pub crawl” which begins well before 10: p.m.; 2) bar-related assaults and vandalism in the evening hours has not gone down over the past two years, and; 3) this bar, even by alcoholic beverage control’s somewhat lax standards, is not compatible with its neighborhood as it will be located a mere 200 feet from the entrance of the Old Mission Church.

We question why the city has so radically changed its position over the past 10 months.

Allan Cooper is a retired Cal Poly professor and a member of Save Our Downtown.


I smell a lawsuit coming. Good thing the city has such a great city attorney!


Why not let the market decide whether downtown SLO needs another bar/tavern?

I attend concerts in the plaza on friday nights in the summer and alcohol is served at mission plaza (as well as every sunday during mass).


Seriously Alan? You should know better. Follow the money.

It’s not like it’s your first time in this rodeo. Or has it been so long?


sorry: “Alan” should be “Allan” (typo)


What has happened is the Chamber/Downtown Association political machine has tightened its grip on city hall. This cabal’s absolute control over city hall is disgusting, and harmful to all residents of neighborhoods in our city. Want more of the same, on steriods? Re-elect Marx, Christianson, and elect candidate Rivoire, for they are the machine’s chosen ones. Want a breath of fresh air? Vote for Mike Clark.


As strongly as I agree with this comment, I still feel we’ll get Marx, Christiansen and Rivoire. Either because we have a massive, uninformed, low-information electorate or they “powers that be” have completely corrupted the system and rigged the vote (just enough, mind you).

Elections are often too important for these types of people to leave it in the hands of improperly-conditioned voters.


No, we’re going to get those 3 because the other choices were even more pathetic.


Despite the fact that Slo DOES NOT need another bar, tavern, or pub, does this really surprise you as to how this was handled?

Follow the money. Find out who’s palm was greased, and who promised what to whom.


It is clear assured three of the greasiest palms will be Mayor Marx, Mr. Ashbaugh and Ms. Christiansen